Sonakshi Sinha Net Worth, Biography, Career and Assets

Full Name: Sonakshi Sihna
Date of Birth: 2nd June 1987
Occupation: Actor, designer, singer
Parents: Shatrughan and Poonam

According to Forbes list of high earning individuals, Sonashi Sihna’s net worth is $10 million (around 67 crore rupees) at the moment. The Indian actress began her acting career as costume designer before delving into full time movie making. The ever exciting face in the acting scene has starred in numerous films for the past over four years and has made a good job of it. In fact, people often make a joke that whenever Sonakshi’s face is absent in a given movie, there is something that movie enthusiasts feel is missing in it. Perhaps that is just the feeling of her numerous fans.

Sonakshi Sinha net worth 2016


Sonakshi’s main line was in fashion design. After freshly graduating from a university in Mumbai, the young fashion designer began creating glamorous clothes that captivated many individuals, but more so celebrities. However, she could not fit into them because her weight could not allow it. She then began working on her figure after Salman Khan urged her to do something about it. Perhaps what pushed her to trim her bulky shape was the promise by Salman that as soon as she could shed some pounds, there would be a role for her in Bollywood.

Sonakshi Sinha before diet
Sonakshi Sinha then and now

There was no better inspiration she needed than this since Sonakshi began working on her size soon after. Salman never disappointed too, because he kept his word by giving her a role in the next movie. She starred alongside him and other notable actors and actresses in India. When she got onscreen, she proved her worth in acting, becoming a household name instantly. Sonakshi has the capability of transforming a movie to be instant success. This has made demand for her to skyrocket within the movie industry.

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Birth, Education and Early Career

Born on the 2nd of June 1987 to acting parents Poonam( her mother) and Shatrughan (father), Sonakshi’s career began to take shape when she appeared in the movie, Dabbang in 2010. The highly successful drama won her an award; Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut.

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In romantic movies, she has actively participated as a female protagonist, grossing in lots of applause and money. Some of the drama series she has acted in include Son of Saardar that was acted in 2012, Holiday: A Soldier is Never Off Duty in 2014 and Lootera in 2013 that earned her the Filmfare Award for Best Actress.

Sonakshi Sinha and Akshay Kumar
Sonakshi Sinha and Akshay Kumar

Sinha is the youngest child in her family, coming after twin boys. She schooled in Arya Vidya Mandir in the Mumbai province of India before joining Shreemati Nathibai Damodar University where she graduated as a fashion designer.

Apart from acting, she also sang in November 2015 in a song titled; Ishqolic. It was Meet Bros composition. Sahni is also involved in animal campaigns and is a professed lover of animals. She actively campaigns for the adoption of animals and urges the state to sterilize dogs as well as cats.


Sonakshi Sinha With Her Parents
Sonakshi Sinha With Her Parents
Sonakshi Sinha With Her Brothers
Sonakshi Sinha With Her Brothers

Sonakshi loves to be with her family members. She purchased a six floor apartment which they all use. Each family member has one floor of their own and there is one that has been set aside for a full family gym. At her tender age, Sinha has amassed quite a good quantity of wealth to have won a place in Forbes list of high achievers.

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