An Evening Makeup Look With Pink And Brown [Video]

Evening Makeup Look

We all have occasions when our go-to pink blush and lipstick just won’t work. Sure, there are certain evening makeup looks that can clearly make a difference to your personality when you attend an event or party after dark.

You can try glossy eyelids if it is difficult for you to apply proper eye shadow and in the evening makeup look video given below, you’ll see an elegant way to do pink and purple eye makeup that will go with almost any outfit you wear in the evening. For your lips, try a hot pink lip color and then apply some reflective lip gloss that will surely take your lips to a whole new level. It is not necessary to apply a heavy lip color every time you go out.

Let’s watch the video and see how this talented girl turns herself into a diva through an elegant makeover.

You can also play up your cheekbones by applying some gloss or cream blush since powder blush is no more in trend these days. Recall the Nicole Richie saucy looks where she plays around the roots of her upper lower lashes and extends the pencil a bit like cat eyeliner. It gives a nice evening makeup look without adding too much layers of eye shadow.

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