69 Mini Tattoo Ideas With Meanings Revealed

4. Ankle Mini Tattoos

The ankle is an out of the way spot for a mini tattoo. When placed on the inside ankle, it’s more visible to the owner, such as when crossing their legs. Still, it takes the right clothing make an ankle mini tattoo show.

paw print ankle tattoo

A paw print tattoo meaning much love for our furry friends.

scorpio ankle tattoo

For those born under the Scorpio astrological sign, a scorpion tattoo on the heel keeps your protector close.

minnie mouse ankle tattoo

Disney fans share the love with a Minnie Mouse ankle tattoo. One of the happiest tattoos on Earth.

ankle mini tattoo flower

A flower mini tattoo on the ankle almost looks planted in the ground.

ankle mini tattoo vine

This vine inspired ankle mini tattoo makes you wonder if she likes running through the grass barefoot.

ankle mini tattoo stars

Stars are a popular choice for ankle mini tattoos. Three stars in increasing sizes symbolize a journey.

ankle mini tattoo lotus

A lotus flower ankle mini tattoo signifies inner peace. Usually someone who in into yoga, meditation, or mindfulness.

ankle mini tattoo ribbon

A cancer ribbon as an ankle mini tattoo.

ankle mini tattoo bow

An ankle mini tattoo of a bow for beauty and the spirit of giving and receiving.

ankle mini tattoo butterfly

A tiny, micro tattoo of a butterfly on the ankle.

ankle mini tattoo moon

A crescent moon ankle mini tattoo nurtures the spirit, and loves the night.

ankle mini tattoo abstract

An abstract line art mini tattoo or signature.

ankle mini tattoo anchor

An anchor mini tattoo on the ankle ties one to the sea, someone who loves sailing.

ankle mini tattoo heart

A heart mini tattoo on the inner ankle to bring love and a smile when sitting with crossed legs.


5. Behind the Ear Mini Tattoos

Another secret spot to put mini tattoos is behind the ear. It can be hidden by hair only to be discovered by someone special later. If you’re a rebel with a corporate job, this may just be the perfect place for your tiny tattoo.

crescent moon behind ear tattoo

Balance the yin and yang in your life with a crescent moon behind the ear tattoo. The half moon or crescent moon removes negative energy and fosters creativity and growth.

vine behind ear tattoo

A vine leaf and ring tattoo promises growth and strength by the owner.

calla lily behind ear tattoo

A watercolor tattoo of a calla lily, for beauty, purity, and faithfulness.

ear mini tattoo virgo

Hiding a Virgo zodiac sign mini tattoo behind the ear.

ear mini tattoo lavender

Some lavender mini tattoo, meaning calmness and peace.

ear mini tattoo flowers

A secret bouquet mini tattoo behind the ear.

ear mini tattoo stars

The three stars mini tattoo symbolize a journey. It can also be a reminder that if you’re close enough to see this tattoo, you should be seeing stars.

ear mini tattoo hearts

Dual interlocking hearts mini tattoo, meaning a love relationship that may get strained, but will never break.

ear mini tattoo rose

A feminine rose mini tattoo behind the ear reveals beauty in hidden places.

ear mini tattoo kitty

A kitty heart mini tattoo behind the ear is a sure sign of a cat lover. It could also a red flag that she may become a crazy cat lady in her later years.

ear mini tattoo heart

A faint, small heart outline mini tattoo behind the ear for someone who loves romance.


A sweet rose stem mini tattoo behind the ear for fun and beauty. She’s a keeper.

ear mini the wave tattoo

Paying homage to The Great Wave of Kanegawa by Katsushika Hokusai, this tiny tattoo exudes a love of nature and the power of the oceans.

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  1. Did you know the components of tattoo ink are NOT regulated — at all — by the FDA? Ink mixtures can vary from shop to shop, city to city, state to state. Tattoo ink contains a laundry list of HEAVY METALS and sometimes PLASTIC (AND a chemical solvent to liquify the plastic). You may get your tat removed but those heavy metals are FOREVER, settling in your lymph nodes. The LONG TERM effects of tattooing are only now being studied and those studies aren’t encouraging.

    Btw, if you’re determined to get a tattoo at least don’t get any WHITE in the tat. White ink cannot be lasered off when you later come to the realization that getting a tat was a really, really dumb idea, after all.

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