32 Cool Mustache Styles For a Unique Look

There are a surprising number of different mustache styles that have evolved over the years. Many have come into style because of a particular celebrity or famous personality. The perfect mustache style for you depends on your personality and also on your genetics.

Here we’ve collected 32 cool mustache styles and you may want to try any of these styles shown below. You can certainly get your inspiration to shape your facial hair.

Horseshoe Mustache

abraham ford horseshoe mustache
The Walking Dead Sergeant Abraham Ford horseshoe mustache
Hulk Hogan horseshoe mustache
Hulk Hogan horseshoe mustache. source: getty
horseshoe mustache
source: pinterest
horseshoe mustache
source: pinterest

Horseshoe mustaches may yell exaggeratedly, but when you first tame horse shoe mustaches, you’ll get a harsh cowboy look. But with the passage of time, you’ll look more ambitious and less stubborn. There are chances that you’ll find yourself wearing plaid shirts all the time. It’s difficult to carry Larse Le Viking and Dude type stache with a cool tee shirt.

ringo starr mustache
Ringo Starr mustache
sonny bono mustache
Sonny Bono mustache

For decades, music icons wore these mustaches and these facial hair styles were considered to be a genuine sign of rock stardom. In the 60s, many rock stars who were under the age of 30 wore these mustaches and it became acceptable to wear these staches for young boys.

If you start counting the musicians from 60s and 70s on your finger tips, you’ll find a whole slew of celebrities who flaunted this style. It is left to your personal choice whether you grow them thick or thin but the key style is to emphasize on the corners and the edges should extend onto cheeks.

coach mustache
source: pinterest
magnum pi mustache
Magnum PI mustache
mike ditka mustache
Mike Ditka mustache
thick hustler mustache
source: pinterest
charlie chaplin mustache
Charlie Chaplin toothbrush mustache
thick magnum mustache
source: pinterest

It takes time to grow the full thick mustache we know as magnum, and only a real man can do it. Magnum mustache, Coach mustache, and Hustler mustache, all three are the classic mustaches styles and it calls for a commitment to keep them. This style gives a traditional businessman appeal. If you already have thick hair, you can try this style with confidence because you’ve won half the battle. Toothbrush mustache style looks seriously cute and adorable and makes you look like a compassionate dad.

john waters pencil mustache
John Waters pencil mustache
justin bieber pencil mustache
Justin Bieber pencil mustache
pencil thin mustache
source: pinterest
pencil thin mustache
source: pinterest
pencil thin mustache
source: pinterest

Many celebrities and other famous people have tried these thin mustache styles. One has to be very careful while trying pencil mustaches because with little inattention, you can end up with a creepy look. It is better to grow some beard with thin mustache styles as this will help to preserve the integrity. Another tip is to regularly trim the hair right above the lips; this will give you a scruff free look.

colonel glen talbot mustache
Colonel Glen Talbot mustache
source: pinterest
sergeant mustache
source: pinterest
sergeant mustache
source: pinterest

Major mustache, also known as Sergeant mustache, is a type that sits like two eyebrows on lips provided these eyebrows come from hooded eyes. It is one of the few mustache styles allowed under United States military grooming regulations. These mustaches need some serious maintenance because there is a very small area on your face that is filled with mustache hair so you can’t let your hair grow outside that area.

batman mustache
source: pinterest
frank zappa mustache
Frank Zappa mustache

All the mustache styles you see in these pictures are meant for the people who want a more dramatic look and have real hair to grow thicker mustache. So if you’re the type who hardly grows facial whiskers, we advise you to rather go for any of the thin mustache style and leave these for others.

wojo wrzeniewski mustache
Wojo Wrzesniewski mustache
fu manchu mustache
Fu Manchu mustache
handlebar mustache
source: pinterest
large handlebar mustache
source: pinterest
salvador dali mustache
Salvador Dali mustache

The Fu Manchu mustache, handlebar mustache, and Dali mustache styles are fun, cool, and unique styles of mustaches that are sure to make your face a head turner. People may or may not admire your style but they will like to take a selfie with you.

For help with your mustache adventures, check out the following:

albert einstein mustache
Albert Einstein mustache
paul teutul sr mustache
Paul Teutul Sr. mustache
ron jeremy mustache
Ron Jeremy mustache
sherlock holmes mustache
Sherlock Holmes mustache

Look at these twitches of well kept facial hair that gives you suaveness and buoyancy at the same time. These mustache styles have been adopted by many famous celebrities, including Sherlock Holmes and are a clear sign of influence and authority.

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