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Jennifer Lynn Farley (Jwoww) Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jennifer Lynn Farley, commonly known by her stage name Jwoww, is an America television personality. Recently, rumors about Jwoww plastic surgery has been flaring within the global scene, with most sources claiming the allegations have been confirmed from those close to the celebrity.

Jwoww got her breakthrough to prominence after being included among the eight leading cast in the Jersey shore MTV reality show series. She was also a key cast in the spinoff. Jenni, as most of her friends and fans call her, has frequently appeared on other shows like the Disaster Date, the TNA impact, just to mention but a few. Jwoww and her fiancé are currently starring in the Marriage Boot Camp; Reality Stars and more to that she sponsor a sun-tanning product together with the Australian Gold Company.

Jennifer Lynn Farley (Jwoww)

Right after she gave birth to a baby girl Meilani, her first child and getting engaged to Roger Matthew, Radar Online stated that the reality show star seemed to have more than just pregnancy and baby weight in her face which without doubt looked too plump. They also reported that maybe she had had Botox injections that changed the shape of her eyebrows and may be responsible for the disappearance of her forehead wrinkles and the new smooth look.

It has been rumored around that Jennifer Jenni Jwoww has had plastic surgery done on her face but top doctors have objected to this. Recently, the jersey shore star has been photographed with remarkable changes in her face that looked a little more than just after-baby weight gain. Conferring to two high profile doctors, Jwoww give the impression to have had either injections or maybe fillers such as Restylane, Juvaderm, in her cheeks.

The 28 years old star has confessed to having plastic surgery in the past, that is, she revealed to have had breast implantations at her 21st birthday. Though her face was always an avoided subject, she never talked about it.

Many suspicions have arisen from her extremely plump cheeks, which look like she has been stung by a whole hive of bees. There is a possibility that the fat injection plus pregnancy weight gain is responsible for her overdone look.

Jwoww plastic surgery photos
Jwoww plastic surgery photos

Hey, wait a minute, could all this be true or just celebrity gossip? Dr. M. Schulman, a high ranked plastic surgeon from New York and Dr. Youn both have given the similar statements concerning the super different cheeks, smother forehead without wrinkles, higher and full cheekbones and even change in shape of Jwoww eyebrows. They both agree that it is the effect of fat injections or even fillers into her face but definitely not any surgical treatment. All this make our star very different and not in a very positive way, ouch.

Our reality star Jwoww has very profoundly came out in defense. She has denied the plastic surgery, fat injections and even filers allegations and she claimed she like all other mothers have gained baby weight which she says could not be compared to giving birth. Hahaha, she certainly seems scared of getting pregnant again.

After giving birth to her daughter Meilani Alexandra, Jennifer Jwoww Farley has been working extra hard. Though she has been doing some additional makeover to herself, she says that plastic surgery is not part of it.

Jwoww then and now
Jwoww then and now

She defended herself and said that she is getting a little more blonde, apparently dieting to get rid of the gained baby weight; Farley says it is all she has done to get a better look. She also claimed that her girlfriend introduced her to a certain doctor who is good at skin tightening and microderms.

Jwoww also confessed that she would certainly do anything to change her looks if it makes her feel good with only one exception, she cannot touch her face because she is normally scared because there is no turning back. People get nose jobs, implants in their cheeks but they can never go back to how they were before.

Saying no to the knife does not mean she cannot go for the needle, absolutely, Jwoww says that she embraces the Botox injection. She laments that she is getting to thirty and she hates wrinkles, although she is careful not to get the frozen tight face such that when one tries crying she looks like she is smiling. I bet you can picture that.

The very honest and frank reality stars says that she is still in for more boobs surgery. She wants to get implants and make them even bigger in the fall.

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