Purple Eye Disease – Symptoms And Causes

Most people believe that purple eye is a myth and there is no truth to it, but mythologies aren’t always lies. Instead, a myth is a story of something that allegedly happened, that is passed on from one generation to the next. It is still unknown whether purple eyes are possible, and if  actually a disease, a false myth, or a rare medical condition.

purple eye disease
Girl with Purple Eye Disease

What is Purple Eye Disease

One important fact about purple eye disease is that no one is born with this eye color. It reportedly develops after birth, so there are clues for it possibly being a disease, syndrome, mutation, or medical condition.

When a baby is born, their eye color can range from green, blue, hazel, brown, grey, black, and amber. No child has ever been recorded as having been born with purple eyes. This purple eye syndrome, or purple eye disease, is also known as Alexandria’s Genesis.

The story behind Alexandria’s Genesis explains that it is a genetic mutation that initiated in Egypt. A covert light on a moonless night arrived and some people were observed coming through that light that had white skin and purple eyes. These purple eyed people were later known as the spirit people.

They went towards North of Egypt and then there were no traces of those people. That was until an an incident took place in CE 1330 in London, England to a girl named Alexandria Augustine. Alexandria’s eye color changed from blue to purple without any explanation. One day, the color of her eyes just mysteriously transformed from blue to purple. The girl was taken to a priest who confirmed that it is a myth that had come true.

There has been much debate on whether the Alexandria’s Genesis actually exists. It seems like as though purple eye disease could exist, or it may have existed centuries ago, but there is no such condition known to exist so far as proved by medical science.

Symptoms of Purple Eye Disease

Reported symptoms of purple eye disease include having sparkling white skin that cannot be tanned even after hours of sun exposure and violet to purple color of eyes that maintains perfect 20-20 vision throughout their lifetime. Only women can have purple eyes and they don’t have menstrual cycles. Their hair color can be any shade ranging from brown to black.

Their mortality rate is amazing as they can live up to 130-150 years. Their aging process is slowed, meaning they look at least 20-50 years younger than their actual age. When they enter middle age, their aging stops and they retain the same appearance for two to three decades. They are able to maintain an ideal body weight regardless of how much they eat so they don’t have weight loss or weight gain problems throughout their lives.

They have no body hair, even through their puberty years. The only hair they have are from when they were born, like on their heads, eyebrows, inside of nose, and ears. They are usually Caucasian, but should they marry another race, the children are prone to carry genes from the mutation and symptoms happen to be even stronger in coming generations.

These women rarely get sick as they have very strong immunity to almost all kinds of diseases. So all the symptoms mentioned here appear to be positive traits with the possible exception being no menstruation.

Purple eyes baby
Baby with Purple Eyes

Causes of Purple Eye Disease

The purple eye disorder is likely to be caused by genetics, because genes determine the color of our eyes. The eye color depends on the amount of pigment we inherit from our parents. A child can change the color of his eyes during childhood years because melanocyte cells are still active and they play a major role in determining the eye color of a person.

Causes of purple eye disease also include results of an injury to one’s eyes. Suppose a person has naturally dark blue eyes and he had an injury that injured the blood vessels within her eye area so she may develop purple eyes due to red blood vessels. It could happen to one or both eyes of the woman and it could be temporary or lifetime depending on the severity of the trauma.

A woman can also develop purple eye disease if she is going through a disorder known as Albinism. In medical science, Albinism is a medical condition where a person lacks melanin pigment in the iris so the color of the eyes changes to red, light blue, or violet.

Another medical condition called Heterochromatin can cause the human eye to change its color. So whether by genetics or by disease, purple eyes are a fact.

Elizabeth Taylor Purple Eyes

The late, famed actress, Elizabeth Taylor was reported to have purple eyes. Taylor was born in 1932 and died in 2011, having been married seven times in that time span. In her case, Elizabeth’s eyes were a dark blue gray with a purple or violet tint to them. She did seem to stop aging after hitting 50, but only lived to be 79 years old.

Colored contact lenses weren’t invented during most of Elizabeth’s live, so that is not a possible explanation for her case. It was never revealed what the root cause of her purple eyes, and this will likely remain unsolved.

Strangely her eyes lost the purple hue at some point later in her life. Some have even wondered if that is what led to her decline and ultimately death.

Elizabeth Taylor Purple Eyes
Elizabeth Taylor Purple Eyes

Whether you believe the tale of Alexander’s Genesis or not, there are other underlying causes for people to have purple eyes. It is rare, very rare, but there are new cases that pop up from time to time.

Have you ever seen a person with purple eyes? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Krindle.K was one of the most nicest people I’ve met with purple eyes, but I always knew they were hiding something … something very nefarious.. too many Ks in their name for my liking

  2. I was born with purple eyes and have used them my whole life. I am now 200 years old and still look 3 days old. I am writing this on my iPhone X that i built myself from scratch using my purple eye powers… I have no hair

    1. I think you’re lying to me Annalise wood. I don’t trust you, your hauls are always the exact same thing over and over again.

      1. You lie about me. I created the internet using my purple eye powers. you dont know me so please stop spreading this false information and if you continue i will remove the internet. my hair has grown back….

        1. You lie you lie you lie. The only thing you invented was killing the earth with fast fashion and lgbt. I’ve had enough

  3. I think this particular ‘history’ is completely fabricated. That said, people can have purple eyes. I had them until around 1.5 years old when they turned green. My mom was not happy as she wanted me to have ‘Elizabeth Taylor eyes’. Sorry, mom.

  4. Can somebody give me real facts? I’m writing a fanfic and one of my character’s description has purple eyes, so i kind of wanted to see if purple eyes really exist. But what the hell is this? Purple eyes are purple eyes, like cats have yellow eyes, what’s with all the fuss?

    1. This is not a true thing, it was started in a Daria fanfiction. The author themself disproved this. however abinism can cause purple looking eyes.

      1. My dear friend, Deanna, who is legally blind- Albinism. She is very beautiful, porcelain skin. All her hair is white! And she was born with purple eyes! She’s 23 now & her eyes are blue now, but still very enchanting, and the pupil of her eyes also look red when light is reflected. Her eyes also shake. All of these things make her very unique and I think it would be so cool to write a fanfic with her characteristics as your character!

    2. Alexandria’s Genesis is an internet MYTH. There is no truth to it. Always check before reading silly articles like this. The photos in this article are all obviously retouched to “prove” this author’s claim,

      1. Hi. Obviously you have no idea what you are talking about. Just because YOU don’t think it is true, does not make it so. Keep an open mind!

  5. Do you make this stuff up out of whole cloth? I cannot even believe that people really believe this. What is the point of writing such nonsense?! Why don’t you write true stories?

    Aliyah I don’t want to know anymore of your hogwash.

    Jacqueline the word is “their” not “there”. Puhlease.

    This is so pathetic

  6. im Kimberly, I live LA and I encounter people with purple eyes on a daily basis! this is probably because im a content influencer XD but anyway… one of my lovers from my past life had purple eyes so I’ve always felt connected to these mutated civilisation… one day we’ll all be equals!

  7. My eyes change colour, and have violet speckles and gold, But my bloodline is rare , I can be very pale skinned in the winter but in summer I can tan, also my menstrual cycle, I only bleed lightly for around two days.. Demi God, & my soul is not hu_man

    1. Sure, Kelly… if calling yourself a demi-god makes you feel a little more special and appreciated, go for it… it’s hurting no one, except for your potential, of course…
      The better move, however, in my opinion, would be to work hard and actually do something noteworthy with your life. This way, you’ll rightfully earn the awe and admiration that you so badly desire.

    2. Kelly you are so a demi god.. don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You are amazing the way you are girl! Purple eyes are so cool! My grandma had purple eyes and lived to be 99, she was better than any other grandma!

    3. Kelly, don’t listen to these rude people who are telling you that you’re not special. You are so a demi-god, and you rock girl. If anyone has a problem with that, they can shove it up their app.

    4. You should be checked by your Doctor for Beta Thalesemia. My son had it. He also had White Skin, eyes were one violet one blue.
      I always knew he was anemic but no one checked further until he almost died. He lived a few more years and then passed. If someone had told us sooner he’d still be here!

  8. There are children of color with purple eye color and a case of twin girls that extremely beautiful when the camera hit their eyes they both sparkle a light in there beautiful purple eyes I was amazed and did gaze at the children of color with a smooth dark skin.

  9. This isn’t real. It’s from an online fanfiction for the animated TV show “Daria”

  10. When i was about three months old i had purple eye color. My whole family always talks about it but now i have like a dark brown eye color. After those three months since my birth they started getting more dark and im kinda sad that i dont have dark purpleish blueish eye color anymore, but i do think that its possible to have purple eye color (not strong purple like purple purple but something that looks a little bit like purple)i was also a healthy baby.

  11. John Deacon’s wife Veronica Tetzlaff has naturally violet eyes. John Deacon has not one but three children with naturally violet eyes. John Deacon’s sons Robert, Michael, and Luke have naturally violet eyes like their mom. John Deacon’s grandson also has naturally violet eyes like his dad. John Deacon has green eyes. John Deacon’s son Joshua has blue green eyes. John Deacon’s daughter, Laura has blue eyes. John Deacon is extremely lucky to have three children and a grandchild with naturally violet eyes.

  12. I was born with violet eyes on December 25, 2001 and the nurse had to talk to the doctor for a minute because she didn’t know what to put down for my eye color since it was violet and at that time they didn’t have violet as an option. If you would like to know more, please comment below.

  13. Well I met this girl Haniyeh … She is from Heaven! Gray colored eyes, beautiful bright dark hair, and pale skin without hair on it. OMG truly an angel! Well shaped body. She told me she had purple eyes as a kid and over time, the color changed to kind of gray. For the first time in my life I fell in love, with her, true love I mean. But she even didn’t see me, and she didn’t want me around her, or maybe I didn’t meet her needs. She just kinda insulted me and let me down easy as a pie. Now I’m a lover without loved one. It’s been 3 years now. I hope someday I’ll meet her again for a life time. It is so hard you know. BTW, DON’T FALL IN LOVE WITH THEM! They might be as cruel as hell you know XD maybe that’s a symptom worth mentioning.

    Thanks for the info

  14. This is amazing!!!! My friend Krindle.K has this condition and she has all of the symptoms. She’s really sweet but she’s 110 years old but looks 16

  15. This ‘condition’ does not exist. Note how it says that ‘these women do not have menstrual cycles’.
    The biology behind this would prove it to be impossible. Like all mammals, human women have a womb and ovaries. These ovaries MUST produce egg cells to be even considered to be able to produce a viable birth… or even pregnancy for that matter.
    If a woman does not menstruate (the process of the ovaries releasing egg cells to be moved to the womb, nestle there for a while, only to then be let go and removed from the womb (what we call ‘the period’) and out of the body) she CANNOT get pregnant.
    This article also points out that ‘this can become stronger in next generations’. If women cannot menstruate… they cannot give birth… they cannot have ‘future generations’… and thus this condition would die out at that same generation.

    1. Actually, it IS possible not to menstruate but get pregnant. Every year, young girls wind up pregnant who thought they couldn’t get pregnant because they hadn’t had a period (yet).

      And someone with PCOS could get pregnant without having had a period too.

      There are medical conditions where the uterine lining is not shed, but ovulation does happen.

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