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Demi Lovato Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Demi Lovato first came into the lime light as a cute Disney princess staring in cute movies such as The Princess Protection Program, Camp Rock among many others. She recently transformed from a Disney princess to a punk princess by shaving a side of her head and been spotted rocking black leather outfits.

Demi Lovato, the Heart Attack singer has been rumored to have had several procedures to alter her appearance to go alongside her major changes. Demi really doesn’t care and denies having cosmetic surgery, although her before and after pics depict otherwise!

Did Demi Lovato have Plastic Surgery, or was it natural hormonal growth that caused the said changes?

Apart from the obvious body growth changes, there seem to be a great shift in the appearance of Demi’s face warranting suspicions that she did have some kinds of plastic surgery. Here are the ones on the top list of our suspicions!

Nose job

Demi Lovato nose job before and after
Demi Lovato nose job before and after

Growth or no growth, there seem to be a clear difference in the way Demi’s nose looked like and how it looks like now. Previously, it was more of a round globe as opposed to the perfect symmetrical nose she spots now. In her Neon Lights music video, her face is the main focus and especially from a side view, there is no denying that her nose looks totally different.

The singer denies having any kind of rhinoplasty saying her nose has always been like that, but we all know Hollywood stars for their truthfulness, yea right!?

Breast Augmentation

There are a lot of mixed feelings as to whether the Skyscraper singer has some boob job. Yeah we admit that when she first came into the limelight she was still a young girl whose breasts were probably still in the developmental stage, but there seems to be some slight difference in size.

Demi Lovato plastic surgery before and after
Demi Lovato plastic surgery before and after

Looking at photos from not too far back basking in the sun with a bikini, she seems to have added some slight cup size, barely unnoticeable. However, she is mostly in black dresses and outfits so it’s a bit hard to confirm the rumors with total certainty!

Chin implants

Sources close to Demi Lovato, say that she has been playing with the idea of getting some chin implants to alter her face shape. Following in the footsteps of Ashlee Simpsons who had has to make her face less rounder to a more sophisticated silhouette, Demi too wants to make her face more ‘American’.

Demi Lovatos

We cannot yet confirm whether she has gone ahead with the plan but we hope it will not be another case of plastic surgery gone badly!

Whether or not Demi Lovato had some Plastic Surgery, she really did have some nice work done because you can barely notice the changes and still looks natural. Losing her father may have been a traumatic experience couples with the Hollywood peer pressure and zeal to fit in may have just drove the 21 year old pop star to surgical improvements.

Bottom-line is she still looks good and if the plastic surgery helped with her esteem, then good riddance to you Demi!

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