6 Different Eyeliner Styles for Amazing Makeovers [Video]

Eyeliner is thought to be the third important makeup pouch items with mascara and lipstick being the first two. Everyone likes to apply eyeliner according to one’s preferences and eye shape.

Here we have a video that will demonstrate 6 different eyeliner styles so you can choose whatever suits your mood. Before you pick a look for you, remember that what works for your sister or colleague may not work for you. So while doing any makeover, keep in mind your complexion and personality.

Eyeliner Styles

Although it is wrong to say that one can’t wear certain eyeliner based on one’s physical characteristics but it is advisable to wear any look according to the occasion and what you want others to perceive about you. Also focus on your moods and what you think looks good on you.

Downturn or sloppy eyes look seriously messy when you apply a noticeable winged or cat eyeliner. Instead go for rather smudged and smoked winged eyeliner that enlivens the eyes.

Follow the video that teaches six different eyeliner styles:

Monolid eyes look amazing when you create a fake impression of crease with the help of the eyeliner. Women with hooded eyes should do a smudged liner, one that smudges with the day appropriate bronze smoky eyes. Almond eyes look superb with the classic cat eyeliner and you can even add a double line flick to add another pop of color. Almond shaped eyes are already the desired shape so you don’t need to change the shape of the eyes with eyeliner; just follow the natural shape.

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