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50 Best Hairstyles and Haircuts for Men with Thin Hair

If you have naturally thin or prematurely thinning hair, do not fret! Many men have the same plight as yourself, and have created a multitude of ways to go around the problem. In this article, we’ll be highlighting 55 best hairstyles and haircuts for thin hair that you can use as an inspiration for your next look.

You may think that thin hair doesn’t offer a lot of options for styling, but you’ve thought wrong. With the rapid turnover of different trends and fads for hairstyling, the options are almost limitless, and this list will give you just a peak of the trendiest hairstyles in 2016.

Perfect Short Hairstyles for Men with Thin Hair

1. Spiked Up Undercut for Men with Thin Hair

Spiked up undercut

Don this hairstyle if you have thin hair all throughout your head. A neat undercut combined with a spiked up center will make your hair appear thick up top while providing volume. This hairstyle usually works hand in hand with a bit of facial hair to give you a combination of the playful and serious vibe.

2. Long Bangs With Undercut

Long bangs with undercut

If you want to cover up a high hairline and pull off a boyish look at the same time, this hairstyle is recommended for you. To achieve this look, get a medium-length undercut on the sides and back of your head, then grow out your bangs to the desired length.

This style usually works better with naturally straight hair in order to achieve the perfect bangs that’ll cover up your hairline.

3. Spiked Forward Undercut for Guys with Thin Hair

Spiked forward undercut

Like the Spiked Up Undercut, this hairstyle will give the illusion that you have thicker hair by giving volume in the center.

However, this hairstyle is more appropriate for high hairlines as the forward spike will pull attention away from your forehead. Recommended for men who usually wear playful and casual clothing styles.

4. Brushed Back Undercut

Brushed back undercut

This style is recommended for men with soft and slightly wavy hair. Create volume in the center of your hair by getting a slight trim on the sides of your head, then brushing back your hair a little to the side.

This will give your face a clean and professional look, while making your hair appear thicker than it actually is.

5. Modern Mohawk with Undercut

Modern mohawk with undercut

Focus all attention on your Mohawk by getting a very short and very neat undercut. Take the time to grow out the Mohawk and brush it back to give you that slick, classy look that goes with the modern Mohawk.

This style works great for men with naturally wavy or straight hair.

6. Military High Fade Haircut for Men with Thin Hair

Military high fade

If you want a sophistically neat and serious style, go for this look instead. Get your barber to shave the sides of your head and cut the center short, like in the traditional military cut.

Style your bangs a little bit upwards to give you a sharp, clean appearance; recommended for professionals with jobs entailing a very clean cut.

7. Messy and Wavy Short Hairstyle

Messy and wavy

When your hair looks voluminous and messy, it gives the illusion of thicker hair. This style entails the help of a hairdryer to give your hair that natural volume, and you may also want to use a little bit of styling gel at the ends to create an intentional messy look.

Even if messy, this hairstyle can go well with a clean, professional style.

8. High Up Top Hairstyle for Men with Short & Thin Hair

High up top haircut

Receding hairline? Not a problem. Pull attention away from your forehead by giving the top of your hair some height. With a comb and some styling gel, brush back your hair and pull a little bit more of it to the center. This hairstyle can also make your hair appear thicker than it actually is!

9. The Long Wave Hairstyle

The long wave

With a short undercut on the sides, grow out the center of your hair and create a wave-like brush-back to give your hair volume and height. This style will definitely draw eyes to your hair rather than your hairline, and can also conceal your thin spots.

10. Long Combover Haircut

Long combover haircut

Short sides and an extra-long center—formula for this stylish, neat Beckham look. Brush back the center of your hair and keep in place with styling gel to give you a clean, asymmetrical appearance. Works great for men with thin spots as well as naturally straight hair.

11. Side Combover Haircut for Men with Thinning Hair

Side combover haircut

Give your hair a thicker and fuller appearance by focusing the volume at the center and then combing it to the side. Get a barber to thin out the sides of your head, then you can get a neat, professional look by combing the center to one side.

Fix it up with some gel to help it stay in place and look slick all throughout the day.

12. Curly Top

Curly top

Take advantage of a carefully-cut low fade to accentuate your curly hair up top. Not only does this hairstyle make your hair appear thicker and fuller, it also provides coverage for thin spots and highlights your natural curls.

Goes great with a bit of facial hair as seen above (more examples) for the neat but boy-next-door look.

13. Long Slickback

Long slickback

If you have very thin hair on the top of your head, consider growing out your locks to cover up the thinness. This look, accompanied with a slight undercut, can give your hair a look of richness and thickness.

Grow your hair up to the nape to achieve a classier look, and slick back with some styling gel to keep it in place.

14. Clean Cut with Beard

Clean cut with beard

A very short hairstyle can hide thinness and a receding hairline. If you want this look, get your barber to give you a clean-cut hairstyle that takes the most off the sides of your head.

Growing out your facial hair can further take attention away from your hair, plus give you a strong, intelligent vibe.

15. Long Fringe Hairstyle for Guys with Thin Hair

Long fringe

Aside from a very short hairstyle, a long fringe can also conceal thinness and a high hairline. If you have thin, straight hair, you can try growing it out into a long fringe that not only gives your hair some thickness, but can also make you look younger.

16. Short Hair With High Fade

Short hair with high fade

If your hair is getting very thin or is naturally as such, get this short haircut to rock your thin hair and give the illusion of fullness at the center.

To achieve this, get your barber to do a high fade for the sides of your head, and then cut the center part very short. This style is generally recommended for men with long and/or oval faces.

17. Preppy Side Part Haircut

Preppy side part

Achieve a neat, preppy, and classy look with this hairstyle by getting your sides cut short, sideburns trimmed clean, and styling the center of your hair into a neat side sweep.

Use gel to create height and volume that conceals the natural thinness. Generally, this style is recommended for men with square jaws and high hairlines.

18. Short Mohawk Haircut for Fine Thin Hair

Short Mohawk Haircut for Fine Thin Hair

Don’t think the modern Mohawk is right for you? You can try this style instead. A short Mohawk on top with a very short undercut down the sides of your head will give you volume and thickness. Use gel to brush the center back to achieve that rockstar look.

Hint: top hack for receding hairline starting at the temples.

19. Buzz Cut

Buzz cut

Your thin hair can appear thick and dense with a traditional buzz cut. Moreover, it’s easier to maintain than other hairstyles.

Buzz cuts usually work better with a bit of manscaping, so try to grow out your facial hair to a style that will complement your hair.

20. Spikes for Thinning Hair

Spikes for thinning hair

If you want to distract people from the thinness of your hair or your receding hairline, create height on the top by using styling gel. Not only will this look give your hair a thicker appearance, it will also give you the casual style you’re looking for.

21. Short Crop Haircut for Men

Short crop haircut for men

If your hair is thin and fine, cut it very short, as seen in this very simple hairstyle. This look can go great with everyday fashion and make you look clean and simple. A light amount of facial hair is also recommended to complement this style.

22. Semi-Bald with Sharp Edges

Semi bald with sharp edges

Cousin of the buzz cut, a semi-bald hairstyle can also hide the thinness of your hair by making it super short. Carefully-cut edges add neatness and character to this look, as well as intricately shaved sideburns to complete its cool style.

23. Light & Wispy

Light wispy Haircut for Men

Ask your barber to cut your hair short on the sides with a little bit of bangs. Part your hair on one side and push back the center to the other side to get this clean and boy-next-door look. If you have naturally soft and straight hair, this hairstyle will be very easy for you.

24. Layered Classy Haircut for Men with Thin Hair

Layered classy haircut for men

A layered hairstyle will usually go great with thin and fine hair. Ask your barber for short layers to make your hair look thicker.

For men with naturally wavy hair, this style usually works great for them because the layered waves will provide a slightly messy appearance that can mask thinness.

25. Messy Side Sweep Hairstyle

Messy side-sweep

Create this handsome look with a little bit of gel and a comb. To achieve this appearance, put some gel into your hair and comb back the sides.

Similarly, comb your hair to one side, adding a little bit of height to create a purposely messy hairstyle that can make your hair look thicker.

26. Forward Sweep Haircut for Men with Thin Hair on Top

Forward sweep

This hairstyle is another option for men with thin hair on the top of their heads to make their hair seem denser.

To get this style, get the sides of your hair cut short, and grow out the center until you can sweep it forward into long bangs. Works great for any face shape!

27. Volume Up

Volume up

If you want to give you hair more volume, use a roller brush and a hairdryer to achieve this look. This particular hairstyle will give your hair a thicker appearance while giving you a cool, intentionally disheveled look. Recommended for casual, everyday wear.

28. Vintage Combover Haircut

Vintage combover haircut

Another hairstyle to hide the thinnest parts of your hair while making it look dense. Slick back your hair flat against your skull, combing everything to the back of your head. Not only do you look formal and respectable, your hair also seems thicker than it actually is!

However, this hairstyle won’t go with everything, so make sure your clothes are complementary to this look.

29. Square Cut

Square cut

The square cut works superb with thin hair and also accentuates oval faces. To style your hair as such, simply dab a little gel onto your hair and brush upwards and away from your face. This hairstyle makes you look clean and classy, as well as takes advantage of your thin hair and high hairline to create character.

30. Classy Vintage Hairstyle for Men

Classy vintage haircut

Have your barber cut your hair short at the sides and leave more length along your hairline. This hairstyle is advisable for men with high hairlines to take attention away from the forehead, and works great for a casual fashion sense.

31. Slick & Tousled Hair

Slick tousled hair

Give off a model-esque vibe with this classic hairstyle. To get this look, simply use a little bit of gel and brush back your hair with your fingers. Make sure to add height and tousle your hair a little bit for the intentionally messy look that can make thin hair look very thick.

32. Soft Wavy Haircut for Men with Thin Hair

Soft wave haircut for men with thin hair

This hairstyle can make you look very professional and sophisticated. Get this look by sweeping your hair to the back of your head while blowdrying, then fix it into place with some gel or hairspray. This particular style is complementary to formal and preppy fashion, and can very well work even with thin hair.

33. Short Spikes for Men

Short spikes for men

Creating contrast between the sides of your head and the center of your hair can give the illusion of thicker and denser hair on the top, as seen in this picture. To do this, get a low fade on the sides and back of your head. Style the center of your hair into short, upward spikes with a little bit of gel.

34. Men’s Messy Waves

Mens messy waves

One trick for disguising limp, thin hair is to give it some volume with high spikes. If you have this hair type, consider spiking up your locks with some gel to create an elegantly disheveled look that goes great with a casual fashion sense.

35. Close Cut

Close cut for thin hair

Not exactly a buzz cut, but this style provides the clean and sharp aura that a traditional buzz cut provides. Have your barber give you a close shave on the sides of your head, and cut the center very, very short.

This hairstyle requires low-maintenance and is very versatile in such a way that it goes great with almost all fashion styles.

36. Shaved


If your patience is running thin, just like your hair, take the plunge and go completely bald. Many men have proved that going bald can look sexy and sophisticated—with the right style.

However, keep in mind that the success of this style is dependent on your head shape. Nevertheless, the key is to go bald with confidence and remember to take care of your exposed scalp.

37. Short and Messy Spikes

Short and messy spikes

This hairstyle is another variant of the spiked up look. However, in this particular style, you can also spike up the sides of your head to make the body of your hair look larger. This style works great for thin hair because it can make your hair look denser thanks to the added height.

38. Ultra Thin Haircut for Guys

Ultra thin haircut for guys

If you have super thin hair like the model above, might as well deal with the problem by making your hair stylish, right? This hairstyle is very easy to achieve: cut the sides of your hair very short, then just use a little gel and brush back the center of your hair for a slightly messy look.

39. The Sexy Push Back

The sexy push back

Give your hair faux thickness by growing out the center and brushing it back just a little bit to achieve a wavy quaff. This hairstyle in particular is a great way to mask thinness as well as focus attention on the center of your hair, not the thin spots.

Like the model above, you can also achieve added sexiness with a little bit of facial hair.

40. The Center Mop

The center mop

If you have very thin hair or bald spots on your head, this hairstyle is recommended for you. Achieve the center mop by getting a barber to shave your head, leaving a handful of long locks in the center. Style your remaining hair with a gelled brushback for a neat, effortless look.

41. Curly Undercut for Men

Curly unddercut for men

For men with thin, curly locks, this hairstyle can help you highlight your natural asset and conceal any thin spots that you may have. Ask your barber to give you a high undercut and then allow your curly hair to take center stage.

The Best Long Hairstyles and Haircuts for Men with Fine Thin Hair

42. Long & Luscious Hairstyle

Long luscious hairstyle

If you think you can pull it off, grow out your hair and maintain volume either by styling or blowdrying. Even if your hair is thin, your long locks can conceal the thinnest spots while giving your hair a thick, fuller look.

43. Slicked Back Fringe for Long Thin Hair

Slicked back fringe for long thin hair

Long fringes can be great for covering up the thinnest parts of your scalp. Achieve this sophisticated look by slicking back your long fringe with styling gel to keep it shaped and in place. This hairstyle can go great with all face shapes and is easy to do for your everyday look.

44. Choppy Mid-length Haircut for Men with Thin Hair

Choppy mid length haircut for men with thin hair

Growing out your hair into long locks like this can make your hair seem not thin at all! Moreover, this hairstyle is versatile as can be and will also give you a lot of volume. Have your barber layer your hair into this choppy style to achieve a messy, effortless look.

45. Superman Fringe

Superman fringe

For this stylish look, achieve height by fixing your hair with a bit of gel. Have your barber leave out the front-most part of your hair and grow it out for a “superman fringe”. Use a little bit of gel to achieve the stylish curl of your fringe. This hairstyle will give the illusion of thicker hair, especially on the top of your head.

46. Long & Layered Haircut for Men

Long layered haircut for men

Shoulder-length cuts can also work for men with thin hair. Furthermore, this style can go along with any face shape. Grow out your down to your shoulders and have a barber layer the ends. You can also use a bit of styling gel to get that slick, combed look that can make you look neat and sophisticated.

47. Hippie

Hippie haircut

Get the original 70s look by growing your hair down to your shoulders and getting a little bit of layering at the ends. This hairstyle can work great with both formal and casual styles, but a little bit higher maintenance than shorter cuts.

Nevertheless, you can achieve a sophisticated look with this hairstyle, especially with formal wear.

48. Thin Hair and The Man Bun

Thin hair and the man bun

Yes, man buns are still in style! If you think you can rock the look, get a medium-length undercut for the sides and back of your head, then grow out the center long enough to put tie in a stylish man bun.

The great thing about this hairstyle is it can go with both casual and formal wear, so you can don this style whenever you like!

49. The Boy Band

The boy band

Relive the glory of the 90s with this look! Growing out your thin hair can make it appear fuller and provide you multiple possibilities for styling. For this look, get your barber to crop your locks just by the ear and part your fringe to the side.

50. Shaggy Haircut for Men with Thin Hair

Shaggy haircut for men with thinning hair

Even if you have limp hair, a shaggy hairstyle can give you the volume and height you want. To achieve this hairstyle, you will have to tousle your locks while blowdrying. A little bit of mousse can also help!


  1. I’ve been trying to find photos of men’s hairstyles for guys with thinning hair. I saw one on here. I’m 60 years young and I’ve been cutting mine in a long undercut slicker back. My sister says it doesn’t suit me for my age.

  2. Styling the hair made easier with different options. Great compilation!

  3. I am going trying the short mohawk, I might have to cut in past the crown. But, I’ll just have to sack up and do it.

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