24 Cool Full Beard Styles for Men to Tap Into Now

The epitome of manliness relies on two main forces which make them go all sexy and noticed. Cool full beard styles for men with a completely new and transformed hairstyle makes man look uber handsome. Surprisingly, you can play with a full beard hair styles in a number of ways. For the best unique ones, you should follow what is in the trend and what is actually out of it completely.

Despite the fact that beards are of different styles, not all may compliment the face cut. However, trying and experimenting on beard is quite normal. But yes, you will have to stay ready and composed for the unkempt look.

Growing beard and letting it help your personality known is something we would definitely recommend. Here, you will come to know the best beard styles which are never too old to get tried.

1. Natural Full Beard

Full Beard Styles for Men

Natural yet cool full beards come along with some degree of complication. Possibility of being overly excited while giving it an edgy look or working on the cheek bone may cause danger. Not the one which gives sorts of a gushy feeling but that which is related to cutting or removing an extra line. For that you may think of eyebrow.

While getting it waxed or threaded, you play softly around each and every hair because of a reason, right? That one reason is to keep yourself clean and give a tidy look. With best beard style, you need to be certain about same notion of being very soft.

2. Defined full beard

New beard styles 2016

After growing out the beard fully, you need to define it for a particular reason: give a neater look. These beard designs are usually very sharp with cleaner look as they don’t have bushy hair on face. Indeed, these defined fully grown beard give a unique beard style.

Cool Full Beard Styles for Men

Defined full beard

Another plus point of this full beard styles is to give a room to minimum maintenance concerns. One of the main flaws of defined cool beard designs is on the fact relies on the look itself. If they are not done professionally and little bit of negligence is involved, it may give an extremely bad look.

On the other hand, fully grown beard which are not defined (i.e. Natural full beard) are those which gives a very mellow and soft look to the personality. Despite this fact, many guys with fully grown beard do not like it that way because of the messy look, maintenance is a bit more towards zero, hair grow from all directions and what not.

3. Full Beard with Long Mustache or Bandholz Beard Design for Men

Bandholz Beard Style for men

Cool Beard Styles

Full Beard with Long Mustache

Cool full beard styles for men in the today’s world is not restricted to one but many looks. For example, typically best beard styles come with a complete natural way of handling facial hair. Keeping them limited to small French beard with so not grown shaggy hair style is not liked by many.

Instead, what they adore is manliness which again comprises fully beard with full mustache and thick hair style. Cropped from the sides and with defined beard. Now that is what girls die for!!

4. Full Beard with Handlebar Mustache

Beard styles for men 2016

Handlebar mustache with a full beard may take over 90 to 120 days to grow. Initially, it develops pang of frustration but later on it actually gives a very mature and strict look to the personality. Knowing the patterns on upper lips and hair on head have their own ways to grow, perhaps shroud out from the roots and go in different set directions. The killer and unique beard design is meant for all ages.

5. Thick Full Beard

Unique beard styles for men

Investing more than three and less than four months to grow handlebar mustache, letting it grow and let the curl take shape on its own or using trimmer to remove the middle part of the mustache right above the lips, is quite easy yet complicated for many.

This cool full beard style is easy to manage and hard to resist. Bushy and let it grow the way it grows beard style is pretty a sight for women in general.

6. Full Beard With Mustache Gap

Cool beards for men

One of the best and cool full beard design is when the jaw line and cheek bones are trimmed roughly without a proper line like that of tight beard. Mustache is not joined with the beard and has a cutting edge towards the end too.

7. Tight Beard

Professional Full Beard

Well, full beards are almost the same as tight ones. Tight beards are the custodians of looking more professional and real for work. Whereas, on the other hand, full beards are not trimmed and they completely cover the face with hair. Tight beards again are clipped shorter without modifying the shape altogether.

8. Wavy Hair and Full Beard

Unique beard styles

Wavy hair are the custodian of sexiness, however, they need a bit more chic upkeep to give the glorification needed. Backcombed wavy hair along with fully grown beard is one of the way to handle the look.

Knowing the consequences of gelling them up, and not going for too many chemicals on the hair, the fair play of growing hair altogether is a good option to avail. What we mean at this point is to let the hair on head and face grow to the maximum length. Have a haircut where hair remains till shoulders, simply go all the natural way and support the saucy look by the best beard designs in the fully grown beard.

9. Short Box Beard

Cool Beards

Let’s do more trimming and shaping to the tight beard and get the required look, typically known as short box beard. Circle beard with chin strap is how we can define short box beard which is definitely not only unique but genuinely hot!!

Less facial hair towards the cheek maintaining and relaxing the jaw line and cheeks makes the perfect appearance of short box beard. It entails more than usual trimming bringing the best of the unique beard styles.

10. Full Beard with Thick and Trimmed Mustache

Full Beard with Trimmed Mustache

Another unique beard style is with facial hair on jaw, neck and chin, where they are not cut or trimmed and are permitted to grow out in what so ever direction. However, mustache is actually kept in limits and trimmed properly leaving a broad impression on face. Two lines merge and connects the mustache pretty roughly, mostly in two analogous lines.

11. Arabian Full Beard Style

Arabian Full Beard Style

Arabs have unique beard style in which they jaw line, chin and cheek are finely defined. Mustache is not very thick and is slightly joined with the beard. Goatee and full beard is what they are like and that’s what it makes these beards more exceptional as compared to other beards.

12. Full Beard Styles for Black Man

Full Beard Styles for Black Man

Black men really don’t have to struggle to grow facial hair, at times which negates the growth of hair they have. In either situation, full beard is given a full verge to trim and grow simultaneously. Hair are mostly braided and have one thing in common: neatness.

13. Full Beard with Undercut Hairstyles

Full Beard Design Ideas for Men

Beard styles for men in 2016 are not on the basis of few styles but many. Hairstyles actually either compliment the beard style or it gives a flop feeling which is much for those who are growing and experimenting on beards for the first time. So yeah, the gelled and backcombed hair with full beard which is more towards the cleaner side because of trimming and tight-cum-bushy hair on the sides is a total call for manliness.

14. Professional Full Beard

professional beard style

A well-groomed and well-kept beard can easily make a man appear more attractive to a woman, for most women beards translate to added manliness. This carefully trimmed beard doesn’t look too wild and will suit the life of a gentleman, helping him look even better in a three piece suit. Whilst for years clean shave has been the look of the corporate world, beards are now taking over.

15. Messy Full Beard

New beard styles

Close to the chin, yet springing about is the look of the men who go out of their way to mark their signatures in every thing that they do. This not very well kept or groomed look is the choice of men who’d want to let the world know they don’t follow rules, they make them. Hollywood has had its very own share of such rebellious men, rocking their curly beards and standing out in the crowd.

16. Full Beard and Long Hair

Full Beard with Long Hair

Embracing their wild side some men take beards too seriously considering how their facial hairs are a direct indication of their manliness. Working out and devoting a serious part of their lives to keeping, growing and grooming these men are the trendsetters of the year. Women seem to have a weakness for such men, rough yet gentle, smart yet wild… their beard gives away a lot about them.

17. Top Knot and Full Beard

Full Beard and Top Knot

A well-trimmed beard is a sign of a man who happens to know his way around looks and boy oh boy, not just looks but good looks. Embracing his manly side he is an absolute pleasure to the woman he loves, he is hygienic and keeps a close check on when and how far his beard and hair can go before they cross into the animal zone. The close shave makes for an appealing look and the man bun adds to the personality.

18. Bun and full Beard

Full Beard Styles

Men with bun on the top and a neat elegant cool beard style are always found to be mature and official of some high caliber.

19. Short Hair and Full Beard

Beard designs 2016

Short hair with full beard look pretty cool when the face cut is round.

20. Black Full Beard

Beard styles for men

Black full beard with a little grown hair is what we call manliness. Guys of all age are into it and they love it regardless of anything.

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