Taylor Swift Plastic Surgery Mystery SOLVED!

Taylor Swift Plastic Surgery mysteries include a nose job, breast implants, chin implants, butt implants, and dental teeth veneers. Let’s unpack these rumors and get to the bottom of this!

Taylor Swift Plastic Surgery Mystery
Taylor Swift Plastic Surgery 2021

Taylor Swift History

Taylor Alison Swift is an American singer and songwriter born in December 1989. She has earned many awards, including 10 Grammy Awards and 23 American Music Awards. Her first album was Taylor Swift in 2006 and subsequently released Fearless (2008), Speak Now (2010), Red (2012), 1989 (2014), Reputation (2017), Folklore (2020). Evermore (2020).

Like many celebrities, Taylor knows that looks sell and as the money and fame came in, so did the pressure to look better and better. With cosmetic surgery, the goal is often to make subtle changes that improve appearance but can sometimes be difficult to detect. Thus the mystery surrounding Taylor Swift’s surgery. One way to reveal these secrets is to examine before and after photos. Put on your detective hat, and let’s continue.

Taylor Swift Nose Job

Taylor Swift nose job 2019
Taylor Swift Nose Job

A rhinoplasty, or nose job, is one the of the first plastic surgery procedures that Taylor Swift signed up for. This one is easy to spot. In the before photo from 2007, Taylor sports a beautiful, normal looking nose. In her 2019 after photo, we see a thinner nose, with a much sleeker profile.

Now we can see that she has a typical fake, Hollywood nose. The only question is how many times she had to go under the knife to get that result. It may have just been once, since she really didn’t need that much tweaking to begin with. Solved!

Taylor Swift Chin Job

Taylor Swift chin job
Taylor Swift Chin Job

Let’s move on to a more delicate and subtle procedure, a chin job. Here, there are two types: implants and fillers. In Taylor’s case, she already had a great chin profile so she likely went with dermal fillers (Juvederm or Radiesse).

Take a look at the before photo from 2009, Taylor’s chin has a slight divot or dent at the bottom center. In the 2017 after photo, her chin profile is as smooth as a baby’s butt. This can also be seen in the photo under Taylor Swift Nose Job above.

Apparently this dent in the chin was too much for Taylor to bear, so she had it filled in. The dermal fillers last between 1 to 2 years, so she’s had to get it refilled over the years.

Taylor Swift Lip Fillers

Taylor Swift lip fillers
Taylor Swift Lip Filler

The famed singer, like many women, has asymmetrical lips. Her top lip is noticeably thinner than her bottom lip. This can be seen in the 2008 before photo, as well as most of her other photos. In 2012 however, a shown in the after photo, there is a change to her upper lip.

In the after photo, you can see that Taylor’s lips are now the same size. They are symmetrical. Her top lip is fuller. This plumpness is due to lip injections with a dermal filler.

In photos from later years, her top lip has returned to its normal, thin, size. Lip fillers typically last a year, though if you are not happy with the results, hyaluronidase can reverse the effects sooner than that. It’s safe to say though, that Taylor has accepted her natural lips as she has not used lip fillers since.

Taylor Swift Boob Job

Taylor Swift Boobs 2019
Taylor Swift Boob Job 2019

Let’s start with a high level view on Taylor Swift boobs. In the after photo from the Lover album in August 2019 Taylor Swift bust line looks like an ample 38C cup. In one of her earlier concerts, Taylor’s cup size looks closer to a 34A cup. Is this simply caused by weight gain and the aging process, or did Taylor have a little help from the hands of a skilled plastic surgeon?

Let’s explore this in more detail:

Taylor Swift Boob Job 2013
Taylor Swift Boob Job 2013

In 2013, rumors of a Taylor Swift breast implant surgery were rampant due to a low cut dress she wore to the 2013 People’s Choice awards. The size of her cleavage made headlines because she her bust line looked enhanced. But does Taylor Swift have fake boobs?

The before and after photos tell the story. Back in the 2009 before photo, Taylor’s breasts were rather small with an A cup size. In 2013, there is considerably more volume in her boobs. She appears to have a full B cup. Given the revealing outfit, there is no room to hide fake padding and duct tape can only do so much behind the scenes.

It’s therefore pretty plain to see her boobs then and now, and that the change was due to a breast augmentation surgery.

Taylor Swift Boob Job
Taylor Swift Boob Job

Here’s another look at Taylor’s breast size. Once again the before photo shows that in 2010, Taylor Swift had a modest breast size. In the after photo from 2019, she has ample breasts. Some of that may have been from her prior weight gain though.

At the end of the day, while she thankfully does not have huge fake tits, it’s pretty clear that Taylor Swift got some help with her bosom from a cosmetic surgeon.

Taylor Swift Butt Implants

Taylor Swift Butt Implants
Taylor Swift Butt Implants

When Taylor Swift hit the red carpet at the iHeartRadio Music Awards in 2016, the internet broke after photos of her new butt surfaced. She surprised everyone with her overly pert buttocks in her skin tight pants. Compare that to her before photo from just a year earlier on the beach with a flat butt, and you can see why so many people did a double take.

That being said, we do need to consider other possibilities instead of butt implants. For example, she may have gotten a Brazilian Butt Lift where fat is transferred from other parts of the body then injected into the buttocks. The problem is that Taylor is too skinny, and doesn’t have much fat to harvest.

She could have also done squats, as in #girlswhosquat. That’s unlikely as the rest of her body lacks muscular tone.

Finally, the answer? Taylor is wearing some sort of apparel to enhance her rear end. There are a couple options, butt lifters for those who have the volume and seek a better profile. As we have learned though, Taylor doesn’t have much to speak of in the back drawers. And so for her, it’s Taylor Swift with butt pads!!

Taylor Swift Chipped Tooth

Taylor Swift chipped tooth
Taylor Swift Dental Veneers

At a concert in Pittsburgh in May 2013, Taylor Swift chipped one of her teeth when she accidentally pulled a microphone up too fast. “I really quickly pulled my mic up to sing and basically uppercut punched myself in the tooth” proclaimed the singer.

“I’m not doing anything about it. It’s just gonna be a little bit jagged, I guess.”

In the before photo from an MTV interview in 2014, Taylor shows off the still chipped tooth to the camera. It’s a now flattened tooth #6, her upper canine on the right side.

“It had a tip on it, and it doesn’t anymore”.

In the bottom left photo from 2015, you can still see the flattened, chipped tooth, untouched. However by 2017, the after photo, it’s clear that Taylor went in for some dental work, a porcelain dental veneer or crown to repair the chipped tooth. Now it’s back to being a happily pointy canine!

Taylor Swift Weight Gain

Taylor Swift Weight Gain
Taylor Swift Weight Gain

While somewhat the opposite of getting plastic surgery, Taylor Swift’s weight gain was so dramatic, that it must be mentioned. Swift showed off a much larger frame during her Reputation Tour in 2018, as evidenced by the after photo. In comparison, her 2014 photo shows the skinny figure and thin legs that fans have known for most of her career.

Taylor Swift Fat 2018
Taylor Swift Body Fat 2018

This is not some camera angle trick, and there is no photoshop to alter her body size. This is also not a body double. A body triple? perhaps. But we don’t make the news, we just report what we observe. Let’s see another example of Taylor Swift body fat before and after.

Taylor Swift Weight Gain 2018
Taylor Swift Weight Gain 2018

In another Taylor Swift Then and Now photo comparison, we can see how fat she has gotten. From a rail-thin svelte model figure in 2014 to a fuller, womanly, MILF body in 2018. While some Twitter fans sadly joke about how “she let herself go”, others praise her for “not starving herself anymore”. Either way, it is what it is. Let us know what you think? good or bad?

Taylor Swift Weight Loss

Taylor Swift weight loss
Taylor Swift Weight Loss 2019

Following the hectic schedule and the disastrous toll her 2018 tour took on her body, Taylor Swift turned the corner in 2019. At her Golden Globe January 2019 appearance, Taylor looks to be a bit thinner. While she would still have a ways to go to get back to her skinny model-like days, she appears to be on the right track.

Taylor Swift Body 2019
Taylor Swift Body 2019

By June 2019, Taylor Swift seemed to regain some of that weight, particularly in the hips and thighs. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Some people will lament the loss of Taylor Swift’s thigh gap. But many other Swifties celebrate that Taylor isn’t starving herself anymore and looks normal and healthy. To each their own. Do you miss her thigh gap?

You’ll have to stay tuned to see if some sort of liposuction or other body contouring measures make their way into Taylor’s quest to maintain her body image.

If you’ve got any comments, suggestions, or tips on Taylor Swift’s plastic surgery adventures, be sure to let us know in the comments below. Thank you!

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Taylor Swift Bio:

Name: Taylor Alison Swift
Born: 13 December, 1989 in Reading, Pennsylvania, United States
Age: years old
Height: 5ft 11in (180 cm)
Weight: 170 lbs (77 kg)
Body Measurements: 38-28-38
Bra Size: 38C
Cup Size: C
Net Worth: $320 Million

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  1. I don’t know how anyone should be allowed to write that! It is disgusting how they fat shamed her. It is good to see people are on the same page as me and think whoever wrote it is being ridiculous.

    1. She looks so much better with some weight on her. Like a goddess. And NOW, she looks like a perfectly sculpted queen goddess .absolutely amazing looking! She is in tip top shape for Eras. As she has to be. Even Miss Olympia was struggling to breathe in Brazil with temps at 140 degrees
      Fat shamers! 😂

  2. The way this article talks about her weight is disgusting . Most Americans are larger than Taylor at her heaviest. She starved herself to be too skinny and this author had the audacity to say her weight “must be mentioned” and “get back to her skinny model-like days, she appears to be on the right track.” I would love to see the weight of the coward who wrote this.

  3. WOW! So many little naive kissers! She is plastic AF, has had tons of work, is NOT a good singer, does NOT write her own songs and her songs are TERRIBLE! You sad folks would never know who she is if her pics weren’t all over the web every day! Wake up, grow up, get a clue, common sense and a BRAIN that actually WORKS!

    Those “fat” pictures are so FAKE!
    My son worked on her last tour, he’s with the sound and lighting co. her management hires!
    She is NOT fat, in fact she IS just as barfy anorexic as ever!
    So keep your sad shirts on, all you little crybaby cancel culture Karen criminals out there!
    She is also NOT a very nice person in real life!
    She is a very immature, stuck up PHONY!
    That IS the absolute TRUTH, sorry you crybaby fans can’t handle truths!

    1. Looks like you woke up on the wrong side of the bed today…
      Remember: if you’re having a bad day, just Shake it Off. Oh, and be nice to others even those who don’t know you exist.

    2. Can you not….
      She’s a normal size, and if you actually get research in YouTube clips and stuff, you can see she’s so nice and mature.
      Also, she writes her own songs, you’re just too stuck up hating on her (FOR NO REASON) to realize.
      Her pics are on the web every day because people love her worldwide, sucks for you that that’s not the same for you :(.
      Also who gives a 💩 if she has had tons of work, it’s her life not yours so can u just shake it off and stop.

    3. omg you are disgusting. she is not all plastic dumb ass. she does write her own songs. you are commenting on stuff you don’t even know about. you haven’t even met her and you are trying to make everyone believe this nonsense you are saying. get a life. commenting that she is basically anorexic is so shitty

      1. No! She’s had SOME work done and she IS obviously anorexic AF, but I doubt she’s had a nose job, her nose is the same as it always was, so are her eyes, just different makeup and different angles makes it appear smaller in some photos.

        Her bewbs are still an A minus cup and the FAKE photos of her being fat are just that, FAKE and photo shopped AF! She’s pretty, but she is also naive, stuck up, immature, selfish, vain, phony and a talentless moron, Her singing voice isn’t that good at all, she doesn’t write her own songs, maybe SOME lyrics, but that’s about all, and her songs are all lame and very childish! NO ONE will remember her in 40 years, she is NOT the Beatles or Led Zeppelin quality!

        She needs to spend way more time on developing a real talent for music and less time wasted on ugly stage outfits, bad makeup and being a pop phony poser!

  4. This article is extremely degrading to women. Taylor Swift is happy, healthy and gorgeous!!! Everyone who disagrees needs to get their head out of their ass. Disgusting.

  5. Taylor Swift is not a number or statistic – she is a human being who happens to be working in the music industry as an artist. It just happens that a lot of people are aware of her existence through her craft and she is very good at it (she has strived to improve herself, professionally and personally, since she has decided she wanted to do this as a career). She is wise beyond her years and she has great parents who raised her well. She has good morals and a great sense of humor.

    Shame on you and people like you who want to shame her in anyway.

  6. Sorry but the teeth are the same haha you got it wrong, just google Taylor’s smile 2021 and the tooth is still flat, the last photo you used to compare the teeth is from red era not rep era. And also, the bodyshaming and asking people if they miss the gap?? Pls, IT’S GROSS

  7. Are you kidding me? Someone commenting on Taylor Swifts appearance and either it’s all fake or all true. We are talking about a highly talented person who works in an industry where appearance is almost as important as talent.

    I am sure she wears no makeup, doesn’t have a hairstylist on call, doesn’t wear the most expensive shoes and cloths known to the industry and barely cares about her appearance.

    She makes millions not just from her music but advertising because of how she looks. The woke crowd comes running everytime someone comments on a celebrities appearance.

    Of course she has had some work done, so what. (how many of us would if we had her money) She put on a little weight because she’s not 18 anymore, what a tragedy.

    She is a public figure (by choice by the way). I am sure she can take the criticism, all the way to the bank. Fat though, really???

    Thank GOD FOR FREEDOM OF SPEECH! Live with it!

    1. Put on a “little” weight? Dude, WTF? It’s not like she gained 10 lbs here. That would’ve looked good on her. No. She completely let herself go.

  8. Yea, I do miss the Taylor Swift “thigh gap”! lol. Well you could only see the gap in some delectable photo angles, so it’s more the sleek, slender, and svelte Taylor Swift I miss.

    She was a little on the thin side back in the day, but now she went way over. I mean she’s “normal” for an American these days, but that’s really “fat” for most other countries in the world. It’s pretty sad and disgusting the way the Americans have simply shifted the “healthy weight” to accommodate their overly indulgent diets of processed foods.

    Anyway I love Taylor, and she’s still an amazing singer nonetheless. Thank you for the article!

    1. People have different body types, different disorders that can affect weight and appearance, and based on your judgement and comment… you have body image issues too. This article is wrong first of all. A person cannot “be fat”. Everyone has fat on their body. People have challenges you could never understand but you can remember that. And that people dont know what your challenges are. You wouldn’t want judgmental feedback like that. Taylor will probably never see your comments or this article, but other people that are bigger than her will, and that will stay with them. This article hurts many people I am sure and it is damaging.

    2. Taylor gained weight because she had stopped starving herself. She had a literal eating disorder that she was trying to heal from. Her kind of hectic and often physical lifestyle cannot be well maintained by her ‘skinner’ self. She is much healthier now than she ever was with a thigh gap. Check your fatphobia at the door. Just because being very thin was the beauty standard of the 90’s/2000’s does not mean it was ever healthy.

  9. This is terrible. Judging a woman based on her looks? Sexualizing her and calling her a MILF? Comparing the pics of her 18 yo self and the present 31 yo self and asking if people miss her thigh gap? Seriously?

    First off, as for Taylor getting a facial surgery, remember that you used pics of back when she was LITERALLY EIGHTEEN! As people grow older, their face becomes shapelier and they lose “baby fat”. And as for the weight gain and calling her “fat” now and “too skinny” before. She used to starve herself and now she is able to get over that and comes back looking happy and super healthy and you have a problem? And do you expect people’s butt and boobs to shrink as you gain weight?

    1. Yea this article is bad. They literally wrote “you can see how fat she is now,” like WHAT. WHO wrote this, a girl with anorexia??? She isn’t nor has she EVER been fat or even close to being overweight. She HAS been anorexic though, and has talked openly about how PEOPLE LIKE THIS WRITER MAKE HER STARVE HERSELF. Shame on this author.

  10. Taylor is NOT fat. Everyone here is saying “American women are shamelessly obese”. I’m not American, so I can’t stand account for every American woman.

    But Taylor on the other hand has been thoroughly candid about her eating disorder in Miss Americana, so stop saying her being “slender with thigh gaps” is missed and “ideal”. During the 1989 era she was hanging with Victoria’s secret models day and night. Taylor started to like their company and counted herself as one of them. Everyone said to her that even SHE could be a model if she lost weight. Taylor wanted to feel included so she actually went down that road and lost 40 lbs in 3 months (by super unhealthy methods btw). Soon she started to get complimented that she looked like a *twin* to one of the Angels (KK). Taylor just loved that compliment, and decided to stay that way.

    It wasn’t until Reputation came along that she realized that she ISN’T a model. She started eating more and so the weight gain. But you see she can’t really blame those models who told her to starve herself. So she pushed it on the media. Those models were friends to her at one point of time, and Taylor just had that kindness in her heart towards them.

  11. Which is the eating disorder? Eating small portions and staying slender like in most other countries, or eating large American portions and excess sugar and getting fatter? Before Taylor was on a normal diet. After she was on an American diet. Americans are fatter than all the other developed countries.
    This isn’t to blame Taylor, it’s just she’s fallen in to the bad habits that strike most American women that lead toward excess fat.

    1. Previously, she was miserable with an eating disorder that took an extraordinary toll on her body, which is clearly not healthy. Now, she has overcome that hurdle and is a healthy size. Please grow up and stop perpetuating the idea that women have to be stick thin in order to be good looking/healthy.

    2. Ohhh so do you have a log of what her exact intake is for each day???? Do you know that starved human body will physiologically hold onto to calories into fat stores when a starved person begins eating again? Because it’s in starvation/hibernation mode? And mentally there’s a whole ton of stuff going on. So that’s why you will generally see a fluctuation in the persons weight when they’re recovering from having eating issues.

      BUT MOST OF ALL SHE LOOKS AMAZING IN EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE PICTURES!!!!! And even if she did have her nose worked on, or her tooth fixed who cares?!? If she wants to do that then she can!!! If she wants a breast augmentation then sure! Who cares?! And who seriously cares or how’s it any of our business if she did or didn’t with these things?!

      Goodness, I was looking up her weight change because I find it positive that she gained weight and it’s a good example to other women, but I stumbled upon this god awful article, which I fully regret reading.

    1. She had an eating disorder when she looked like that. She’s spoken about how miserable it was to starve herself.

  12. Very poor photo brush work. In the last comparison pic, 2019 Body, her left knee is about 5″ lower than her right knee.

    1. She was literally sick for years, starving herself and you write “do you guys miss her thigh gap?” WTF

      1. Starving? Better than eating to excess and getting fat like most American women. Taylor Swift thigh gap is sorely missed!

        1. Even after the weight gain her BMI would be at the low end of the scale. It’s her talent that matters, not her weight.

  13. Americans are notorious about denying they are overweight, and that is reflected in the defensive comments about Ms Swift’s weight gain.. 70 percent of American adults are overweight or obese. Childhood obesity is rapidly increasing; nearly half ove America’s children are overweight. Being overweight is a factor in nearly every disease. As a middle school teacher, I saw children coming down my hallway with giggling bellies. I saw obesity and inactivity. Being overweight has become normalized to our detriment. We no longer “see” what should be concerning.

    BMI will tell someone if he or she needs to see a dietician or nutritionist for a healthy eating plan and relearning appropriate portion size. Here’s a healthy formula that’s been around for at least 50 years:
    Women At 5 ft 100 lbs add 5 pounds per inch. You may add or subtract 10 pounds for the range depending on your build.
    Ex: 5’4”. 100 + 20 = 120lbs (110 – 130)
    Taylor: 5’11. 100 + 55= 155lbs (145 – 165)

    The formula for men is 106 at 5ft and 6 additional pounds per inch.

    1. What website is this. All of this is false information and you tell a woman she is on the right track when losing weight?

      She was super skinny, starving. Now she eats normally thus the weight gain… Looking like a normal person now and that’s where the breasts come from. It’s normal, nothing fake about it.

    2. Hi—nursing student here to tell you that BMI is literally one of the most unreliable ways to judge someone’s health. In fact, it’s so reliable that we are trying to move away from it. You’re forgetting that muscle also contributes HIGHLY to BMI.

      Literally any dietician or nutritionist will tell you to not pay attention to BMI. Also, 5’4” at 120 lbs does not always appear healthy. You’ve got this whole thing wrong.

    3. Autoimmune diseases, environmental contaminants and multiple other uncontrollable factors affect the weight of humans as a whole, Actually, weight isn’t even a main indication of overall health. It’s rarely just portion sizes and even BMI is an outdated measurement. I shouldn’t have even bothered to mention it.

  14. Look again at nearly all the photo’s, in the “before” she is younger and in the “after” she is clearly older, bodies change as we age, weight gain is nothing unusual and as we grow into adults from adolescents our features change as well, cherub faces thin out and some features become more defined.

    As her hormonal levels change this can affect the size and shape of her breasts, as well as dietary changes.

    I highly doubt she’s had any surgery, doesn’t seem to be her style, but then what else would rumor mongers have to talk about, people just can’t be happy unless their shit talking someone else and that’s the real sad story here.

    1. Ummm, that is the definition of before and after — of course you are going to be older in the “after” photo. lol.
      And nobody gains that much weight from aging only in their boobs?
      So yes, she gained weight, and yes, Taylor Swift got a boob job.

  15. In case you didn’t know: Taylor was dealing with an eating disorder around the 1989 era (2014/15). When she recovered from it she gained some healthy weight, which is good. What you call “a perfect body shape” is basically just Taylor suffering and starving for years. And come on “How FAT she has gotten”?! Her body looks totally normal, she isn’t even close to plus size or anything. Where did you take your right to write that, judging and disrespectful about a 31-year old grown woman? She is happy and healthy now and that is all that matters.

    And also about this whole chin thing: Taylor was EIGHTEEN in these pictures. She was still a teenager and wasn’t fully done with puberty yet. Her face shape changed a bit, which is totally normal when you go from your “child face” to your “adult face”.

  16. If she gained weight because she wanted to, that’s awesome. However, I wish someone close to her would point out that the augmentation she clearly had around 2013-2014 is contributing to her weight gain. Everyone I know who had implants gained weight, myself included.

    It wasn’t until I had them removed that I started losing weight again. Some people react badly to implants and I think she’s one of them. I’m not shaming her, but I am concerned about her health. It isn’t natural for someone that tall and thin to suddenly double her weight. It points to other issues. But, for all we know, she may be undergoing some sort of medical therapy that makes her gain weight. There are many things she could have (outside of implants) that could cause it.

  17. Can I just say this: Taylor isn’t fat. Calling anyone fat, subjectively or not, is just not right in my opinion, anyway. Besides, do you notice how happier she looks? So what if she gained a little weight? She had an eating disorder. She still looks like a model today. I’m disgusted with how you portray this weight gain, and I can gladly assure you that Taylor isn’t losing any sleep over your insolence.

    Thank you and have a great day! ????

  18. I think miss taylor looks great, and also she is a natural beauty, she can do whatever she wants to make herself feel fantastic, I’m all for it, and myself I like women who like their bodies, and feel good in their skin, and that makes me feel good too.

  19. I think Miss Taylor looks fantastic, thin or thick, and you know what, she can do whatever she wants to make herself happy, I’m all for it, you go young lady..

  20. So now, if someone gains health and put weight on right places they’re fake and it’s all plastic. First of all that’s not nose job that’s contour. Secondly, the chin job?? Her chin is exactly same what in the world y’all tryna reach. Lip job? Dude her lips are actually same that picture might be edited. Try to look other pictures that you used you will know that you all are liars lol.

    Boob job and but implants???? That picture is from bbma ig not sure but she had padded undies that’s for sure because on 1989 tour she got bodyshamed because of her flat butt and idk why it even matter and she uses padded bras and pushup bras to enhance her boobs even now that’s the reason sometimes she look fuller and sometimes not. And later when she gained weight her boobs and ass gained muscles too and that’s natural, try doing that too please. If someone loses weight they lose it from every part of their body and vice versa. You should be ASHAMED for this bizarre article. Have you ever heard of padded lingerie or pushup bra or something?

      1. I forgive you for feeling that you need to use an inaccurate and negatively framed article to garner the most comments and publicity from your article on this platform.
        I feel you don’t believe this, and if you do, I hope you see the light.

      1. It is just some unhealthy weight. What are you talking about?

        You can clearly see how muscular she still is under the fat, which also contributes to weight gain.

        Starving on the other hand isn’t healthy. And no I don’t only defend obese people because of my own size. Taylor clearly shows healthy weight since 2019.

      2. As a nursing student, I can say with a CLEAR conscious that fat is VERY much healthy in the right amount. You have to have some fat to protect vital organs and bones. Unless your body fat percentage is at 0% (which I can guarantee it most definitely isn’t) and you are completely muscle, I suggest you think before you post something like that.

  21. i’m sorry what the heck is wrong with you people. she gained HEALTHY WEIGHT. she had an eating disorder. you are normalizing that. it’s NOT OKAY. she looks so much healthier! you can’t just say “look how fat she’s gotten” or “triple body” or “on the right track” because that’s just WRONG. have some human decency! it’s not okay to say that she’s on the right track with weight loss! her weight gain was so good for her. she’s happy and healthy. why can’t you see that?

  22. Maintaining a healthy weight is not “starving yourself”. No one on the planet needs to “starve themselves” to be a normal healthy weight and there is zero evidence that she ever had an actual eating disorder. People have lost all perspective. The “skinny” body which people like to bash and categorize as unhealthy or “starving themselves” is actually achieved through nutrition and fitness. No starving needed you exaggerators!

    1. As a skinny girl who has definitely had to deal with the “starving yourself” comments, I think it should be none of anyones business about her body size. Being a little bigger has nothing to do with anything and although she could probably become smaller with diet and exercise, this is HER body we are talking about and no one should be able to comment what they think it should look like.

      Also her body is a healthy size and always has been and she is far from fat so she has no need to lose weight if she doesn’t want to. She also shouldn’t have to constantly work to keep her body tiny just for the approval of the internet.

    2. There are multiple factors affecting weight gain or loss and many different healthy body types. Not everyone who is skinny has “starved themselves” and is “unhealthy” and not everyone who is fat is “overeating” and “unhealthy.” Taylor herself did indeed, claim to suffer from an eating disorder as she stated in her documentary.

  23. How did you guys miss the eye work? IMHO that’s the only significant work she’s had done other than the breast implants and her fixed tooth. Her chin looks the same. Her butt looks the same, just with more subcutaneous fat because she gained a lot of healthy weight. Her face has benefited from her weight gain too–she looks gorgeous. She MAY have slimmed her nose just a wee, tiny bit–if so it was quality work, barely even noticeable.

    But she definitely had eye work–really, really good eye work. People used to call her “Squinty”, remember? She had quite low-set eyebrows and hooded eyes. You couldn’t see her eyelids with her eyes open, and her eyes were quite narrow even when widely open. Compare the first “BEFORE/AFTER” photograph under the header, “Taylor Swift Nose Job.” Look at her EYES. In the pic on the right, you can clearly see some eyelid. On the left, you cannot. And her eyebrows–which are the same shape and thickness as before–are about a 1/4″ higher than in the left pic. She had a top quality brow lift and maybe a minor blepharoplasty, or removal of excess eyelid skin–the latter being an old plastic surgery that goes so far back, even Marilyn Monroe had it.

    If you want to compare Taylor’s work with a terribly bad brow lift, look at before and after pics of singer/songwriter Tori Amos. They yanked her brows up much further, giving her a permanently surprised look and throwing her hairline off significantly. Unlike Taylor, Tori had a high hairline anyway, so her surgeon should’ve been much more minimalist and cautious; what he or she did makes Tori look as if she’s losing her hair because her hairline is now so far back. Taylor has a more typical hairline AND she wears bangs a lot, so those factors, plus the higher quality of the work she had done, means she has not had the issues that Tori does.

    1. All of this is bullshit and jealous people wishing they looked as good as Taylor Swift she is natural beauty so pure.

  24. Do you realise how much healthier she looks in the photos where she has gained weight? How much happier? And fitter?
    She literally had/has an eating disorder, she actually used to starve herself when she’d see a magazine headline calling her fat or pregnant, to the point where she’d be on the verge of collapsing after a performance (she openly discusses this in her Netflix documentary ‘Miss Americana’). If you think publishing this sort of stuff isn’t extremely harmful to not only the people you are writing about but the people reading it, you are grossly misguided.

    In addition to your body-shaming, it is absolute ridiculousness to suggest that a woman’s body and face would remain the exact same from 13 to 30 years old. Of course her face is going to mature over 17 years, that’s how ageing works, and of course her cup size if going to fluctuate with her weight and diet.
    As for her bottom, look at the two photos, really. In one she is standing still, legs together, skin tight pants, and enormous heels. In the other, she is barefoot walking at a slight incline, she is in a bikini (A clothing item that provides little shape) and her legs are parted. These are completely different circumstances, and it’s just one example of your fakery and determination to trick your readers. Something you should be ashamed of, but one look at your suggested articles beside the box in which I am writing this proves you are shameless.

    And a quick reminder before I go… fat doesn’t equal bad, skinny doesn’t equal good, a person’s body and health is not your business and discussing and commenting on it can be incredibly hurtful.

  25. Idk why people have the nerve to comment on a womans body? Also the way some of the sentences are phrased make it seem as though plastic surgery or weight gain is a bad thing. Disappointing…

  26. Do you realise how much healthier she looks in the photos where she has gained weight? How much happier? And fitter?
    She literally had/has an eating disorder, she actually used to starve herself when she’d see a magazine headline calling her fat or pregnant, to the point where she’d be on the verge of collapsing after a performance (she openly discusses this in her Netflix documentary ‘Miss Americana’). If you think publishing this sort of stuff isn’t extremely harmful to not only the people you are writing about but the people reading it, you are grossly misguided.

    In addition to your body-shaming, it is absolute ridiculousness to suggest that a woman’s body and face would remain the exact same from 13 to 30 years old. Of course her face is going to mature over 17 years, that’s how ageing works, and of course her cup size if going to fluctuate with her weight and diet.
    As for her bottom, look at the two photos, really. In one she is standing still, legs together, skin tight pants, and enormous heels. In the other, she is barefoot walking at a slight incline, she is in a bikini (A clothing item that provides little shape) and her legs are parted. These are completely different circumstances, and it’s just one example of your fakery and determination to trick your readers. Something you should be ashamed of, but one look at your suggest articles beside the box in which I am writing this proves you are shameless.

    And a quick reminder before I go… fat doesn’t equal bad, skinny doesn’t equal good, a person’s body and health is not your business and discussing and commenting on it can be incredibly hurtful.

  27. The only thing for sure is her boob job. She 110% had breast implants. Anyone who says no is delusional or blind or both. Its night and day difference. It’s not a push up bra. It’s breast implants. She took time off to recover as well. Don’t be so gullible little Taylor Swift fans

  28. Very misleading article! As others said, you’re comparing pictures of someone from when they were 16 to when they’re almost 30 and making negative allegations of plastic surgery. Maybe she put in a lot of hard work sticking to a healthy diet and tough workout regiment. Also you used a barefooted paparazzi beach photo next to a photo with her posing in ~6″ heels.

  29. These images don’t prove anything- she literally changed her eating habits and her figure changed because of it!!

  30. “we can see how fat she has gotten”

    Just fire whoever wrote this one, this is disgusting!
    I don’t even particularly like Taylor but have some human decency!

    1. Whoever the frig wrote this hasnt ever gone through basic biology and clearly doesn’t understand that the human body physically changes with age. However, they do not even understand make-up and basic contouring, lipstick, etc. “We can see how fat she has gotten,” body shaming, wow. Websites like these that constantly criticise and put out false rumors about celebs altering their appearances should be banned. Y’all clearly don’t treat celebs as humans.

  31. Gross article. She’s an adult with an adult face and body. To call her fat is disgusting. Women’s bodies change and mature.

  32. What an amazing article.. Finally someone who dares to tell the truth.. What thoughtful girl wrote this and who hired her and approved this courageous article!

  33. What is wrong with you guys. This article should be taken down. She looks healthy. No woman needs to look like a tooth pick. Curves are natural. But you want to promote unrealistic beauty standards. Look at J lo she is beautiful and has curves. Jordyn woods. Jorja smith. BEAUTIFUL HEALTHY WOMEN who weigh more than Taylor and look top notch. So someone who is still slim and healthy why put her down? K knowing this article will pop up for her fan base of young girls. They dont need to feel like they are not good enough because girls already get eating disorders just to look like unhealthy celebrities. So cut this out. Its clueless, classless, distasteful and lacking any dignity or respect. Not your body? Not your business.

  34. This article is disgusting. She isn’t fat in those pictures, she’s healthy. And comparing her body size from her 20s to when she was a TEEN shows how ignorant and shallow you are. She’s more than her body figure, and I doubt she’s losing any sleep over the gross comments.

  35. I don’t know if you know there is such a thing called makeup that can literally reshape the face like the nose and jawline. She has professionals doing her makeup everyday I think they’ve gotten more experienced since she was a teenager and/or got new makeup artists. Didn’t know fixing a chip tooth counted as plastic surgery but dentistry is so common and quick why not fix what was broken? Also you are comparing her body/ boob sizes of a woman in her late 20s to a TEENAGER. You act like your body doesn’t change from teenage to adulthood. Your boobs get bigger, your weight fluctuates! If she is living healthy mentally and physically you should not be calling her fat or anything else for that matter. Either way she looks great and she is thriving in every way.

  36. Screw Taylor. She is fat and ugly inside and out. Sitting on her ass all day is probably why she is HUGE. She wishes she was one third her size, like the old, beautiful Taylor.

    1. i doubt she is losing any sleep at night from this comment, you calling her fat is disgusting. Not that your opinion matters seeing as you probably aren’t worth 400 million dollars…….

    2. SHUT UP. she gained healthy weight. she’s FAR from “fat” and she looks beautiful! i can tell you’re very insecure and i’m sorry for you. please take these comments and keep them in your brain. she had an EATING DISORDER! you can’t be serious. she looks so much healthier and happier. just stop.

  37. Eww what a gross article… she gained weight.l, she was probably underweight before. We have very similar bodies, I’m 5’10 , 145 pounds. There’s no way she’s 170. You guys suck.

  38. Look at her hamstrings. She’s putting in the work for her butt. And the weight gain and losing. Looks pretty healthy like just bulking and cutting… how is that so hard to understand lol

  39. When I become her husband and I expect to, I won’t care what she looks like, just that she’s healthy & happy. But whatever she thinks she needs she can have, it’s her business. Frankly, you people are a little nuts for worrying about this anyway, don’t you think? Yes, Taylor Swift is beautiful. Is she more beautiful now than she was before? Not really, she was a girl, now she’s a woman. She’s fine.

  40. Absolutely ridiculous to hear them say she looks fat and she looks so healthy in those after pictures. Just beautiful.
    Then to hear them say now she is thinner and on the right track…so sad. She is perfect the way she is.
    Shame on you…
    You need to Calm down. You’re being too loud, please don’t step on her gown.

    1. She actually looks healthy with some weight on her, I don’t think looking at anyone’s clavicles sticking out is particularly attractive and the evidence of how SHE feels about it is written all over her face-look how empowered and HAPPY she looks when she looks like shes had a few meals! She looks ready to conquer the world. And then in the 2019 photo when shes allegedly “back on track” to being a waif…she looks so sad and defeated. Too bad for her she just cant be herself. :(

    1. My thoughts exactly. I kept looking for the procedure that fixed her eyes/brows and nothing seemed to fit. she’s definitely had some work done there.

        1. Yesss i agree some people really need to get over themselves and realize that bodys can change naturally, instead of supporting eating disorders which is basically what they are doing

  41. This is a ridiculous article written by someone who seems very insecure. Taylor gained some weight but she is FAR from fat. She’s beautiful and has curves in the right spots.

  42. I’m not sure how much credit all these claims deserve when the author can’t even get her height right. She’s 5’10” at the most. And I don’t think she elongated herself by an inch through plastic surgery. While she’s doubtlessly one of the world’s most beautiful women it doesn’t even matter if she went from A to B cup, or had any other ‘corrections’.

  43. Hmmm…. as well as making out Taylor pushed maximum density when her BMI would have been in the normal range – she’d have been 8lbs overweight here at the most. There is no way she is a 38C bra size…. whoever wrote this doesn’t understand bra sizes..

  44. This article is sad, especially the part about the Taylor Swift weight gain! People who don’t like it, should get a life!

  45. Dude those arguments aren’t good lmao, the pictures are the same and, she gained some breast volume because she gained some weight. And you’re talking about it like it’s a shame. It’s her body..? Same for her butt though, she works out, and it pays. Period!

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