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Janet Damita Jo Jackson Plastic Surgery Before and After

Janet Jackson is a renowned American singer, songwriter, and actress. She is famous for her sonically superior, sexually provocative, and socially aware records. She is also known for her elaborate stage shows as well as being a sister to the late pop god, Michael Jackson affectionately just MJ.

The following are some of works that Janet Jackson plastic surgery opted for;


Janet had her first experience with plastic surgery at the tender age of 16 and changed the appearance of her nose. She is on record stating this and at that point she said she didn’t know whether she would ever have another surgery but with such an explosive entry into the surgeon’s ‘office’ at such a tender age I would say she has had another surgery just recently.

Janet Jackson nose job
Janet Jackson nose job (then and now)

In her recent surgery, though was majorly a facelift, the nose was also done to suit her newly acquired look. It is a consensus among top surgeons that for her well-being it is better not to have any other surgery on her nose. Hope she follows that advice!!

Boob Job

Her appearance at the Vogue Fashion week after a long time in the wind had changed a lot to the point one would have thought it was another person entirely. Had her boobs changed? Sure. This is not entirely fact but going with her past experience with the knife you would understand why I am having some struggle deciding whether her boobs are the work of natural relaxation through age (Now that she 48) or that the work of a competent surgeon. Celebrities are not exactly famous for letting things take their natural course but for altering ‘destiny’ so am leaning to plastic surgery.

Janet Jackson plastic surgery before and after
Janet Jackson breast augmentation photo

Face lift

Janet is getting old, and age can be unforgiving at times and this could have been the entire reason why she opted for a facelift. Jackson now has a puffier face,severely raised eyebrows and a quite smooth forehead for somebody of her age.

Am not a surgeon but I know that our skin is usually the first victim of age and most of us watch helpless as we lose our youthful skin but NOT Janet. Sadly, with her new look the affectionate smile that made the world fall in love with Damita Jo is gone and so are the accompanying dimples.

Janet Jackson then and now
Janet Jackson then and now

Her stand –

Of all the suspected intrusive procedures she has made her body endure only the rhinoplasty at the age of 16 is confirmed by herself. Her make-up artist has taken credit for the severely raised eye brows which he argues that flatters her face, which I disagree, and also the total facial look. He says that what people are seeing is the result of his hard work and not any surgeon out there.

If we agreed that we would purely rely on what our stars decide to tell us we would not know anything about them save for their net worth!! That’s why we have eyes to see. For more evidence check her before and after photos.

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