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Anushka Sharma Plastic Surgery Disaster

Anushka Sharma Plastic surgery: Is it actually plastic surgery or just ‘make up’? This is the million dollar question in the minds of many whether in Middle East or the west.

Anushka Sharma is an Indian actress and producer who appears in Bollywood films. She is also popular for allegedly dating the famous cricketer Virat Kohli. With her recent film PK Smashing all kind of box office records back in India and her alleged relationship with Virat you would expect that either of the two would be on top of suggestions on search engines but on the contrary it’s her lips that are taking all the spotlight, and not for being too sexy for the tabloids but for their unusual appearance. Reason? They don’t appear normal thus lip job is thrown in the fray of possible explanations.

Anushka Sharma’s lip job went wrong!

Anushka Sharma plastic surgery before and after
Anushka Sharma plastic surgery before and after

In one episode of Koffee With Karan the popular Nollywood actress’ lips were looking quite unusual and one would be forgiven for thinking she messed with a bee (pun intended). The lips (particularly the upper one) looked inflated in away and as per the reactions not in a good way.

This could possibly the work of lip enhancements such as collagen injections and other lip plumping injections, which normally should only last three to four months. The reasoning with which the above are being used as possible explanations is as a result of her unusually long tweet in which she claimed that she did not have any kind of plastic surgery or intrusive procedure on her lips.

Anushka SharmaIf you the curious type and surf the web for the episode of Koffee With Karan you will see that also her total appearance was not exactly great so perhaps we should dig deeper past her lip. Just a perhaps. But with the numerous rumors going round in the social media and gossip sites, it’s hard to assume that she never had this job done.

Her response:

She claimed that it was as a result of a temporary lip enhancing tool in collaboration with the make-up techniques she has learnt over the years.

According to the actress, this was all done for the sake of her career or rather her one role in her upcoming film Bombay Velvet a drama where she plays a Jazz singer is in the 60s-70s which makes you wonder whether people in the 60s and 70s had big lips (Perhaps it’s that time you jump on the family album and locate one of your grandfather’s photo just to be sure).

On the KWK appearance she said that she knows she did not look particularly great, and I for one wouldn’t disagree at all!, sighting the universal and now one can say clich√© ‘bad day’ claim.


Anushka Sharma in PK
Anushka Sharma in PK

Her explanation does not fully answer the questions raised and going with the trend in the entertainment scene where truth is not so highly valued I wouldn’t bet against plastic surgery just yet, at least not until the 4 months are over and we see the lip go to back to itself; normal. In the meantime, let’s stay on the clock and see what will happen after the grace period for lip enhancements is over.

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