Diane Keaton Plastic Surgery: Natural Youthful Skin or Too Old for Cosmetic Procedure?

Diane Keaton is the age-less actress that has been in the Hollywood scene long before most of you were born. The 68 year old script writer, director and actor began her acting career in 1970, starring in the Academy Award movie Annie Hall.

For a 68 year old, Diane has not aged, she has no wrinkles or saggy skin I think she has never looked better. She constantly denies having any kind of plastic surgery saying that she is naturally youthful looking and all that is a result of healthy eating and exercise.

My grandmother eats well too and doesn’t look half as good as her, shocker? No!

She told peoples magazine, that she had contemplated on going the Hollywood plastic surgery way but kept on procrastinating and now she thinks she is too old for plastic surgery.

Here are the plastic surgery procedures that we suspect Diane Keaton underwent!


diane keaton plastic surgery before and after
Diane Keaton plastic surgery before and after

At 68, Diane has no wrinkles!! At this age we expect to be seeing some wrinkles here and there especially around the eyes and forehead but Diane has none of them. Her skin is smooth, taught and wrinkle free which begs the question whether it is possible to achieve this naturally, I don’t think so! Looking at a past photo, Diane had some wrinkles and she did look her age meaning she only had the injections recently.

Nose Job

Having rhinoplasty has been the new Hollywood National anthem. Each day sprouting new rumors of a celeb who had their noses done, some pretty young at the ages of 21. During Diane’s Annie days, her nose was clearly plum and short, but now it is slightly elongated and slimmer, with a narrower bottom. Seems the definition of a good nose changed to a slimmer nose as this is what most celebs are opting for, like the likes of Keri Washington, Selena Gomez, and Sandra Bullock among others.

Boob Job

Diane Keaton plastic surgery
Diane Keaton then and now

For Diane Keaton, her breast augmentation did not include massive cup size increase but more of a ‘breast lift’ so to speak. It is common for women her age to have more saggy and flat breast, but hers are still up and compact, raising suspicion that she did have some work done. Who wants saggy boobs anyway?

Facelift treatment

Diane totally looks ageless. Her face is as youthful as ever with no visible age lines or saggy face or neck. She has continually denied to having had some plastic surgery face lifting procedure but only a blind person would accept her truth. Her face is tight and bright making us believe she even had her eyes lifted a bit to make them brighter. There has been some rumors saying that she even had some alterations made to her chin and jaw line which results in a perfect ageless 68 year old.

Diane Keaton is a talented actress and director who has continually brought classic movies. Even though she denies all the plastic surgery rumors it is evident that she had some good work done and no one would blame her for wanting to look youthful so as to stay ahead of the game!

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