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73 Unique Wedding Hairstyles For Different Necklines 2017

73 Best Wedding Hairstyles for You and Your Dress in 2017

Your wedding hairstyle choice is critical. It shouldn’t depend solely on what looks good on you, but should complement your wedding dress and neckline as well.

For example, you shouldn’t wear a tight updo with a low neck dress as it will reveal too much skin and give an overly-sultry look. There are many types of necklines in wedding gowns and one hairstyle that looks adorable with one neckline may not look good with another style.

So consider what your wedding dress looks like before choosing how you are going to do your hairstyle. The right wedding hairstyle can make all the difference between a bride with look that flatters and one that falters. Even if you think you know which hairstyle will look good on you, seek out possibilities and keep an open mind.

When you see an amazing hairstyle in a picture, it may or may not look good on you with your wedding dress. But also, hairstyles that seem imperfect may turn out to be perfect for you. If you’re a women of color, you might also want to check our: best wedding hairstyles for black women.

Here is our list of unique wedding hairstyles for different necklines:

1. Single Shoulder Wedding Dress Hairstyles

one shoulder dress wedding hairstyle

This delicate one shoulder wedding gown is gracefully offset by an equally light side part with highlighted upturned bangs. Wearing a side part hairstyle is one way to offset the weight of a single shoulder dress.

Unique Wedding Hairstyles 2016

Hairstyles for single shoulder wedding dress

wedding braids for short hair

Cute wedding hairstyles for long hair

Weddng hairstyles for single shoulder wedding dress

With single shoulder gown or any kind of asymmetric neckline, you should wear a similar hairstyle. It will create a visual balance. There are plenty of options to choose from. You can wear retro asymmetric buns or knots and ask your stylist to add curls or bangs to the opposite side.

2. Off the Shoulder Wedding Dress Hairstyles

off the shoulder wedding hairstyle

This crown braid circles and hangs below the top of the head. It mimics the look of the off the shoulder wedding dress revealing a consistent drape.

Simple braided pony for wedding

Weddng hairstyles for off the shoulder wedding dress

Off Shoulder Wedding Hairstyles 2016

Off the Shoulder Wedding Hairstyles

3. Strapless Wedding Dress Hairstyles

strapless dress wedding hairstyle
strapless dress wedding hairstyle

Sometimes a center part with long straight hair is the perfect backdrop for a casual, athletic look.

Off the Shoulder
(source: vponsalewedding.co.uk)

A smoothed low up do is a nice option for an off the shoulder dress because this neckline exposes a skinny structure of your body so you should pair it with soft curls, vintage waves, or a pretty low chignon.

strapless wedding dresses hairstyle

Strapless wedding dress hair

Off Shoulder Wedding Hairstyles

strapless wedding dress hairstyle

hairstyles for strapless wedding dresses

hairstyle with strapless wedding dresses

(source: sangmaestro.com)

For a strapless wedding dress, you’ve plenty of choices and try a lot of unique wedding hairstyles. Such as loose flowing down do is a perfect choice because it covers most of your shoulders allowing only faint hints of skin to expose. A bride should look modest in all respects and loose hair offer more coverage.

4. V Neck Wedding Dress Hairstyles

v neck wedding hairstyle

V neck wedding dress hair

V neck wedding dress hairstyles

Hairstyles for Vneck wedding dress

Hairstyles with v neck wedding dress

Low Cut
(source: weddingsbylilly.com)
V Neck
(source: goodcheapweddingdress.com)

If your choice is a low V neck then you should prefer a half up half down hair or loose hair with big curls on both sides. And a deeply side parted simple up do will work with a normal V neck.

5. Backless Wedding Dress Hairstyles

backless dress wedding hairstyle
backless dress wedding hairstyle

Backless wedding dress hair

backless wedding hair
source: pinterest.com
backless wedding hair
source: pinterest.com
backless wedding hair
source: pinterest.com

wedding hairstyles for long hair with braids and flowers

Wedding hairstyle with low cut dress

(source: weddingideaspicture.com)

Wearing a low ponytail or half down waves scattered all over your back will enhance the femininity of your backless wedding dress.

6. Low Cut Wedding Dress Hairstyles

low cut dress wedding hairstyle
low cut dress wedding hairstyles
low cut dress hair
source: www.vintagewedding.tk
low cut dress hair
source: www.cambio.com
low cut dress hair
source: www.popsugar.com
low cut dress hair
source: www.popsugar.com

For low cut dresses, wear flowers or extension onto one shoulder if you have medium length hair whereas brides with long hair can simply wear loose hair embellished with hair accessories.

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