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17 Best Hair Color Ideas for Women Over 50 for 2017

The best hair color ideas for women over 50 depends on your skin tone and your personality. And while some women may have been coloring their hair for years, others are looking into this because of their increasing amounts of gray hair. Take a peek at these photos and get inspired for your next look!

best hair color ideas for women over 50

Coloring Gray Hair

A common side effect of the aging process is the gradual appearance of gray hair. For some, this can come quickly and prematurely. Eventually though, by the time you are over 50, everyone has caught up.

Gray hair or white hair results from the loss of pigment which gives hair its color. Gray hair can be difficult to deal with since there is no base color and the hair is usually thicker and coarser.

Blonde Hair Color for Over 50

Going to a lighter, natural color makes the transition from gray hair to colored hair a little less obvious. It also blends better with the white roots as your hair grows out. For that reason, a lighter hair color can make you look younger, especially when paired with an appropriate, modern hairstyle.

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short blonde hair color for women over 50

A short, platinum blonde pixie is a youthful haircut and hair color combination for women over 50. It’s also easy to maintain, and looks fabulous.

feather blonde hair color for women over 50

A feathered long blonde hairstyle is another example of a good hair color for women over 50.

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long blonde hair color for women over 50

A long beach blonde hairstyle with blonde highlights as shown by Christie Brinkley.

fine blonde hair color for women over 50

A light honey blonde hairstyle is great hair color for women over 50 with fine hair and fair skin. The color is natural resulting in a younger look as shown in this photo of Meryl Streep.

Best Hair Color Ideas for Women Over 50 with Fair Skin

If you’ve got pale, or fair skin, you’ll want to stay clear of the warmer hair color tones. Stick with the cooler browns.

over 50 long hair color for fair skin

Catch this Susan Lucci light ash brown hair color for women over 50. The styling may be a bit dated, but she wears it well.

over 50 short hair color for fair skin

A light and medium ash blonde balayage bob with bangs for women over 50 with fair skin. Having blended hair colors is a perfect way to hide the gray hair that grows in over time.

over 50 brown hair color for fair skin

A natural medium brown hair color for women over 50 is another natural look that works great with fair skin. The darker hair contrasts well and looks beautiful.

Best Hair Color Ideas for Women Over 50 with Olive Skin


over 50 short hair for olive skin

Women over 50 with darker or olive skin tone can go with warmer brown hair colors such as this warm dark brown shade. This dark solid hair color works best for women with light or partially gray hair. Once the hair turns fully white, the gray roots will become obvious fairly quickly.

over 50 blonde hair for olive skin

A medium blonde, dark chocolate hair color mix for women over 50 with dark skin complements the skin tone perfectly. It’s a great way to hide gray hair and look youthful.

over 50 sophia lauren hair for olive skin

A mahogany brown hair color for women over 50 looks great with olive skin. As Sophia Lauren demonstrates, it’s a wonderful hair color choice.


Judge Judy sports a short spiky hairstyle with a medium ash brown hair color. It’s a natural looking hair color for women over 50 with olive skin.

Full Hair Color For Women Over 50

over 50 pink hair color for short hair

A pink hair color pixie for women over 50. A soft shade of pink is sure to attract attention while maintaining your femininity. It’s fun color that makes you look younger. Sport this hairstyle if you can match it with a happy personality and smile.

over 50 pumpkin hair color for long hair

Are you ready for flaming pumpkin hair color? Take no prisoners with this fiery hairstyle featuring a bold orange with a blonde dip. A sure-fire conversation starter, this hairstyle complements fair skin and blue eyes. Be bold, and channel your inner fall harvest pumpkin.

Accent Hair Color for Women Over 50

If you’re a woman over 50 with a young and fun personality, you don’t have to sit on the sidelines while all the millennials play with colored hair. Bask in the attention you’ll get when you show up with your colored hair style.

purple ombre hair color for women over 50

This purple ombre is a fun way to add hair color for women over 50. The lighter, natural hair color near the head keeps the hairstyle and hair color easy to manage.

blue hair color for women over 50

Another with to add hair color for women over 50 is an asymmetric blend. Here, a blue and dark blue hair dye adds a contemporary feel to an otherwise normal hairstyle. It’s a good choice for women with a full head of gray hair as it adds color that looks great and is easy to maintain.

lilac hair color for women over 50

If you have a  softer personality, but still want color, go for just a touch of color. This light blonde hairstyle with subtle lilac highlights looks amazing without being obvious.

peacock hair color for women over 50

If you’re bold enough to pull out all the stops, then go for a burgundy base hair color with peacock colored accents. There’s no missing this hairstyle where ever you go, so you’ll need a big personality to pull this off.

Hair Color Maintenance

After you’ve spent the time and money to get the hair color you wanted, you’ll want to keep it that way. Look for a shampoo and conditioner that is design to keep your hair color fresh.

Red Hair Color Shampoo

Red hair color is the quickest to fade, so get your shampoo for red hair right away.

Blonde Hair Color Shampoo

Blonde hair get dull over time, so get a shampoo that keeps blonde hair bright.

Brunette Hair Color Shampoo

For other hair colors, look for something that has a low pH to keep the color from washing out so soon.

If you found something interesting that you liked or if you’ve got something to say, share it with us in the comments below.


  1. These are some amazing hair colors and hairstyles. Thank you for the great post. Keep it up!

  2. Please don’t ask the age of women, and don’t ask men’s salary for that matter. What I have discovered is that beauty and style are not limited to the youngsters. Mature women can also look stylish and have hairstyles that reflect their personality. Good show!

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