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Proven Benefits of Mustard Oil for Hair and Skin

Mustard oil is an extract of mustard seeds and it is a multipurpose oil and is used in both and cooking and in the preparation of different medicines. It makes great combinations with other spices and herbs, so we can have multiple uses and benefits of mustard oil for hair and skin. It also helps in the preparation of various oils that are beneficial for human health in general.

It not only smells nice but it also feels good to your skin. Mustard oil is widely used all over the world and particularly in India. Indians love to cook their meals in mustard oil and they like the aroma and nutritional value of this oil.

Health Benefits of Mustard Oil

Though it is safe to use mustard oil for skins but its strong aroma may irritate sinus patients so it is advisable to smoke it before you begin cooking, so its strong aroma and taste may be removed.

Mustard Oil for Hair Growth

Ancient people from Rome and Greek used to massage their hair with mustard oil so it is believed to be true that we can use mustard oil for hair growth. It contains huge amounts of zinc and selenium and lacking in these two nutrients, our hair begin to fall so to fight with hair loss, we should regularly use mustard oil in our food. It also serves an amazing purpose of hair regrowth.

Mustard Oil for hair growth

The practice of massaging mustard oil into the scalp to regrow hair actually dates back to some 4,000 years ago. Besides regrow your hair, it also strengthens your scalp muscles and helps reduce headaches. With the regular use of this oil, you’ll gain long thick hair within a few months.

Mustard oil for hair is beneficial because it is rich in fatty acids and it nourishes your hair to their roots and improves the growth of hair follicles. For best results, after massaging mustard oil in your scalp, cover your head with a warm cloth to allow it to easily absorb in your skin. Gently massage your hair and take care not to be too harsh or it may damage your hair. Massaging your scalp will stimulate blood circulation and boost hair growth within days.

You can also mix this oil with lime juice to help remove dandruff. This is an ideal home remedy to fight mild cases of dandruff. Massage oil (mixed with a few drops of lemon) and leave it for half an hour and then wash your hair with shampoo. Repeat the process every 3-4 days until your problem is solved.

Mustard Oil Benefits for Skins

Mustard Oil Benefits for Skins

The benefit of mustard oil for skins depends on the way the oil is extracted from its seeds. Basically there are two different methods to produce oil; one is by which the oil is prepared for cooking. It is prepared simply by pressing the seeds whereas the essential mustard oil is produced by mixing the seeds with water. Mustard seeds and water combination produces a chemical called Allyl that may cause irritation when applied directly to your skin.

So you can best avail the benefits of mustard oil for skin by using it in the form of cooking oil. Even then you should do a patch test first to ensure it is safe for you. Your skin may be sensitive for its use and the application may give rise to allergy.

In case of allergy or any kind of reaction on the skin, you should immediately stop applying it. Although it has great benefits for human skin and hair, still its use is not recommended to kids.

Another tip is that if you feel any kind of warm sensations right after the application, you should know that it is not the reaction, but it is the increase in your blood flow caused by mustard oil and you should continue using it.

Where to Buy Mustard Oil

The best places to buy mustard oil are the Asian or Indian grocery stores in your locality. You can also ask for organic mustard oil at a specialty store or health food store located near you. Ordering online is also a great option if you like your goods comes to you but take care every time you order, you should ask for mustard oil used for cooking purposes.

As it is already described that essential mustard oil is produced by mixing mustard seeds with water and it contains an element that may or may not be harmful for your skin.

But mustard oil produced for the purpose of cooking is extracted from mustard seeds and is not mixed with anything so it is the purest form of mustard oil that is safe to use for skin. Amazon and Alibaba are one of the trusted sources to buy different kinds of oils including mustard oil.

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