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Anne Hathaway Plastic Surgery Before and After

In our word today, plastic surgery is not a new thing especially among celebrities. Anne Hathaway plastic surgery speculations are not even astonishing. Anne, an actress of American origin was born in 1982 in New York. She is famous for her role in Get Real, a 1999 TV series. However, her popularity picked momentum after the Mia Thermopolis in the Princess Diaries, an awesome Disney movie. In recent times, she has starred in The Dark Knight Rises as Selina and Les Misérables as Fantine.

Many allegations have been going round about Anne Hathaway’s plastic surgery procedures that she has undergone. Many have been gossiping about her alleged rhinoplasty (nose job). Faultfinders claim that when you compare her teenage pictures and her recent photos, you can definitely spot the difference some difference in the appearance of her nose.

Anne Hathaway Plastic Surgery before and after
Anne Hathaway before and after

Whereas her nose appearance in the post-operative photos seems thicker, the same is the exact opposite of what she was before the nose job. Anne Hathaway is yet to come clean on whether she actually went under the knife. But even without her confirmation, we only need to get a close look at her pre- and post-surgery photos to confirm that her cosmetic plastic surgery is actually real.

In fact, there is no way Anne would surely explain her recent picture-perfect look. That sudden beauty can only be attributed to some artificial job in the name of plastic surgery.

However, I don’t think we really have to blame Anne, plastic surgery amongst celebrities and superstars has become a common – how else do you expect them to maintain that perfect glistering look on the camera?

Plastic surgery is actually the newest swag within the industry. Anne Hathaway needed to improve her natural looks since we can all agree she is a distinguished actress in Hollywood with frequent appearances on screen. Her face is always on TV screens and in front of cameras and is viewed from all angles. This definitely puts a lot of pressure on her to always look good and keep herself flawless when it comes to beauty.

Anne HathawayAnd again, being an established and outstanding Hollywood star, Anne deserved that distinguished look. The common whispers and speculations of a nose job are of course, expected. Nobody, especially if you are such a high profile personality, would smile at the sight of skin flaws such as wrinkles, thick nose, small lips, and small breasts. We would all love to have beautiful, elegant and attractive faces. And so is Anne Hathaway.

Other rumors going round state that she have altered her chest region. It is alleged she has had a plastic surgery procedure on her boobs for breast enlargement (or augmentation, boob job). Most of these sources agree that if at all she has undertaken a breast augmentation it was performed subtly and very tactfully by a professional surgeon such that her breast were left looking so natural that you won’t easily notice the difference.

Additionally, there are speculations of Anne Hathaway lip cosmetic surgery. This rumor is somewhat unreliable because we all know Anne has naturally characteristic lips. The media, however, is full of talk of her having undergone a lip augmentation. What we may not know is whether this talk is true or Anne is just another victim of the common media exaggerations.

Anne herself, at some point back, confessed to wanting to go for a nose job. In fact, she even defended herself saying that an actor’s face needs to be very distinctive and alive all the time or else it is just but a face.

Every other woman in the entire world is always looking for perfection in their body shape and blamelessly good appearance to enhance their looks. When achieving the perfection naturally becomes a challenge or even impossible, instant processes and procedures like plastic surgery came in handy.

Anne Hathaway then and now
Anne Hathaway then and now

Being desperate for perfection, Anne Hathaway may have been left with no other choice but to face the knife. Of course she is not alone… almost all – if not all – female celebs are doing the same.

Anne Hathaway May 2016
Anne Hathaway May 2016

After all these gossips and speculations about Anne Hathaway plastic surgery, the actress still remains mum about the issue. However, based on her after and before picture, it will be easier to conclude that all the rumors are anyway true.

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  1. Anne Hathaway is the most beautiful woman even in Hollywood! Her lips are especially beautiful!

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