Cute! Goldens Fighting Over a Ball, And What Happened Next is the Cutest!

Golden Retrievers are among the most popular dog breeds in the world. People appreciate them for their kind personality and behavior, and they are absolutely adorable. They go along great with other dogs, and rarely we can see them tensed. However, when it comes to tennis balls, this dog is as stubborn as they come.

In the video, two dogs are staring at each other, with neither one backing off. What comes next is the most adorable thing ever, and it is heart warming. The best thing about it, is, it was totally unexpected.

This video can make your whole day better in a matter of seconds:

Neither one of these puppies wants to stand back. They are small, but fierce competitors. It is very funny to watch how both dogs try to hold on to the ball and do not move an inch. The third dog is a peacemaker. He just doesn’t care about the ball, as long as everyone gets along. Casually he puts his head on top of them, wanting to calm the situation down with some good old snuggle.

Despite that, the other two dogs decided to stick to their original game plan. The video is cut short so we weren’t able to see the final results of this match, but we assume it took some more time before a winner was declared. It was immensely cute none the less.

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