How Much Do Eyebrow Implants Cost: Before and after Photos

Eyebrow transplant is certainly not for everyone. It is probably for the women whose eyebrows are left with thinned hair forever and they have nothing except regretting their wispy brows and then trying to find a drastic solution to recover their lost eyebrows. They also get their inspiration from eyebrow implants before and after photos found on the internet. But there are people who go through eyebrow hair implants for some serious medical reasons.

Last year, British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons reported an enormous surge in the number of people dying to get their eyebrow implants done before Christmas.

Eyebrow Implants cost

Although eyebrow implants were basically introduced to help people who had lose their eyebrows due to some genetic or medical conditions but gradually this kind of implant gained popularity among women who had been over plucking their eyebrows for years and now their hair have refused to regrow.

The eyebrow implants cost is about $6000 – $8000 and it takes only a few hours to complete the surgery. But you’ll obviously get results after a few months like it takes minimum 8 months before the transplanted hair actually grow and it takes another few weeks for the hair to look like normal eyebrows.

On average 400 grafts are implanted into one male eyebrow and it is achieved in a single session most of the time. Eyebrow implantation is a more delicate procedure as compared with hair transplant because of the visibility of eyebrow on our faces and their closeness to eyes that are the gentlest part of our face. The delicacy of the procedure actually justifies eyebrow implants cost. A single female eyebrow usually needs 200-300 grafts implanted.

The procedure usually covers making a whole new set of eyebrows, extend the length or width of an existing eyebrow, or build up the thickness of it. The majority of patients only need a touch up, not the actual surgery so it takes only one session to restore their eyebrows. Usually surgeons take hair from the back of the patient’s scalp and the implanted hair grow long so they need regular trimming. The purpose of eyebrow implantation is not to form a flawless set of eyebrows but to enhance their look, and attempt to fix their flaws.

Below are a few pictures from real people who have got eyebrow implants. We’ve collected their eyebrow implants before and after photos for you to have a better idea of the change made by the surgery.

Eyebrow Implants Before and After Photos:

Eyebrow implants before and after
Eyebrow implants before and after photos
Eyebrow implants before after

Most patients going for the eyebrow implant surgery worry about disfigurement especially when you visit the implantation center for your first appointment and you see some surgeons using razor sharp pencils to draw eyebrows. Some patients feel uncomfortable when the surgeons draw the recommended outline for the new eyebrows on their faces. When they look at their faces in the mirror, they find their brows rendered in ink that may look absurd to some of them.

The surgeons at the implantation clinic at Manchester’s city Centre said that some patients regret during the procedure and curse themselves why they decided to get the implant only for the sake of vanity. They further said that they have to console their patients at this stage saying that the implantation process sounds terrible but it is actually relatively simple and will be performed gently.

The slightest pain the patient goes through is when the local anesthetic injection is administered. The pain it brings is way less than what is induced by the injection that is administered by a dentist for the same purpose.

When we hear about eyebrow implants cost, it sounds like that the procedure involves fully removing one’s eyebrows and taking donor eyebrow hair and implanting them to a whole new face from scratch. But it actually involves taking hair from one’s nape of the neck and the aim is to take the sample of hair that is the closest to the natural color of eyebrows. Then these hair follicles are grafted into one’s eyebrows.

Most of these tiny grafts consist of single hairs and their roots are also attached to them. Some grafts are double hairs so in total there is an average of 600-700 hairs implanted to the eyebrows of a female. Before implantation, another dose of anesthetics is administered to the patient and then grafts are implanted into the already prepared holes in her eyebrows.

During the surgical procedure, two surgeons work side by side; one plucks the hair from the strip and the other implants it into the hole. When the whole procedure is finished, the patient’s comfort level is restored and he is discharged from the clinic.

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