How To Make Eyelashes Grow Back Faster – Some Instant Tips

A touch up in the eyelashes is necessary for the finish of every makeup. Eyes look gloomy and sleepy without mascara and even with a single coat, we notice an instant glow and a splash of freshness that sparks through our eyes. Learning how to make eyelashes grow back faster can save us from that tons of coats of mascara as it is an integral part of routine makeover of every girl.

Eyelashes are not immune to trends and longer eyelashes have always been a dream of women regardless of their age, race, and aesthetic sense. Here we’ve some instant tips on how to make eyelashes grow back faster.

Make Eyelashes Grow Back Faster

And before we come on topic, we’ve an interesting psychological fact explaining the reason why we all love long eyelashes so much. There is a good reason to it; when we refer to evolutionary biology, we find that long eyelashes are thought to be sign of innocence and youth.

Michael Cunningham, who is a PhD psychologist at the University of Louisville explains that the law of physical attractiveness actually works behind this love. Large and upturned lashes create an extraordinary impression of them and make you look younger. Youthful looks in turn suggest that you are healthier and more productive as compared with those who have smaller lashes.

1. Comb Your Lashes

Comb Your Lashes

Almost all of us have an eyelash comb in our makeup pouch so bring it out and regularly brush your lashes with it. Start from the upper lash and then come to lower one. Do this every time you coat them with mascara. Besides coating mascara, you can comb them to stimulate their growth process and to make them longer. This tip is so easy to do that you can do it even when sitting idle in front of a TV set.

2. Coat of Vaseline

Coat of Vaseline

Vaseline is used for ages to make eyelashes look longer but its use is a bit controversial. Greasiness is the major problem that may occur when you apply it on your lashes. Vaseline is a thick substance so it may clog pores on your eyelid. The best tip to apply Vaseline is to use a mascara wand. It is also advisable to coat the eyelashes with Vaseline at night because eyes are conditioned and moisturized in a resting state.

3. Apply Natural Oils

Apply Natural Oils

Besides the very famous castor oil, there are different kinds of natural oils that many people who are concerned about how to make eyelashes grow don’t use.

Jojoba oil, coconut oil, and olive oil can be used to grow eyelashes naturally. When you apply them on regular basis, you’ll make it work. These natural oils contain essential vitamins, augmenting agents, as well as being high in minerals makes them useful for this purpose. They will also help keep your eyelashes moisturized for the whole day.

4. Lash Accelerator

Lash Accelerator

Lash accelerators are actually a type of mascaras with active ingredients that help grow your lashes. You can purchase one from a renowned brand and apply regularly. Lash accelerators are a bit costly than mascaras, but the price is justified because of its benefits in the long run. It takes just a few seconds to apply it because it comes in mascara like packaging and you can dip and coat your lashes with the mascara wand.

5. Develop A Habit to Massage

Develop A Habit to Massage

Develop a habit to massage the skin around your eyelids on regular basis. If it is difficult for you to test and find different tips on how to make eyelashes grow, even then massage is a very good option. It has multiple benefits like relieving the eyes, wrinkles, reduces fatigue, and stimulates the growth process of your eyelashes.

6. Lip Balm

Lip Balm

When we apply lip balm on our eyelashes they look longer because it gives a curlier impression. Try to use a flavored balm as it will enhance the effect. You can rub on the upper eyelid along the lash line and then at the base for lower lashes.

Best tip to grow long eyelashes is to apply right before going to bed and if you prefer the application on daytime then do this before your regular coat of mascara. First apply lip balm, then curl your lashes with lash curler, and the last step is to apply mascara for the optimum results.

The above mentioned tips are sure to bring you the desired results. Good luck!

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