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Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong – 25 Worst Celebrity Surgery Before After Photos

You asked us, so here is our article about 25 celebrity plastic surgery disasters gone wrong with before after photos. Most of the celebrities were absolutely perfect in every way. But, the failed plastic surgeries shattered their stunning appearances, even making them unrecognizable in some cases.

Vanity can be a dangerous thing, especially for the people who live their lives in the spotlight. In the midst of society’s obsession with beauty and perfection, celebrities are in the relentless pressure to look picture-perfect. However, the quest to look like the Photoshopped versions of themselves sometimes doesn’t turn out exactly as planned, sometimes it turns our far worse that imagined

Keep in mind however, that plastic surgery isn’t always a bad thing. Although most of us may cringe when the words ‘celebrity’ and ‘plastic surgery’ are put together in the same sentence, it can be a good thing. Plastic surgery can work wonders for accident victims, burn victims, people with birth defects, and war veterans. Although, sometimes, people tend to abuse the power of this amazing medical procedure for reasons more than just to look good. For some, it has become an addiction.

Any addiction tends to have negative effects (unless you’re addicted to helping other people), and plastic surgery is one of the many do-more-harm-than-good addictions. Sure, some celebrities get away with a little nip-tuck here and there—but for others, the results can be disastrous.

Take a look at this list of 25 plastic surgeries that have gone terribly wrong, and the before and after pictures to prove them!

1. Donatella Versace –  Worst Plastic Surgery Results

Donatella Versace after surgery

Familiar name, right? Fashion icon Donatella Versace is the vice president of leading Italian fashion brand: Versace. However, despite her influential position and iconic creations that has been with the fashion world for decades, Versace’s botched plastic surgery procedures have made her rather infamous.

Facelifts, lip augmentations, Botox, tummy tucks, lipo, breast augmentations—these procedures worked like a domino effect for Versace, transforming her into an unrecognizable mosaic of strange features instead of the perfect woman she’d wanted to be.

2. Big Ang

Big Ang plastic surgery before after

TV Star Angela Raiola recently passed away this year due to multiple cancers. In her prime years as a celebrity, she was one of those “celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong” cases.

The Mob Wives star underwent multiple procedures in her lifetime, such as Botox injections, lip augmentations, breast augmentations and excessively large breast implants, leaving her with a face and body completely different from her pre-surgery pictures. Needless to say, her addiction to plastic surgery didn’t lead to pretty results.

3. Jocelyn Wildenstein

Jocelyn Wildenstein Plastic Surgery Photos

Jocelyn is a New York City billionaire socialite that has gained infamy through her divorce with Alec Wildenstein in 1999, where she gained 2.5 billion dollars in settlement, as well as her botched plastic surgeries.

Rumor has it that these surgeries were made to get her husband back, but proved to be unsuccessful. Wildenstein had procedures done on her whole face to achieve a “feline” look. However, the freakish outcome leads us to believe that she is better off without any surgery at all. Couldn’t she be happy with just the 2.5 billion dollars?

4. Jackie Stallone – Badly Failed Plastic Surgery

Jackie Stallone plastic surgery

Another rich person perpetually unsatisfied with their looks in this list is Jackie Stallone, 94-year-old mother of Rambo star Sylvester Stallone, and also an astrologer and former dancer.

Her addiction to plastic surgery that has started around the early 80’s has made her face saggy and unnaturally lumpy, with her eyes, lips, and brows also misshapen. Her pictures after plastic surgery show that you can’t run away from aging forever!

5. Amanda Lepore

Amanda Lepore plastic surgery photo

Lepore is one of the most influential transgenders in America. She is known for modeling, singing, and performance arts—quite a notable public figure because of her fearlessness in these projects.

Her list of surgeries include rhinoplasty, silicone injections, eyelifts, and breast implants, among many others—all intended to make her akin to female icon Marilyn Monroe and sexy cartoon character Jessica Rabbit. Although, it’s obvious that things got quite out of hand.

6. Pete Burns

Pete Burns plastic surgery

Pete Burns rose to fame playing the lead vocalist in 80’s band Dead Alive and later on maintained fame with his participation in Celebrity Big Brother UK and a solo music career.

The musician’s addiction to plastic surgery, involving lip injections, rhinoplasty, cheek implants, and reconstructive surgery to repair a botched plastic surgery procedure, has spiraled down an unrecognizable, deformed wax-like face. Another handsome face ruined by bad plastic surgery.

7. Michaela Romanini

Michaela Romanini plastic surgery

In her prime, this Italian socialite was one of the most beautiful women in the scene. Her experimentation on plastic surgery spiraled down to a downright addiction.

After numerous procedures, mostly being Botox and lip collagen injections, Romanini became a face incomparable to the one she possessed in her youth. Her story goes to show just how celebrity’s addiction to plastic surgery can yield shocking plastic surgery disasters.

8. Tara Reid

Tara Reid plastic surgery

You may recognize this actress from several comedy films such as American Pie, Sharknado, and National Lampoon’s Van Wilder, as well as TV shows Scrubs, Days of Our Lives, and Saved by the Bell. This used-to-be blonde bombshell went under the knife for liposuction and breast implant procedure, which all ended in disaster—breast scars and a misshapen tummy. Still, her face still looks great for a 40-year-old.

9. Prisicilla Presley

Priscilla Presley plastic surgery before and after

Priscilla Presley is an American actress and the widow of late music icon Elvis Presley. Due to her aspiration of maintaining her youthful look, Presley turned her beautiful, natural face into a plastic surgery nightmare—misshapen lips, lumpy and bloated face, uneven eyes and distorted eyebrows. This was caused by numerous lip injections, Botox, face lifts, cheek implants, brow lift, and chemical peels.

If you look at her pictures from the past, we think she may have aged gracefully and beautifully, if she had not done surgery. What a waste.

10. Bruce Jenner

Bruce Jenner plastic surgery before after

Although notable for her courage to come out as a woman, this Olympic medalist did not make good choices when it came to altering her appearance before she came out as Caitlyn.

Years of plastic surgery caused Jenner’s appearance to deteriorate more and more, ending with an unnaturally stiff face, too-thin lips, heavily altered nose, and sunken eyes that were made worse with too-thin eyebrows, ultimately transforming the handsome Bruce Jenner into an unrecognizable old man.

11. Carrot Top

Carrot Top plastic surgery

Carrot Top a.k.a. Scott Thompson is a comedy icon known for his signature mess of bright orange, curly afro. Although Carrot Top doesn’t admit to having plastic surgery on either face or body, his heavily altered facial appearance says otherwise.

His buff body can be the result of working out, but the comedian’s face is a cause for rumors. Botox? Facelifts? Nose and lip augmentations? Who knows? But no one ages like that: Carrot Top is definitely not surgery-free.

12. Axl Rose

Axl Rose plastic surgery

Axl Rose, frontman of the band Guns N’ Roses, is a definite icon in the world of rock and roll, and like most rockstars, Rose is the subject of many controversies. One of the most prominent issues is about his worst plastic surgery.

Although, it just seems like the rockstar has just aged and gained weight—the most that he could’ve done is some Botox injections, but other than that, Axl Rose doesn’t look that far from his younger self.

13. Daryl Hannah

Daryl Hannah plastic surgery

When we talk about Daryl Hannah, the first thing that comes to people’s minds is “botched plastic surgery”. This American actress went from “blonde beauty” to a “victim of a bad plastic surgeon.”

She used to look amazing in her movies Splash, Blade Runner, and Kill Bill with her feisty, tight-lipped look. Yet, a few sessions of possible lip augmentation and cheek implants led her to age quite ungracefully.

14. Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag plastic surgery

This young American actress admits to having plastic surgery and also admits to regretting having done them. Although it doesn’t quite show on her face, fortunately, Montag has had several procedures done; such as a chin reduction, brow lift, ear augmentation, lipo, and an excessive breast augmentation that gave her size F breasts.

Consequently, Montag had them removed because of “back pain and discomfort” and has luckily put a stop to her nip-tuck addiction.

15. Janice Dickinson

Janice Dickinson Plastic Surgery

Janice Dickinson used to be on the covers of Vogue magazine. She was America’s self-proclaimed “first supermodel” in her youth, but numerous breast augmentations, tummy tucks, facelifts, liposuctions, and Botox injections made her turn into a woman who lost the battle with aging; and with battle scars to prove it!

16. Jennifer Grey

Jennifer Grey plastic surgery

The 80’s star who played iconic roles in crowd favorites such as Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Dirty Dancing took away her defining feature with an unnecessary rhinoplasty procedure.

The actress’ nose was one of her outstanding features as Jennifer Grey, and she blames the end of her movie career with this nip-tuck mistake. Nevertheless, she proved victorious in Dancing with the Stars in 2010.

17. Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers plastic surgery obsession

Joan Rivers was known for her acting, comedy, and hosting careers. She died in 2014 due to cardiac arrest, but before she passed, Rivers also belonged to the list of celebrities with bad plastic surgery.

Her partaking in facelifts, neck lifts, eyelid augmentation, nose jobs, breast augmentations, and many more procedures ended up with her looking downright unnatural, but she was too obsessed with staying young and beautiful.

18. Katie price

Katie Price before and after plastic surgery

Twenty years of boob jobs may sound like a bad idea but to Katie Price, English TV personality and glamour model, it was part of life. In addition to that, Price also went under the knife for a rhinoplasty, lip injections, and constant Botox injections.

Now at 38 years old, Katie Price has an unnaturally stiff and smooth face, too-plump lips, and breasts the size of watermelons.

19. Lil Kim

Lil Kim plastic surgery

Lil Kim, or Kimberly Denise Jones, rose to fame with her talent for rap, and she has made numerous hit songs along the way. Now 41 years old, Lil Kim is completely unrecognizable from her debut look.

The most prominent change in her appearance is the excessive whitening of her whole body, completely different from her natural dark skin that she used to have. Along with that also came cheek implants, eye surgery, nose job, and breast implants. The transformation, she said, is mostly due to depression and low self-esteem.

20. Lisa Rinna

Lisa Rinna plastic surgery before and after

Lisa Rinna is known for her role in Billie Reed and Days of Our Lives. She is an admitted fan of plastic surgery and has undergone excessive work on her lips. In fact, it was so bad that she had to undergo an additional surgery to fix her ruined lips.

Although she looks very different from her past self, Rinna doesn’t look that bad, does she?

21. Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke plastic surgery

Handsome Mickey Rourke is an American actor and retired boxer. Unfortunately, he took away his dashing good looks and exchanged it for a face of “plastic surgery nightmare” with a series of excessive procedures that altered his look completely.

Rumor has it that he’s done a facelift, upper eyelid lift, lip jobs, and hair transplants, among others. But wait! In 2014,  an article shows Rourke looking normal again after reconstructive surgery to correct his past surgeries.

22. Barry Manilow

Barry Manilow plastic surgery

Barry Manilow used to be a household name in the 80s. He is a talented musician, singer, and songwriter responsible for many hits such as Mandy, Can’t Smile Without You, and Copacabana. Although not excessively altered, Manilow’s face just screams ‘Botox’ with the absence of wrinkles despite being in his 70s. Maybe a few facelifts, too? Not too bad.

23. Wayne Newton

Wayne Newton plastic surgery

This renowned singer-entertainer rose to fame as The Midnight Idol, Mr. Las Vegas, and Mr. Entertainment. He may have gone just a little bit overboard with the procedures (eyelid surgery, facelift, Botox) to make himself look younger.

Instead, he is given an unnatural-looking face that is too smooth for a 70-year old, plus uneven eyes that makes him look far from his younger self. Wrong call.

24. Nikki Cox

Nikki Cox plastic surgery

If you’ve seen old-school TV shows such as Unhappily Ever After, Las Vegas, and Nikki. You’ll know that this American actress was once a total hottie with lots of potential. However, one wrong move to change her lips destroyed her career completely and took her out of the limelight in an instant.

Other than the lip job, Cox also underwent less destructive procedures such as breast augmentation and Botox injections. In the long run, Nikki Cox’ worst plastic surgery story is one of the most heartbreaking to date.

25. Pixee Fox

Pixee Fox plastic surgery

Swedish girl Pixee Fox rose to fame because of her dramatic transformation and excessive plastic surgeries. Fox claims to be inspired by female cartoon characters such as Jessica Rabbit, and is thoroughly obsessed with changing her body.

Since 2010, Fox has gone through several nose jobs, liposuction, breast augmentation, permanent-makeup, and waist augmentation. Hopefully, this young star doesn’t go too far and make irreparable damage.

Did you know?
  • Every month more than 100k+ people want to see the before after photos of worst celebrity plastic surgery. Most of them are Googler.
  • Around 1,706,106 people opted for plastic surgery, in 2015 alone (statistics via plasticsurgery.org). However, not all of them were performed for beauty related issues. The plastic surgery statistics includes some other common surgeries such as – dog bites repair, birth defects, tumor removal etc.
  • Costs of plastic surgery in Korea is almost half comparing to USA

In conclusion, nobody can be perfect, because perfection is an abstract thing. The concept of beauty and perfection is ever-changing, and for many celebrities who constantly go under the spotlight, it can be a little difficult to keep up with society’s standards.

Plastic surgery is one of the ways that celebrities use to keep up with these ideals. However, altering one’s face and body is no laughing matter. Apparent from this article, plastic surgery can go wrong in so many different ways and in most cases, the damage done can be irreversible.

Let these celebrities’ cautionary tales be a warning to other people out there who are seeking perfection. No one can be perfect, and as cliché as it sounds, beauty is and will always be in the eye of the beholder.

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