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Christa Miller Plastic Surgery – Rumor or Truth?

To the world of celebrity and show business, Christa Miller’s plastic surgery is not strange. Before Christa Miller plastic surgery, early in her teenage, the comedian was photographed for advertising campaigns, allowing her to become a model. She has recently made headlines in her acting career with roles in the show, Drew Carey Show and the medical comedy, Scrubs.

Since all her rumors of having gone for plastic surgery are not proven, it does not leave out the thought that her young facial appearance has not been given an extra tone from a professional plastic surgeon especially if we consider her choice of career.

In the list, Christa Miller is not left out. Her plastic surgery has been in the limelight for quite some time.

Christa Miller plastic surgery photo
Christa Miller plastic surgery photo

The Hollywood actress is known through various comedy sitcom, including her famous Kate O’Brien role in the show Drew Carey show, and on Scrubs which was created by her husband Bill Lawrence, she played the role of Jordan Sullivan. Some people probably know her from the CSI and Seinfeld Miami. From whichever show you recognize her for, she is probably also the same person in sitcom Cougar Town.

Is it true that Christa actual had her face job done? Well, comparing the Christa Miller plastic surgery after and before clearly show some differences in her look especially in her facial appearances. For example, her eyes are now brighter and wider than her previous ones. Does this suggest that she might have gone for her eyelid surgery? Let’s see, looking at her closely, there are no indications of any sagging or loose skin beneath her eyes. Rumors have it that she underwent for an eye-lift surgery.

Christa’s plastic enhancements have definitely created news. However, like every other celebrity, there are no other ways to find out but to speculate. From her date of birth in 1964, a lot has changed within the celebrity which can be noticed from her photos. Like all other celebrity, Christa’s life is not hidden from her fans and when there is a slight change in her appearances, it rarely goes unnoticed. Her wider eyes (than before) are clear indications of the Cougar Town star’s rumored eyelid surgery.

Christa Miller

She is also rumored to have gone for cheek surgery. Her cheeks appear to be plumier than before. Normally, the cheek surgery is recommended for people who either have swollen cheeks, or have none at all. Her surgery has seemed to be successful because her face appears full and much better. To agree or disagree, she definitely had a great skin and a lovely smile, which have all since changed with the surgery.

There are some few questions yet to be answered since Christa’s plastic surgery. For example, with her perfect mile and beautiful face, was there a need for a cosmetic surgery? Does she look original now? I am not suggesting that she doesn’t look great or even more plastic now but she has always looked lovely, so how it’s simply hard coming to terms with how necessary the surgery was.

Christa Miller photo

Christa herself had mentioned sometime back before her rumored surgery, that she has a great skin at her age. So, it the same questions keeps lingering over and over again. What is the meaning of an artificial skin enhancement if you have such a great natural one? Considering the risks involved, is it even worth it? Though even after her surgery, she still looks fab, and for whatever reasons it might have been, it was clearly her choice to do so.

Does it mean that most celebrities have lost it in the urge to gain more attention and to look good in public? Have they forgotten the need and risks involved in such surgeries? Is it not a great price to pay for publicity? Well, most of these surgeries have been successful. However, there have been various surgeries gone worse; leave alone the ordeal of having to go through the whole process again. This can entirely change your looks completely.

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