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55 Hairstyles With Bangs and Fringes to Inspire Your Next Haircut

Soft fringes and bangs make an instant style statement but blunt cut bangs and peek-a-boo fringes make more than that. Everyone needs an inspiration to quickly update her look.

Here we’ve collected a few creative hairstyles that you can try to achieve a whole new look. Bangs are back in fashion and they are a wonderful way to wear the same old hairstyle with a new flair.

It doesn’t matter what type of hair texture you have; there is a particular style of bangs that will work for you. Regardless of your hair length, you’ll find at least one flattering cut for yourself from this list of hairstyles with bangs and Fringes. The right bangs chosen with your face cut in mind will make your eyes shinier, enhance your cheekbones and raise your jawline.

After getting your bangs, you must know how to style them whether you polish them with a straightener or blow them dry. Most women have problems while styling their bangs and fringes. They use round brush for the blow out procedure and that is a wrong choice. You should set your bangs with a paddle brush and blow dry them inwards (in more cases).

1) Blunt Black Bangs

blunt black bangs
source: www.popsugar.com
blunt black bangs
source: www.behairstyles.com
Blunt Black Bangs
(source: instyle.com)

We absolutely love Naomi Campbell’s blunt bangs that look stunning on her jet black hair.

2) Fresh Fringe

fresh fringe hair
source: freshairboutique.wordpress.com
fresh fringe hair
source: www.9channel.com
Fresh Fringe
(source: stylenews.peoplestylewatch.com)

Kim Kardashian always wear bangs and fringes to hide her full forehead. Check out her freshly cut fringe that looks so delightful.

3) Side Swept Bangs Up Do

side swept bangs updo
source: weeksact.com
side swept bangs updo
source: www.cutehairstylesideas.net
Side Swept Bangs Up Do
(source: hairnext.com)

Dianna Agron nicely wears side swept bangs in a simple low knot up do. She has thick hair and fringes and bangs give a fuller look with thick hair.

4) Rounded Bangs

rounded bangs
(Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images)
rounded bangs
Photo by: Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment.URN:12182406
(source: zingzoo.com)

Michelle Obama waves with her sweet eye grazing bangs.

5) Side Swept Bangs

sideswept bangs
source: www.hairstylemakeup.com
sideswept bangs
source: skinrich.info
Sexy Side Swept Bangs
(source: lifestyle.ca.msn.com)

Reese Witherspoon has always been an inspiring celebrity when it comes to bangs.

6) Bangs with Highlights

bangs with highlights
source: weeksact.com
bangs with highlights
source: www.trekmash.com
Bangs with Highlights
(source: celebuzz.com)

Right at the time when we think that Sofia Vergara cannot look any more beautiful we find her with an all new haircut with bangs.

7) Asymmetrical Bangs

Asymmetrical Bangs
(source: http://layeredhaircuts.org/)

Rachel Bilson wears a clean side swept up do with asymmetrical soft bangs.

8) Side Swept Baby Bangs

sideswept baby bangs
source: www.pinterest.com
sideswept baby bangs
source: www.angeliahairstyle.com
Side Swept Baby Bangs
(source: beautyeditor.ca)

Do you love Sarah Jessica Parker’s baby bangs paired with an up do and ear studs?

9) Thick Bangs

thick bangs
source: www.cactusandcucumber.com
Thick Bangs
(source: beautyeditor.ca)

Grammys 2014 featured many celebrities with bangs and one of those celebrities is Martina McBride, whose thick side swept bangs beautifully enrich her blue eyes.

10) Wavy Bangs

wavy bangs
Photo Credit: Janet Mayer / Photorazzi – Contact (1-866-551-7827)
wavy bangs
source: pinterest.com
wavy bangs
source: womenshorthairstylesidea.com
wavy bangs
Wavy Bangs
(source: Gettyimages)

Mila Kunis wears bangs with her wavy hair that perfectly compliment her low side knot at Academy Awards 2011.

11) Spread of Bangs

spread of bangs
source: trendseve.com
spread of bangs
source: hairstyle78.blogspot.com
Spread of Bangs
(source: pinterest.com)

This picture is from the days when Michelle Williams had been growing her pixie cut. You can see what can be more graceful than wearing bangs here and there while growing a short haircut.

12) Casual Ponytail Bangs

casual ponytail bangs
source: www.popsugar.com
casual ponytail bangs
source: pagepink.com
casual ponytail bangs
source: www.popsugar.com
casual ponytail bangs
source: pinterest.com
Casual Ponytail Bangs
(source: celebsalon.sheknows.com)

Mandy Moore likes bangs with bob, shag, layers or whatever hairstyle she has. Here she features a tight ponytail with bangs on front.

13) Short Bangs in Red Hair

Short Bangs in Red Hair
(source: www.popsugar.co.uk)

Helena Christensen’s bangs are a style that will suit a square face. When you cut your bangs just above the brow line leaving heavy pieces on both sides to frame your face; you’re doing it right.

14) Layered Bangs

layered bangs
source: www.trekmash.com
layered bangs
source: divahairstyles.net
layered bangs
source: divahairstyles.net
layered bangs
source: tokoebook.net
Layered Bangs
(source: gvenny.com)

Kimberly Caldwell layered bangs feature a great haircut for the times when you plan to transit from one cut to another.

15) Feathery Bangs

Feathery Bangs
(source: weheartit.com)

Emma Stone’s hair suit well to the type of bangs she wears, like feathery bangs look great on polished glossy hair.

16) Faux Bangs

Faux Bangs
(source: becomegorgeous.com)

Mena Suvari enhances her haircuts with faux bangs whether it’s long bob, shag, layers, or short bob.

17) Thick Side Fringe

Hairstyles with bangs

Rose Byrne ‘s rounded bob is spiced up with this thick side fringe. You too can try this stylish and classy look.

18) Curled Bangs

Curled Bangs
(source: herinterest.com)

A curled long fringe to one side of your face draws attention towards your eyes. Give your long fringe a glam tweak by curling with a large barrel curling iron.

19) Far Back Bangs

Far Back Bangs
(source: pinterest.com)

We love Carly Rae Jepsen’s face framing achieved by bangs coming from far back.

20) Wispy Bangs

Wispy Bangs
(source: instyle.com)

In this picture, Kerry Washington wears her hair in a sophisticated manner with tousled tresses and wispy bangs.

21) Soft Bangs

Carrie underwood wearing soft bangs

Carrie Underwood wears a low side up do with a lot of soft bangs left on both sides to achieve a fun and feminine look.

22) Choppy Bags

Zooey Deschanel's side bun

Zooey Deschanel’s side bun is enhanced by her choppy bangs and flower detail.

23) Straight-Across Bangs

Sophia Bush's wavy hair with blunt bangs

Sophia Bush’s wavy hair with blunt bangs that are straight across her eyes actually enhance her almond shaped eyes and add to her classy appearance.

These wonderful hairstyles with bangs and fringes will definitely help you quickly update your look, so what you’re waiting for?

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