Are the Preity Zinta Plastic Surgery Rumors True?

Pretty Zinta is a renowned Bollywood actress featuring in major films such as Ishkq in Paris, Kaal Ho Naa Ho etc. that makes you wonder why she would opt for plastic surgery.

At just 38 years old, Preity doesn’t have wrinkles nor saggy skin that may warrant a tuck here and there, but I guess the heart wants what it wants, right? Just like most Hollywood stars, she really had to go under the knife and alter her appearance a little, despite being born almost perfect.

Which types of surgeries did Preity Zinta have?

Although she has on numerous occasions denied that she was born that way and had no cosmetic alterations done, her recent photos prove otherwise. Seems she joined her fellow Hollywood actresses on the plastic surgery bandwagon.

Preity Zinta plastic surgery before and after
Preity Zinta plastic surgery before and after

Blepharosty (eye-lid surgery)

Coming from her naturally large brown eyes one would not think of a good reason for Preity to surgically enhance her eyes. She now has wider eyes as if her eye lids have been lifted a bit making her look less Asian. The greatest concern was whether the eye lift would affect her expression as she performed those Indian songs and dances in the movies, but seeing her in more recent movies after the surgery speculations, her performance was dazzling as ever.

Botox injections

Botox is generally administered to lessen the appearance of wrinkles, none of which Preity had! Maybe she had the injections to deter them from forming, none the less she had an amazing job done and one barely notices unless you really keen. preity zinta plastic surgery botox injections are clearly shown by her before and after photos.

Preity Zinta then (2003) and now (2014)
Preity Zinta then (2003) and now (2014)

Breast implants

Welcome to the 21st century where getting a boob job has been more common than having your teeth whitened. Hollywood has seen the greater percentage of its celebrities get implants and now it seems that major Bollywood stars are also not being left behind. Preity was spotted recently enjoying the sandy beaches in a sexy bikini and her jugs definitely looked bigger. She did not go overboard like the likes of Pamela Anderson and Heidi Montag, rather a more natural looking size.

Cheek fillers

Looking at some of Preity Zinta’s before and after photos, it is definite that she had some cheek fillers put in. it is rumored that she had the facelift to alter her face shape, from a round to a more oval looking face.

Preity Zinta plastic surgery photo
Preity Zinta plastic surgery photo

Many reasoned that she had the face lift to give herself a more western looking face so as to land more signings. However, others insist that the changes were mainly due to normal hormonal growth and the fact that she was dieting which resulted in a more stretched face.

The entertainment industry is pretty cut-throat competitive, demanding for the youngest and finest which may have led Zinta to opt for some little plastic surgery. This sexy actress has managed to make a name for herself who is clearly destined for even greater milestones. We can’t blame her for wanting to act and look the best so as to stay ahead of the competition.

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