13 Rarely Known Hair Styling Tricks for Healthy Hair

1) Daily shampoo for your hair may not be that bad!

All those who have oily hair can shampoo their hair on daily basis because these days most shampoos we use are mild in nature so they don’t harm your hair even if you use them regularly.

But AVOID daily usage if your hair type is dry. Don’t blow dry or iron your hair after every wash, let them air-dry.

2) A Burst Of Cold Is Good For Your Hair

A Burst Of Cold Is Good For Your Hair

Before stepping out of the shower, rinse your hair through cold tap water to help seal the cuticles of the strands of your hair and it will also bring a lot of shine without applying a shiny serum.

3) Start Your Curling Iron from the Middle

When curling your hair, start it from the middle of your hair rather than the ends, it will help stay curls for longer. It is one of the rarely known hairstyling tips and tricks.

4) Know Your Hair Type

Hair typesKnowing your hair type and texture matters a lot especially when you style them because it makes the selection of hair products easier. Your hair type can be thick, medium, or fine.

Make a ponytail and wrap an elastic band; if you can wrap it only once, your hair type is thick. If you can wrap it twice, it is medium; and if you are able to wrap it thrice or even more, then your hair type is fine. Besides these three types, your hair could be curly, wavy, straight, or kinky.

5) Learn to Use Hair Tools with Extreme Care

Always purchase a heating device like curler, straightener, or blow dryer with great care and buy the one that has at least three temperature controls in it. Don’t run it many times to style one section of your hair. Running these tools on dry hair will help minimize the time required to create the style. Prefer using Velcro rollers when trying to make bouncy curls in your hair as they don’t require heat.

6) Smooth and Shiny Hair Look Adorable Without Styling

Smooth and Shiny Hair Look Adorable Without Styling
(source: ruthboonmakeup.blogspot.com)

Apply hair serums to create shine in your natural hair and while applying, avoid massaging it to your scalp. You don’t need flat irons when your hair look shinier and smoother. There are soothing shampoos and conditioners also available in the market that once applied keep your hair moisturized and sleek for the whole day. While applying conditioners, take care not to apply it to your scalp or it will remove your natural oils.

7) Hot and Cold During a Blow Dry Maintains the Style for Longer

Hot and Cold During a Blow Dry Maintains the Style for Longer
(source: top-video-2011.blogspot.com)

This is one of the commonly known hairstyling tips and tricks. When blow drying your hair, keep the round brush wrapped around the ends of your hair for at least five seconds and let the cool air pass into your hair roots. Keep the blow dryer away during this time. First blow dry a section of your hair set on a high temperature and then set the temperature to medium as this will help your hair style stay in shape for longer.

8) Avoid Wrapping Towel to Wet Hair

Avoid Wrapping Towel to Wet Hair
(source: go24news.blogspot.com)

Don’t wrap towel to your wet hair for half hour or so as it will only cause frizz and will not do any good to your hair. Roughness of the towel makes your hair cuticles to open every this and that way so it is advisable to gently rub the towel in your hair and leave them to air dry on their own.

9) Keep Your Brushes Clean

Keep Your Brushes Clean
(source: athriftymrs.com)

Remove all hair tangled in the brush with the help of a tooth pick and then let them soak in warm soapy water for a few minutes.

You can use a shampoo or hand wash to make that cleansing solution. Create foam with the soap while moving the bristles of the brush in the mug. Now rinse brushes well and put on a towel to let them dry.

10) You can Curl Your Hair with a Flat Iron

You can Curl Your Hair with a Flat Iron
(source: flicker.com)

Some hairstyling tips and tricks are best illustrated through images. This is the perfect way to create beach waves.

11) Allow Some Time for Hair Products to Set

Allow Some Time for Hair Products to Set
(source: runningonhappiness.com)

Apply hair products such as serums, mousses, and gels at least ten minutes before bow drying or using any other devices. It helps the product to fully absorb in to your hair and give the optimum results.

12) Hair Spray Rocks to Achieve A Dazzling Look

Hair Spray Rocks to Achieve A Dazzling Look
(source: isthatahairinmybiscuit.com)

When you’re being very lazy to do anything to your bed head look; wet the upper layer of your hair with hair spray and taking large barrel round brush, blow dry that layer while working all around your head. You’ll have a great look with all over smoothed hair.

13) Using Dry Shampoo to Style Your Hair

Using Dry Shampoo to Style Your Hair
(source: collegefashion.net)

Apply a dab of dry shampoo to your already shampooed hair, it will give your hair immense volume and will keep the debris and oil away for the whole day.

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