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Kristen Wiig Plastic Surgery – The Rumored Nose Job

There is a stiff competition on who can obtain more rumor on the actress Kristen Wiig nose job. Having been a common figure in the comedy industry, Kristen Wiig nose job has seen a substantive number of hearsay flaring around the social media. The Hollywood actress just joined the comedy industry recently, but has become a very popular figure cracking peoples ribs, particularly in her various roles played on the Saturday Night Live.

Despite all these achievements, one thing has gone down well with majority of her fans – the rumors of her nose enhancement. In fact, this nose job rumor is yet to drill as much fun on the years of her followers as her words would. However, Kristen herself is yet to come out clearly on this talk, so we’ll rather assume it’s just another of the many rumors going round.

Kristen Wiig
Photo by Jim Spellman/WireImage

Born in Canandaigua, New York in 1973, the famous comedian is the daughter to Jon J. Wiig, a Lake Marina manager and Laurie Johnston an artist. Her family moved to Lancaster in Pennsylvania before settling in New York. Her parents divorced when she was nine, since then she lived with her mother and elder brother.

Kristen Wiig attended art courses at the University of Arizona after graduating from Brighton High School, Arizona. It was then that she took her first acting class. Based on her talent, Kristen was encouraged by her teachers to pursue acting as a career course. After several years, she moved to Los Angeles to work in the improve and sketch-comedy troupe company, The Groundlings, as a main company member.

If you might have not seen her back in the days, the 40 years old actress charmed audience once again in the year 2011 with her major role in the romantic comedy film known as the Bridesmaids. It must have been unfortunate that, not only did people notice her performances but, several people, also noticed that her nose appeared to be having a different shape compared to her initial appearances on the Saturday Night Life show.

So, did Wiig really have her nose job done?

Well, some sources speculates that she had one time gone for a plastic surgery procedure in order to make her appearances look more remarkable and perfect.

It is also rumored that before taking her role in the romance comedy film, Bridesmaids, she had taken some time off, allegedly to recover from her nose plastic surgery that she had undertaken. Her nose has since then been very small with its bridge having a cute slope and a narrower tip. In simple terms, her nose perfectly matches the “Hollywood” norms. This is, in fact, very noticeable if you compare the after and before Kristen Wiig’s nose plastic surgery photos.

Kristen Wiig nose job photo
Kristen Wiig nose job photo

A few months ago, a Miami-based plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Salzhauer, suggested that Wiig nose does not appear to have been done, but he was certain her nose appearance has changed from her previous looks. He adds that Wiig’s nose, at some point, does speculate that she might have had her nose job through rhinoplasty. He goes on to point out that her nose now looks much shorter and that the bridge is slightly sloppy and the tips more defined than before.

The fact remains that Wiig didn’t have such a large nose before she had the much-rumored enhancement. However, the fact that her nose now looks more sophisticated and defined on her face could just be the exact reason she decided to go for the job. Actually, in 2007, the funny girl made a statement over a possible plastic surgery. She mentioned that she may undergo some operation as it is very essential for the show business. Did she really mean it?

Kristen Wiig plastic surgery

Whilst a picture may be worth a million words, you may not be certain that the exact words are the right ones. You may think that there is something, a different background, a different angle of the shot, a little distance or even different lighting can entirely account for the reasons why several celebrities, including Kristen Wiig appear very different in two or more pictures.

One certain thing is that this nose job is not part of Kristen’s fun. And, as the public awaits any official statement for her, the truth of Kristen Wiig nose job still remains debatable. No real evidence (if not for the unreliable after and before photos) is yet to be brought forward to support her plastic surgery.

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