Bella Hadid Plastic Surgery Secrets EXPOSED!

Bella Hadid Plastic Surgery secrets include rumors over a nose job, cheek fillers lip fillers, and breast implants. We’ll examine Bella’s plastic surgery before and after photos for you to decide for yourself. Everyone is curious, did Bella Hadid get plastic surgery? If so, what surgical procedures did she get? Let’s begin by taking a closer look at Bella Hadid and who she is.

bella hadid plastic surgery secrets
Bella Hadid Plastic Surgery Secrets 2020

Bella Hadid History

Bella (Isabella) Hadid is a successful American model under the talent agency, IMG Models. She is the younger sister to Gigi Hadid, another super model. Born in 1996, Bella was voted Model of the Year in 2016 at age 20. Bella is 5ft 9in (175 cm) and lives in New York City, New York.

Bella began her modeling career in 2012 when she was 16 years old. By 2014 she signed on with IMG making her fashion debut in 2014.  She has been on many magazine covers including Vogue, Harper’s BazaarSeventeen, GQ, Glamour, and Love magazine. In November 2017, Hadid turned heads walking the Victoria Secret’s Fashion Show in Shanghai, China.

Bella Hadid Body 2020
Bella Hadid Body 2014 – 2020

With all the pressures of being a super model, one wouldn’t blame Bella for electing to go under a surgeon’s knife. But what does Bella say? In May 2018, Bella reportedly said “I’m scarred of putting fillers into my lips, I wouldn’t want to mess up my face”. Then in January 2019, Bella’s mom Yolanda Hadid, strongly denied that Bella had any plastic surgery, botox, or fillers. It’s all denials from the family, so now let’s examine Bella Hadid before and after photos and compare what she looked like back then and now.


Bella Hadid Nose Job

Bella was always a beautiful girl growing up and had a very normal, pretty face. As she ended her teen years however, her nose took on a different profile. Could puberty, diet, exercise, or fat-loss be responsible for the change? Take a look:

Bella Hadid nose job
Bella Hadid nose job then and now

Taking a closer look at her before photo from 2010, Bella’s nose is rounded, normal, and pretty. Now compare that with the after photo from 2016. By this time, Bella’s nose is smaller, thinner and much more angular. It’s much more of a “Hollywood celebrity” nose. It’s hard to imagine that a nose will change this dramatically due to the aging process. Perhaps the Hadid family consider a nose job to be regular surgery and not “plastic surgery”.

Some people think this Bella nose job then and now is some sort of camera angle trick. For those who continue to deny Bella Hadid rhinoplasty (nose job), let’s look at her nose from a different angle.

Bella Hadid nose job 2018
Bella Hadid nose job 2018

In this 3/4 angle view of Bella Hadid nose profile is much more dramatic. This before photo shows just how huge Bella’s nose used to be in comparison to 2018. If her plastic surgeon doesn’t already have a gold medal in nose reconstruction, they should get one for this transformation. From the looks of it, her nose was reduced by 50%, with the tip being pulled up. If there are any doubts now, please let us know in the comment section!


Bella Hadid Lip Filler

Bella Hadid has luscious lips today, we can all agree to that. The question is, was it always that way? To answer that, we hit the photos.

Bella Hadid lip filler
Bella Hadid lip filler

Way back when she was 14, particularly in this Mona Lisa like photo, Bella’s top lip was on the thinner side. The bottom lip looks normal, and is bigger and thicker than the top.

Fast forward to Tokyo in 2016 in the after photo, and her lip sizes are reversed. Now her top lip is larger than her lower lip. This is the reason why people wonder, did Bella Hadid get lip fillers?

The most common method of lip augmentation is through injectable hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. With the effects lasting about six months, Bella would need to see her plastic surgeon twice a year for maintenance. Is that in her calendar, or is something else the cause of her full lips?


Bella Hadid Cheek Filler

Bella Hadid cheeks, the facial ones, have also been the source of cosmetic surgery speculation. All across social media, people are wondering if Bella Hadid has cheek fillers or cheek implants.

Bella Hadid cheek implants
Bella Hadid cheek implants 2017

Here’s a set of before and after photos to ponder. Back in the day, Bella had a rounder face with baby fat. Her cheekbones are not prominent in the before photo. The after photo shows Bella’s cheeks in 2017.

Her smile causes her cheek bone structure to show. The strange thing is that her cheeks look different, they are asymmetrical. Maybe it is because her smile is uneven, or maybe her smile is uneven because one of her cheek implants shifted. What do you think?

Bella Hadid cheek implants 2018
Bella Hadid cheek implants 2018

Injectable cheek fillers dissolve over time, and cheek implants can be removed. Either way, in the 2018 after photo, Bella Hadid’s cheeks are modest and sophisticated. They still have more structure, and shows higher cheekbones that her before photo. Is it from make up alone?


Bella Hadid Boob Job

Let’s talk about Bella Hadid’s body. More specifically, did Bella Hadid get a boob job? In some photos, Bella shows off a slender body and yet her boobs are still big. Almost too big.

Bella Hadid Boob Job
Bella Hadid Boob Job 2017

The before photo is from 2013. Bella is not flat chested, but her breasts aren’t huge either. The after photo is from the Shanghai Victoria Secrets Fashion Show in 2017 where Bella Hadid boobs appear much larger. It’s well-known that VS has wonder bras that can give anyone a cup or two bra size increases. You’ll have to make this call yourself.

While on the subject of Bella Hadid’s body and VS, there was much controversy over her thin, anorexic-like body she had in preparation for the fashion show.

Bella Hadid body 2018

You can see that she is super skinny in the 2017 before photo. You can even see Bella Hadid thigh gap. After the show, in the 2018 after photo, you can see that Bella Hadid’s body returned to a healthier body mass index.

The interesting thing to notice, is that while she was really thin, her boob size remained relatively the same between 2017 and 2018. That would suggest some help from Bella Hadid breast implants.


Bella Hadid Plastic Surgery Results

We have exposed several of Bella Hadid’s plastic surgery secrets in this article. Others will remain a mystery for now until more evidence comes in.

Bella Hadid plastic surgery 2019
Bella Hadid Plastic Surgery 2019

We hope you liked this page on Bella Hadid plastic surgery. Let us know what you think, if you agree or disagree, or if you have any other opinion you want to express in the comment section below.

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Bella Hadid Bio

Name: Bella Hadid, Isabella Khair Hadid
Born: 9 October, 1996 in Washington, DC, United States
Age: years old
Height: 5ft 9in (175 cm)
Weight: 120lbs (54 kg)
Body Measurements: 34-24-34
Bra Size: 34C
Cup Size: C
Eye Color: blue-green
Net Worth: $12 Million
Siblings: Gigi Hadid, Anwar Hadid
Parents: Mohamed Hadid, Yolanda Hadid

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  1. No she wouldn’t … tons of models have had procedures done and the industry isn’t dumb enough to believe otherwise. Some of us in the industry may be airheads but we’re not all blindly stupid! Surgery doesn’t ruin modelling careers darling, it makes them.

  2. I love Bella. She’s such a sweet and nice person! But she definitely had some plastic surgery done. And I feel bad for her and her sister Gigi, because they were probably told to get plastic surgery done In order to get into the modeling industry, which is sad, because they were already beautiful before! Everyone is!

    1. Correction: I don’t think Gigi had any plastic surgery done, she just aged (as we all do). Sorry for getting that wrong. ????

  3. I don’t see much of anything, the pictures are jacked up. In one before picture she has fine cheekbones, the picture they show for cheekbone enhancement, she isn’t even smiling. Her lips look the same…seems she only looks much different, in pictures with heavy make-up to me.

  4. I honestly cannot understand why so many low-lifes are so extremely obsessed with the beautifying procedures that some celebrities might or might not have done. Why do you care so much if Bella Hadid’s nose is natural or not??? Not like natural beauty is an accomplishment, anyway. It’s not something one should be congratulated on. The naturally attractive person just was lucky enough to have good0-looking parents.

    If a person is born with a bad singing voice, for example, then starts training with a vocal coach, and, after many years of work, improves greatly, would this hypothetical person be bashed for not having had born with something? They had LITERALLY NO CONTROL OVER THAT!
    I mean, hopefully not. Not betting on that, though. You people seem to have a lot of free time to waste and even more acid to spill.
    P.S. Bella Hadid is a beautiful and intelligent woman.

  5. I agree with above comment. They are saying “she is the most beautiful woman” but she has tinkered with herself so much that nothing is real. And all these people (Beyonce, hahaha – funny) that they have said are the most beautfiul. How many women out there may also be beautiful but are not famous? And many of them naturally beautiful, without cosmetic surgery. Shame they only put famous people into this – like they are the ones that have enough money to PURCHASE beauty.

  6. Of course she has had surgery, her face is totally different. She is starting to look like a cat woman, which in not good and at only 22. This chick will be a scary mess by the time she is 30.

    1. It’s so sickening when they lie and it’s blatantly obvious she’s had a lot of work done. The only things she was born with are: height, thin, pretty eyes and money!! The rest obviously altered under the hands of a professional plastic surgeon. Why do they lie?! Just be honest and you’ll be respected much more for it. There are so many naturally beautiful women and she was one of them before all the surgery. I agree with the previous comment, her face is so pulled she is looking like cat woman! Sad!

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