Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery – Baseless Speculations?

Wendy Williams is the best example of working your butt off to stardom with no silver spoon. The former top radio sensation and talk show genius, Wendy has brought the latest in celebrity gossip and hot topics in sexy outfits and fabulous hair.

Wendy Williams does not hide the fact that she has undergone one or two procedures and even explained to her 9 year old son why she put some breast implants, whooooa! Growing up as a fat kid, Wendy was never comfortable in her own skin, so she grew up, lost some weight and went to full cup bra size!

Many have criticized her saying that she looks fake and unnatural but that doesn’t get to her as she is often spotted in bikinis and Instagram-ing her new look pics.

Wendy admitted she had the following work done on her body:

Breast Augmentation

Wendy Williams breast augmentation before and after
Wendy Williams breast augmentation before and after

This sexy talk show host admitted that she had some breast implants after the birth of his son in 2009. However, many people feel like the size was too big for her now slender body making her look disproportional. Seeing her in a small dress, the boobs look like they are going to make her topple over due to her very little bottom. Despite the fact that many feel that she went a little overboard with the implants Wendy has never been happier with her new shape and size.

Tummy Tuck

Growing up a chubby child, Wendy had tried almost all diet routines to no luck. She had managed to lose some weight but after giving birth to her son she decided to get a slimmer stomach through liposuction. It is however rumored that she got a tattoo on her lower stomach due to the scar that the doctor left. Interestingly, the tattoo looks blended in the spot as if it were meant to be there!

Wendy William's tatttoos
Wendy William’s tatttoos

Cheek bone implants

On a closer inspection of her before and after photos there is a dramatic difference in her face appearance. Her cheeks look fuller and more defines as though she has some implants added. We are not advocating for cosmetic alterations, but her facelift did result in a better face shape and warmer smile.


Nose jobs have become too common in the U.S in both male and female celebrities. Wendy had her nose done to a slimmer and less broad tip. The nose job rumors surfaced after she was not seen for a few weeks with many speculating that she was recovering from the procedure.

Wendy Williams

Eye lids surgery and Botox injections

Wendy recently tuned 50 at this age she has neither wrinkles nor crow’s feet on her face. This proves that she had some Botox injections and tighten her skin giving it a more youthful appearance. Her eye lids have been lifted giving them a wider and brighter gaze.

Wendy Williams is a strong icon and publicly admitted to her fans that she had some plastic surgery done siting that there was no reason to hide and that she is more comfortable now in her ‘newly acquired’ skin and looks. Good for you Wendy!

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