Adrienne Bailon Plastic Surgery – The Unresolved Mystery

Adrienne Eliza Bailon, does that name ring a bell? Yeah, rumor has it that Adrienne Bailon plastic surgery is indeed true. Adrienne – you probably know this – is an American television personality, a recording artist, a singer, an actor, a songwriter, and a dancer. She first rose to fame and became a celebrity after as the founder and lead singer of the Cheetah Girls and the 3WL.

Many speculations have been raised in the past concerning Bailon’s likely plastic surgery procedures; however, a recent red carpet show has sparked up the gossips afresh. She arrived at the 10th anniversary of the 40/40 club party wearing a light-colored topknot and a wide-eyed look that left many questioning her new look. Most people are thinking she might have added Botox and maybe other facial procedures to her previously suspected breast enlargement and nose job.

Adrienne Bailon

Very little is known about Adrienne Bailon Botox injections, but the former cheetah girl’s appearance at the party left many open mouthed and gazed at her. Her hair was pulled back neatly, she had heavy smoky makeup on her eyes and substantially long false eyelashes. Some people suspected that the comprehensive eyed mug she posed for the camera was due to a few Botox injections and fillers, which are thought to have commendably wiped out her fine lines off her eyes outer corners, while enhancing the amazing expression she gave.

Bailon’s skin texture seemed extra tight, which was guessed by others to be because of the pulled back hair or may a skin-deep procedure. Her cheekbones gave the impression of being more highlighted and even much fuller giving prominence to the firm look. Even though it is hard to be sure about these speculations, they are definitely noticeable differences between pictures during the 40/40 club party and photos of Adrienne Bailon taken just a few months earlier.

The celebrity is also rumored to have done some boob job. The speculations surrounding Adrienne Bailon breast Implants and nose job (rhinoplasty) are, however, yet to be confirmed by the star herself.

Adrienne Bailon breast implants
Plastic surgery?

Previous rumors surrounding the stunning singer had it that she had had a nose job (the famous rhinoplasty), and breast enlargement a few years ago. To many people’s bewilderment, even plastic surgeon Dr. Sherrell Aston said that Bailon’s breasts looked too seamlessly shaped to be real.

However, the songbird Adrienne Bailon has never responded to any of this speculations and bearing in mind that her bursting bosom has been the backbone of her looks for quite a good number of years now and as we all know cosmetic surgical procedure has never been wholly determined.

Definitely if Adrienne Bailon has undergone the nose job and breast argumentation in her previous years, she would certainly not be alone in this because these are the two most popular cosmetic procedures performed by our doctors in the contemporary world. The enlargement of breasts normally involves putting breast implants in the breasts to add on to the volume so that they became bigger and to augment their shape and outcrop.

Adrienne Bailon on her 30th birthday party
Adrienne Bailon on her 30th birthday party

The nose job or rhinoplasty is done for a variety of reasons ranging from adjusting a diverged septum to fine-tuning the nose length, width, or even the shape of the peripheral of the nose. The performance of both rhinoplasty and boob enlargement procedures require the knowhow and fine skills of a qualified cosmetic doctor so as to realize the most very best potential results.

Anti-Aging Options

Current rumors about Bailon’s anti-aging injections include the Botox shots and cheek fillers. Botox is usually injected into the muscles in the face that is responsible for wrinkles formation in the face. The result of the Botox injection is the relaxation of the muscle and smoothening of the skin surface. The sole work of the dermal fillers is to fill in the fine lines and all the wrinkles from the topsy-turvy, giving an even smoother, younger skin tone that lasts much longer than the Botox treatment in a few cases.

Adrienne Bailon plastic surgery
Nose job?

Adrienne Bailon may have not talked about her plastic surgery experience up to this point; however, many others are delighting in the melodramatic results these cosmetic procedures and many others that offer a way to improve their own natural beauty. When asked about a take on plastic surgery at an interview, Bailon said that one should learn to love their body the way they are. She confessed that she had a breast implant at 19 years old and she regrets it because she started feeling like a porn star with her enlarged boobs.

Even though Adrienne Bailon herself has not publicly or whatsoever admit to having undergone plastic surgery, chin implants, cheek implants, Botox injection, or even eyelid surgery, the difference in her looks in a way says it. She is more beautiful.

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  1. I hate when celebrities try to present themselves as something they’re not. She claims she got her breast implants removed because they were too large and tries to give the impression that she didn’t get a revision or that she no longer has implants when that’s absolutely not true. Look at her pre-implants and now. She was very small and a lift would not give her the volume and shape she has now, no matter how good the surgeon. She definitely has implants, just smaller than she had before.

  2. I would’ve never guessed Adrienne Bailon would be the type to get a nose job, but you can’t really argue with the photos!

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