Melanie Griffith Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong or Just Haters?

Melanie Griffith is a Golden Globe and Academy Award winner actress who was married to fellow actor Antonio Banderas. Melanie is mostly known for nude roles in various movies such as Body double, Working Girl, the Garden among others.

Plastic surgery is a common phenomenon in Hollywood with the standards of beauty always changing. She pretty much look the same as she did during her ‘Working Girl’ days in the 70’s that only proves that she has had some cosmetic enhancements.

The almost 50 years actress once said that she does not feel beautiful and when she looks in the mirror she just sees her, of whom she is pretty used to. Guess that may have been the underlying reason why she has had so many plastic surgery procedures.

Here are among the many plastic surgeries that Melanie Griffith is rumored to have had;

Lip Augmentation

Melanie Griffith plastic surgery photos
Melanie Griffith’s different looks

Of all the things that Melanie is famous for, her lips is way on top of the charts. She has been on several occasions nicknamed trout mouth because her lips resemble that of a fish.

Melanie was a beautiful natural beauty but she had way too many injections on her lips to make them look fuller and puffier that she eventually outdid herself. Now she just has big trout lips that are a good casing point of lip job gone badly. How sad?

Face lift

The thing about Melanie, once is never enough for her. As she aged she did not want to look it so she had a face and neck lift to remedy that which worked well. Over the years she kept on redoing the procedure which was a total disaster, her face is too tight I don’t even know how she manages to smile!

Melanie Griffith
Melanie Griffith


Botox is mainly used to get rid of unwanted wrinkles. In the late 90’s she appeared with very beautiful wrinkle free skin that sprouted Botox rumors.

She had flawless skin and kept on having more that added to her taught hard to smile skin that she now has. Someone should have warned her that all things need to be done in their right proportions!

Eyebrow lift

Melanie was determined not to look a day older than what she really was, wanting to hold on to her youth for as long as her plastic surgeon could allow.

As with age, the eyelids usually drop, so she had her eyebrows and eye lids lifted to hide this fact. This resulted in an always shocked expression, damn!


Melanie had struggled with drug addiction and gained some weight that she got rid of by having a liposuction. However, drugs mixed with plastic surgery always results in disastrous results.

Melanie Griffith plastic surgery before and after
Melanie Griffith plastic surgery before and after

Breast Augmentation

The queen of plastic surgery’s list could not be complete without having a boob job. She only added a cup and the results weren’t that bad. She mainly did this to prevent her boobs from sagging making them more firm and in place. And, in fact, she looks more beautiful and charming than ever.

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