Mens Fade Haircuts – 54 Cool Fade Haircuts for Men and Boys

Mens fade haircuts have been an all-time favorite among men. For the trendy males, it can give the effect of a more modern look; cool and classy without looking like you’re trying too hard. When done right, a fade haircut can give you the desired effect and make you look dapper—without much effort.

In this article, we’ll be giving you the best of the best fade haircuts of 2016 that you can try, and surely pull off.

54 of the Coolest Mens Fade Haircuts to Rock This 2016

1. Disconnected Fade Haircut for Men

Disconnected fade haircut

Pitt’s haircut in “Fury” looked out of place because it looked modern, didn’t it? Well, that doesn’t stop him from being a style inspiration for this list. With this cut, you have the sides of your head shaved close, and you let your hair at the center grow out—a sleek and tough look, indeed.

2. Classic Comb Over Fade Haircut

Classic comb over fade haircut

If you’re looking to nab a look that’s in between classy and edgy, try out a comb over with a special twist—asymmetrical line-ups with a bit of angular combovers.

3. Choppy Fade Haircut for Men

Choppy fade haircut

This hairstyle is for men with thicker hair. With this style, you can nab that boy-next-door look with a choppy, short hairstyle on top. But you can also unleash your inner bad boy with a neat line at the side.

4. Designed Fade Haircut

Designed fade haircut

If you’re feeling a little bold, try this haircut out. It’s a simple fade, but with a creative design to catch eyes.

5. Bald Fade Side Part Haircut for Boys

Bald fade side part haircut

If you want to get a little creative and bold, try shaving he sides of your head to a close cut, with a short hawk to concentrate all the attention on the center.

6. High Fade and Front Combed

High fade and front combed

Another great and creative design is this high fade with front combover hairstyle. But not just any combover—a sectioned, styled, and gelled combover.

7. Blowout Fade Haircut

Blowout fade haircut

Step up the creativity ladder and get yourself this haircut if you want some attention to your hair. With this cut, instead of cutting out designs on your hair, you can leave the hair instead as the design. Pretty neat, isn’t it?

8. Blurry Fade and Gold Tone

Blurry fade and gold tone

This is another great cut for afro-wielding men. Spice up your fro and impeccably straight line with a little bit of gold dye on top. A little bit of color to spice up your look won’t hurt anybody.

9. Cool Angled Flattop

Angled flattop

Now, this fade haircut is really getting into the game. With so many styles that are in trend, you may want to choose a cut that sets you apart from the others—for instance, a flat cut on top and creative designs on the sides of your head.

10. V Fade Haircut for Men and Boys

V fade haircut for boys

Now, this hairstyle can be great for both thin and thick straight hair alike. In this style, you get a V shaped cut at the sides and back of your head, then you let the growth in the middle of your head follow the V-shape with a little bit of styling.

11. Burst Fade with Heavy Curls

Burst fade with heavy curls

To all the men out there with naturally occurring curls, a fade can also work for you: in this haircut, you can see a burst fade along the sides and back, which really focuses all the attention on your curly top.

12. Afro Fade Haircut for Men

Afro fade haircut for men

If you have a ‘natural fro’, do not—I repeat—do not hesitate trying this fade out. Just like style inspirations such as ‘The Weeknd’, a natural, big afro combined with a high fade is both stylish and an embrace to your natural feature.

13. Classic Contoured Razor Part Fade Haircut

Classic contoured razor part fade haircut

For men with thin hair, you can do with this fade hairstyle. As you can see, it’s a high fade along the sides, with a neat, gelled up partition that makes you look very neat and classy.

14. Classic Mohawk and Fade Haircut for Men

Classic mohwak and fade haircut

Combine the elements of rocker 70s and modern men hairstyles with this cool cut: classic Mohawk and fade. With this hairstyle, you can combine fade along the sides of your very cool, very long Mohawk.

15. Contoured Heavy Blend

Contoured heavy blend

For thinner hair, you can try this tactic: do a very high fade along the sides of your head and focus attention on the center, making your hair look thicker up top. Do a little bit of contouring on the top while you’re at it.

16. Cornrows and Taper Fade Haircut for Boys

Cornrows and taper fade haircut

You can combine the 90s hip hop scene and today’s trendy men’s haircuts with this particular style. With cornrows at the center, you can have a taper fade along the sides of your head, creating a really cool effect.

17. Creative Low Fades for Men

Creative low fades for men

It looks complicated, but this style is very easy to achieve. Again, this particular cut combines boy-next-door and edgy, with a tousled style on top and lined up cut on the sides.

18. Curly High Fade Haircut

Curly high fade haircut

All the curly-haired men, raise their hands! If you’re thinking of letting your natural curls grow, have them the center of attention by getting a high fade along the sides and back of your head.

19. Asymmetrical Low Fade Haircut

Asymmetrical low fade haircut

This hairstyle can make thin-haired men look like he has a fuller head of hair. With a low fade cut, you can concentrate all of the volume on top, which you can further emphasize by styling upwards.

20. High Fade Haircut with White Streak

High fade cut with white streak

This type of fade never goes out of style, and probably because so many men are continuously getting it. However, the problem is this: how can you stand out if there’s so much people out there with the same hairstyle? Well, like in this photo, you can try adding a white streak to your high cut fade—stylish and unique.

21. Dreadlocks and Fade Haircut

Dreadlocks and fade haircut

Another option for dudes who have afros and dreadlocks. For this style, you can make your cut more creative by designing at the back of your head. Pity you won’t get to see it regularly though.

22. Fade with Long Braid

Fade with long braid

Looking to nab a tough and unique look? Have your long hair braided into two long braids, but not without getting a fade long the sides.

23. Cool Faux Hawk Fade Haircut for Men

Faux hawk fade

If you can’t dedicate enough to a fully grown Mohawk, try a faux hawk and make it look more modern with a delicate fade on the sides.

24. Flipped and Fade Haircut

Flipped and fade haircut

Looking sharp and dapper has never been so easy. With this haircut, you can rest the eyes of those with OCD, as this haircut is very clean, neat, and straight.

25. Geometric Haircut with Low Fade

Geomatric haircut with low fade

If you want your beard to get into the action as well, then this haircut is great for you. if you want to achieve this look, simply ask your barber to line you up both at the top and at the bottom of your face.

26. High Bald Fade with the Hardpart and Scruffy at the Bottom

High bald fade with the hardpart

Thin hair? No problem. With this cut—almost bald at the sides—you can appear to have more hair by concentrating all of it at the center top of your head.

27. Bald Taper Fade Haircut for Men

Bald taper fade haircut

A classic, simple cut for all the men out there—but with a unique and edgy look: straight lines along the sides that make you look sharp.

28. High Fade and Ponytail

High fade and ponytail

If you want to look very masculine and tough, then this haircut is definitely the one for you. this style combines a ponytail, high fade, and a long beard as well—all for a classy and edgy look.

29. High Fade and Top Knot for Men

High fade and top knot

Take the man bun to new levels by adding a high fade at the sides of your head.

30. High Pompadour Undercut

High pompadour undercut

If you want to look mighty dapper and gentlemanly but without seeming like you’re trying too hard—try this modern take on the pompadour haircut. In this version, you’ll get a fade and undercut as well.

31. High Top and Temp Fade

High top with temp fade

This particular style is a mild flat top hairstyle paired with a classic fade haircut. Takes you back to the 90s, sort of, doesn’t it?

32. Highlighted High Fade Haircut

Highlighted high fade haircut

Why don’t you add a tad bit more uniqueness and color to your undercut hairstyle by combining highlights to your hair.

33. Hipster Fade Haircut for Men

Hipster fade haircut

Nothing says hipster more than a modern fade hairstyle and a great wizard beard. In this haircut, you can see a bald side shave with very careful manscaping.

34. Low-Fade and Long Layered Hair

Layered low fade haircut

Tough on one side, and a party on the other. In this haircut, you can see a combination of layered natural hairstyle at the side of the head, and on the other, a close shave cut.

35. Razor Parted Flat Top

Razor parted flat top faux hawk combo cut

This cut is very subtle in its way of making a statement. With a short crew cut and lineup, you can spice things up with a straight line design along the side of your head.

36. Low Fade and Double Braids

Low fade and double braids

Who said that only girls can pull off double braids? In this style, you can see a low fade, straight line-up, and a crown cornrow braid.

37. Low Fade with a Big Bun

Low fade with a big bun

For brothers with naturally curly or frizzy hair, you can have the option of letting it grow out. However, to make it more stylish, why not try a low fade and tying your crowning glory into a big, stylish bun?

38. Low Fade with Double Slash

Low fade with double slash

In this cut, you can see another version of a low fade with a creative design. In this case, it’s a double slash on the side of the head.

39. Medium Skin Tight Slick Back with Natural Lineup

Medium skin tight slick back with natural lineup

Now, if you want to look very simple yet stylish and excellently classy and gentlemanly, you can try this type of subtle fade—staring at the middle of the side of the head, and a slight brush back.

40. Natural Waves and Men’s Fade Haircut

Natural waves and fades

As you know by now, one of the many functions of the fade is to focus attention on the center of the hair. In this case, you can flaunt your assets by getting a high fade and letting your naturally wavy hair do its thing.

41. Long Hair with Undercut Fade

Long hair with undercut fade

Want to look like a very cool and young grandpa? have one side of your head grow out and the other closely shaved. Top the look off with a bit of dedicated manscaping—and a great long beard!

42. Retro High Top Fade Haircut for Men

Retro high top fade haircut

Add a bit of color to your fro and the results can be stunning, as you can see in this example. There are a lot of other colors to choose from, as well, so the possibilities are endless.

43. Cool Reverse Fade Haircut

Reverse fade haircut

Perhaps it’s time to step up your game and up the creativity ante. In this cut, you can see a flat top design and a reverse fade pattern.

44. Shaded Slash Part

Shaded slash part

Another option you can do is this nifty and cool design. Moreover, you can add more style to your hair by coloring it a lighter color on the top (if you have natural dark hair or darker hair at the bottom)

45. Side Part Pompadour for Men

Side part pompadour

Combining the gentleman look with a bad boy look, this versatile hairstyle is really a new look for classy young men.

46. Skin Fade and Braids

Skin fade and braids

In this cut, you can see an almost bald side shave in a semi-circle shape. In some instances, you can also use this space for a cool tattoo.

47. Men’s Spiky Fade Haircut

Spiky fade haircut

For thin and fine hair, you can opt for this hairstyle to make you seem like you have more voluminous hair. It’s a pretty simple one: spiky up top and a subtle high fade.

48. Taper Fade and Messy Hair

Taper fade and messy hair

Nab a nerdy, sort of boy next door look with a messy hairstyle. But maintain your edgy aura with a taper fade on the sides.

49. Classic Men’s Taper Fade Haircut

Taper fade haircut for men

In this hairstyle, you can see a subtle taper fade combined with a long side part fringe and brushback. All elements combining to make you look like a classy rockstar type.

50. Temp Fade

Temp fade

There’s a lot going on in this style and you know it. But sometimes, too much stuff going on can be a good thing. In this cut, you can see angular line-ups and a layered side undercut.

51. Texture Fade Haircut for Men and Boys

Texture fadehaircut

If you’re the type to make your hair look long and spiky, this is the hairstyle for you. combine your spiky locks with a textured fade undercut to really make your center hair look bigger.

52. Tight Fade and Messy Top

Tight fade and messy top

Very thin hair can benefit from a fade. In this style, you can see that the lack of hair at the sides can make the top look thicker than it really is.

53. Twisted and Fade Haircut

Twisted and fade haircut

This is another popular combination for men: an undercut with a strikethrough line design with a tinge of unique color on the top. A lot of options you can try, indeed, both with the design and color.

54. Center Part Straight Hair and Fade Haircut for Men

Center part straight hair and fade

If you have very thin hair that’s hard to style, you can also try a fade if you want to. In this hairstyle, you can see a mid-fade along the sides and back of the head, bangs separating along center part.

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  1. I like that you mentioned that designed men’s fades can also be an option if getting it form a skilled barber. A friend of mine is thinking about getting a style change soon because he would like to sport a much shorter hair from now on. I’m sure that a flashy fade cut would be a great way to do that.

  2. I am a huge fan of the fade haircuts. I really like #1 because it is something that I could pull off. Getting a haircut is one of the most important things you can do as a man!

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