Best Hair Color for Brown Eyes – 49 Glamorous Ideas To Love

Some say brown eyes are boring, but we strongly disagree. Brown eyes are the color of all things good—chocolate, coffee, and nature! Embrace the beauty of your gorgeous orbs by complementing them with the best hairstyles and hair color for brown eyes!

Best Hair Colors for Brown Eyes and Light and Fair Skin

Sparkling Amber Brown Hair Color for Brown Eyes

sparking amber brown hair color

A sparkling brown hair color highlights add dimension to women with fair skin and brown eyes. A long, straight hair style complements your no-fuss, all-natural look.

Pink Highlights for Brown Eyes

pink hair for brown eyes

Turn your ordinary hair style for brown eyes to extraordinary with pink accents. If your brown eyes and fair skin have got you down, go ahead and get out on a limb and let your pinkness be your guide. Want to see more examples, check out more pink hair color ideas.

Sandy Blonde Hair Color for Brown Eyes

brown eyes sandy blonde hair

Bring sunshine to your look with a sandy blonde hair color to complement your brown eyes.

Auburn Brown Hair Color for Light Skin

brown eyes with auburn hair color

If you have light skin, you can try giving your look more warmth and vibrancy with this shade of auburn brown hair color.

Ashen Blonde Hair Color on a Curly Side-Swept Bob

Ashen blonde hair color for brown eyes
source: instagram

In this hair color, you can see a unique shade of blonde; an ashy white hair color that doesn’t contrast with your light skin. Your brown eyes, however, can contrast with this color and thus look brighter.

A Classy Updo with Chocolate Brown Shade

Chocolate brown shade for brown eyes
source: pinterest

Match the simplicity of a classy, Hollywood-style updo with a natural-looking shade of chocolate brown.

Lilac Hair Color with Double Bun Hairstyle

Lilac hair color for brown eyes

If you’re looking to have a cute and playful hairstyle for a change, start by experimenting with quirky hairstyles just like this one. Moreover, you can dye your hair a cute shade of lilac to match your style.

Silky Sleek Shiny white Blonde

Silky sleek shiny white blonde for brown eyes
source: instagram

Light skin will match with a light hair color. Take the blonde shade to another level with a bleach blonde hair that will make your hair color almost white; perfect for contrasting with your brown eyes.

Golden Blonde Highlights on a Medium Brown Base

brown eyes with golden blonde highlights

Dark brown eyes go well with a straight, medium brown hairstyle with golden blonde highlights.

Golden blonde highlights on a medium brown base 2016

If you want to add life to your light skin and brown eyes, consider having your hair dyed with golden blonde highlights.

Cute Hair Color Ideas for Brown Eyes and Pale Skin

Dark Ash Blonde Hair Color for Pale Skin

dark ash blonde hair color pale skin

Channel your inner vampire in style with a dark ash brown hair color for your pale skin and brown eyes. Your long brown hair keeps your look interesting and plays of your brown eyes.

Silvery Gray Hairstyle with Crown Braid

Silvery gray hairstyle with crown braid
source: pinterest

You can make your brown eyes look darker and with more character by contrasting it with your hair color. You already have pale skin, so add more contrast by dying your hair a shade of silver gray.

White Blonde Hair for Brown Eyes

white blonde hair for brown eyes

Long white blonde straight hair frames a face nicely and makes brown eyes pop.

White blonde hair
source: pinterest

If you want to look like Emilia Clarke in Game of Thrones, dye your hair a shade of white blonde to match with your pale skin tone. See in this example how it can bring out the color of your brown eyes.

Dark Violet Ombre for Brown Eyes

Dark violet ombre
source: instagram

Unleash your inner rocker chick with a spunky-looking hair color including a violet ombre on dark hair. It will surely contrast greatly with your pale skin—in a totally cool way.

Bright Apple Red Hairstyle

brown eyes with red hair color

Snow as white as skin and hair as red as Snow White’s apple. Truly a great combination to achieve a whimsical and unique look.

Green Hair Color for Brown Eyes and Pale Skin

brown eyes with green hair

Here’s a look with green hair color that has been blended with some aquas and yellows to smooth out the look while adding spice.

brown eyes with green highlights

Going with green highlights tones down the color and brings more attention to your brown eyes. It accents instead of overpowers a fair skin tone.

Brown Eyes with Purple Highlights

brown eyes purple highlights

In this hairstyle, a light brown hair color with purple highlights is applied to a simple and wavy medium length hairstyle. The purple hue adds a contemporary flair without adding weight.

Dark Brown Hair with Honey Blonde Highlights

brown eyes with honey blonde highlights

Pale skin can be made brighter with a contrasting shade of dark brown hair, added with honey blonde highlights for more creativity.

Best Hair Colors for Brown Eyes and Medium Skin Tone

Walnut Hair Color for Women with Brown Eyes

walnut hair color brown eyes

A medium-length straight balayage hairstyle in walnut brown hair color is a warm and natural backdrop to accentuate your brown eyes.

Pastel Purple Hair Color for Women with Brown Eyes

Pastel purple hair color
source: instagram

In this style inspiration, you can see a shade of pastel lilac adding softness and uniqueness to your look; better paired with dark brown hair and a long wavy hairstyle.

Dark Brown Hair with Light Blonde Streaks

brown eyes with blonde streaks

Your hair is your canvas and in this example, we can see a combination of dark browns and light blondes; a great contrast that can work well if applied correctly.

Natural Black Hairstyle for Brown Eyes

Natural black hairstyle with brown eyes

Brown eyes and medium skin go well together, but even work better with a natural black hairstyle.

Wavy Black Hair Color for Brown Eyes

brown eyes with wavy black hair
source: instagram

If you have long hair, consider having your mane styled into big wavy locks like in this example.

Dark Brown Hair Color with Caramel Highlights

dark brown hair with caramel highlights

Lea Michele pulls off this look quite beautifully. If you have similar shade of skin, consider having a dark brown base with caramel blonde highlights to give you a simple but quirky look.

Copper Brown Hair for Brown Eyes

copper hair for brown eyes

If you want your hair color to be subtle and looking as natural as possible, consider a copper brown shade that will complement both brown eyes and a fair skin tone.

Brownish Blonde Curls for Medium Skin Tone

Brownish blonde curls for medium skin tone

This hair color goes between blonde and brown; so you get the best of both worlds. Apply it to a curly ringlet hairstyle and you’re all set for any event.

Golden Blonde Highlights for Brown Eyes

Golden blonde highlights
source: instagram

If you’re getting tired of dark hair, try adding a bit of a golden hue to your natural dark hair color to give it more life.

Silver Gray Hairstyle

Silver gray hairstyle
source: pinterest

If Storm is one of your style inspirations, achieve her hair color with a metallic shade of silver gray.

Cool Hair Colors for Brown Eyes and Warm Skin

Gold Vanilla Hair for Brown Eyes

gold vanilla blonde for brown eyes

For women with warm skin and brown eyes, a gold vanilla blonde hair color highlights brightens your face. This opens up your look to reflect your sunny disposition.

Brunette Hair with Blonde Highlights

Brunette hair with blonde highlights
source: instagram

Dark brown hair and dark brown eyes can become brighter with auburn blonde highlights.

Salt-and-Pepper Gray on Big, Wavy Hairstyle

Salt and pepper gray on big wavy hairstyle
source: instagram

Olive skin is a certainly bright and warm shade. Why not have it contrast with your hair color? In this beautiful, curly hairstyle, you can see a salt-and-pepper shade of gray that gives you a unique look.

Honey Blonde Hair for Brown Eyes

honey blonde hair brown eyes

Be beach-ready with a pretty shade of honey blonde hair. Not only will this blend with your warm skin tone, but with your dark brown eyes as well.

Auburn Blonde Highlights

Auburn blonde highlights
source: pinterest

J. Lo in her youth was a style icon, and she still is now. If you have warm-hued skin like her, try out an auburn blonde highlights applied to a stylish shoulder-length bob.

Coffee Brown Hair on Curly Hairstyle

Coffee brown hair on curly hairstyle
source: instagram

If you want your warm skin to glow even brighter, consider having a coffee brown hue for your hairstyle.

Golden Blonde Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

Golden blonde highlights on dark brown hair
source: twitter

Add more character or a little bit of something special to your dark brown hair like golden blonde highlights. It’s a good style idea for people with warm skin and brown eyes like in this example.

Hair Color for Brown Eyes and Tan Skin

Dark Blonde Hair Color with Butterscotch Highlights for Tan Skin

butterscotch highlights

Complement your tan skin with dark blonde hair color and butterscotch highlights. This long, blended, balayage hair style gives dimension and brightness to what is often an overpowering skin tone.

Ash Blonde Hair Color for Tan Skin

Ash blonde

Tan skin tones are known to blend well with lighter shades of blonde. As you can see in this example, an ashy blonde shade of hair color can go great with tan skin and brown eyes.

Beautiful Gray Hairstyle

Beautiful gray hairstyle

Set a beautiful contrast between your hair and skin tone with a stylish shade of granny gray; a silvery gray hue that can also bring out the natural color of your brown eyes.

Caramel Blonde Hair

Caramel blonde hair
source: pinterest

Be like a beach Barbie girl with a shade of caramel blonde, paired with a simple straight hairstyle that you can part in the middle for a classy look.

Medium Coffee Brown Hair Color

Medium coffee brown hair color
source: instagram

Style icon Kim Kardashian has a tan skin tone. If you have similar shade of skin, consider a subtle hair color that can bring out the brightness of your eyes with just a little dying. In this case, it’s a shade of medium coffee brown.

Tight, Swept Back Crown Braid Updo with Brownish Blonde Hue

Tight swept back crown braid updo with brownish blonde hue
source: pinterest

If you have tan skin like Beyonce, consider a shade of brownish blonde to add life to your skin tone and dark brown eyes. In this hairstyle, you can also see a classy updo with crown braid and swept back bangs.

High Topknot with Light Brown Hair Color

High topknot with light brown hair color
source: pinterest

Subtle hues like light blonde or auburn brown can make all the difference.

Grayish Blonde Highlights on Dark Hair

Grayish blonde highlights on dark hair
source: pinterest

Add a little bit of personality to your dark hair by mixing in highlights with a grayish blonde shade.

Cotton Candy Ombre

Cotton candy ombre brown eyes

This one is a cute and definitely creative hairstyle. In this bit, you can see cotton candy blue and pink combined together in an ombre for a pastel masterpiece.

Subtle Brown Highlights

Subtle brown highlights
source: pinterest

If you want a subtle hue that will make a little difference to your look, choose a shade of dark to medium brown when applying on dark-colored hair.

Purple Hair for Brown Eyes

brown eyes with purple hair

A solid purple hair color and long, straight hairstyle adds a sense of mystery to fair skin and brown eyes.

Violet Hair Color for Brown Eyes

Purple hair
source: pinterest

Be as vibrant and bright as you can be with this solid violet hair color that is sure to turn heads.

Well how did we do? Did you find anything to inspire your next look? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. Thanks for the hairstyles and hair color ideas for brown-eyed girls. Since this is my first time having my hair colored, I want to make sure that I’m getting the most out of my hairdressing services. I think I might go with curled salt-and-pepper shade of gray as my hair color and style.

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