Christie Brinkley Hairstyles: 22 Appealing Haircuts

Christie Brinkley hairstyles prove that you don’t always have to go for a short haircut when you’re over 50. You can look sexy and appealing at any age. She has a great fan following mostly for her highlighted curls and they make her quite appealing. She has radiant tresses and boldly embraces all shades of brown, gold, and honey. She also knows what works with her complexion.

christie brinkley haircut 2017
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Christie Brinkley new haircut for Sports Illustrated 2017. A sleek, sexy, straight blonde hair with a side part and side swept bangs.

christie brinkley hair 2017
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Another look at Christie Brinkley hairstyle in 2017.

christie brinkley hairstyles (1)

Bangs are not for everyone, because they need high maintenance and in this picture, Christie’s bangs begin from the middle of her crown.

christie brinkley hairstyles (2)

Long bob is an ever green type of hairstyle that is loved by many celebrities at least at one point in their lives. It is easy to maintain and you can give it any style you like.

christie brinkley hairstyles (3)

Pour at least half bottle of hair lifting mousse on your head and scrub it into your roots with finger tips. Then blow dry upside down and you’ll achieve almost the same look.

christie brinkley hairstyles (4)

A loose updo like the one you see in the picture is the favorite up do of many celebrities for red carpet events because it highlights your neckline and jewelry.

christie brinkley hairstyles (5)

This picture is collected from Christie’s younger years in which she has made a simple bun but without the use of a comb. When you run fingers in slightly serum wet hair, you get some serious texture.

christie brinkley hairstyles (6)

Christie looks adorable in retro waves with short bob haircut.

christie brinkley hairstyles (7)

This picture proves that beachy waves can turn a plain face into a head turner.

NBC And Time Inc. 50th Anniversary celebration of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue at Dolby Theatre Featuring: Marissa Miller Where: Beverly Hills, California, United States When: 14 Jan 2014 Credit: Bridow/

Christie Brinkley hairstyles always feature some kind of curls or waves. Here she wears some loosely created waves in second day hair.

christie brinkley hairstyles (9)

Wear a scarf or cap on your head when you have a bad hair day and this will become a nice hairdo!

christie brinkley hairstyles (10)

Coifed curls with side parted style make her look so gorgeous and sexy at the same time.

christie brinkley hairstyles (11)

Once again, Christie wears bangs but this time she has started her bangs along her hairline

07/24/2011 - Christie Brinkley - Cartier International Polo Day 2011 - Windsor Great Park - Windsor, Berkshire, UK - Keywords: LMK92-30263-260711 Orientation: Portrait Face Count: 1 - False - Photo Credit: Landmark / PR Photos - Contact (1-866-551-7827) - Portrait Face Count: 1

A lot of curls on a slightly side parted blonde head look super cool.

christie brinkley hairstyles (13)

Here she has slightly puffed a few strands of hair along her hairline and pinned them towards back. It looks stunning and is super easy to create for someone with curly hair.

christie brinkley hairstyles (14)

Center part your hair and create spiral curls with a curling iron and then apply some pomade for extra hold.

Christie Brinkley and the cast of Chicago celebrate the 6000th performance of Chicago on Broadway, with cake and champagne during intermission of the performance, backstage at The Ambassador Theatre in New York City.

Curls are a necessary part of Christie Brinkley hairstyles. A small coif goes in the curls’ direction and sits smoothly on her head. This is a super attractive way to look sophisticated and mature with short hair.

christie brinkley hairstyles (16)

Layers in below shoulder length give a dynamic look especially with some highlights in the roots.

christie brinkley hairstyles (17)

Deeply side parted hair with a lot of serum look super sexy and adorably compliment her bikini.

christie brinkley hairstyles (18)

Coifs have been very popular, as with Christie Brinkley 70s, and are again in trend for last year. If you have long hair, side part your hair opposite to your hairline and smoothly pick the remaining part up and tie it in a low hanging bun.

christie brinkley hairstyles (19)

Christie wears perfect curls since she was young. Side part your hair and start spiral curls below the temples in order to get the same look.

christie brinkley hairstyles (20)

Bangs, layers, and a fresh blow dry are merged to create this dazzling look.

Christie Brinkley Bio

Name: Christie Brinkley (Born: Christie Lee Hudson)
Birthday: 2 Feb 1954 in Monroe, Michigan, United States
Age: years old
Net Worth: $80 Million
Height: 5ft 9in (175 cm)
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde

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