Pimple on Lips – Causes and Treatment That Really Works

No one likes pimples and we all are scarred of waking up with a new pimple defacing our faces. And when we have a pimple on lips, the situation becomes even worse because lips are a part of face where we don’t expect pimples.

So as soon as a pimple occurs on our lips, other people immediately notice it and ask for the reason and show their sympathy. It feels awkward and some of us may avoid social life for the time being, because lips acne draws a lot of unfavorable attention towards our face.

pimple on lips

Acne that grows on lips hurts a lot because it is a very sensitive spot and the layer of lip skin is quite thin. The situation is worsened when you eat or drink something and open your mouth for that purpose. Every time you do so, it hurts like hell and you’re forced to drink with straw especially when the pimple is on its peak.

Some of us naturally smack our lips every so often that lead to further pain and discomfort in that area. So let’s find out what are the common causes of lips acne.

Causes of pimple on lips:

Using poor quality lipsticks, lip balms, or lip stains can deliver infectious bacteria to the skin. Cheap products contain low quality ingredients and harmful chemicals that damage our lips giving rise to bacterial and other infections. And pimple on lip is the result of those infections.

Do you have any bad habits that might causing pimples? See below:

Pimple on lips causes

It is not necessary that only a cheap quality lip product will result in acne on lips, sometimes a good quality lip balm or lip color may contain an ingredient that proves harmful for your skin and causes allergic reaction in form of a pimple.

Some women apply cosmetics on their faces without noticing the expiry date. Expired products can also cause pimples on lips or the surrounding areas. There are several diseases that show their symptoms in form of acne on lips and one such disease is known as herpes that is a sexually transmitted illness. This kind of pimples can be ulcer like and are very painful; mostly people consider them cold sores.

When our body is going through hormonal changes such as pregnancy, menstruation, or menopause, we may develop symptoms like a pimple on lip. Some people are also allergic to certain ingredients found in tooth pastes such as fluoride.

How to Treat Pimple on Lips At Home:

If you are ready to adapt some skin care habits then it will not be difficult for you to get rid of pimples on lips. Whenever you cleanse and exfoliate your face, include your lips while massaging and keep your hand gentle while rubbing on lips because lips skin is very sensitive.

While brushing your teeth, gently rub your tooth brush on your lips area to remove dead cells. Removing dead cells around lips area will also make your lips richer and shinier in color. Using skin care products may also damage lips since some of those products contain ingredients that are too harsh to your lips. Check on the packaging, if it says avoid lips and under eyes, follow the directions during product application.

Also drink plenty of water to keep your lips hydrated, and take balanced diet and vitamin supplements on regular basis to avoid vitamin deficiencies as they may cause pimple on lip. Calcium and magnesium are pretty good to take for healthier lips so you should eat foods that are rich in both.

foods for pimples

Citrus fruits are also good for the treatment of acne on face. Grapes, apples, and oranges contain alpha hydroxyl acid that cleanses your skin pores and removes any dead cells. You can also try the application of acne creams that contain azelaic acid (20%) and benzoyl peroxide (5%) for the treatment of acne on sensitive spots on your body such as lips and mouth.

Home Remedies to Treat Pimples:

Pimple home remedies

You can pop the pimple on lip, although it is not recommended by skin specialists but if it is ripe and you notice a clear head of the pimple, it might be very painful and it is difficult to be patient for it to go away on its own. Before popping it, heat it with a hot compress for the skin to be relaxed and then press it gently with a cotton swab until all the pus comes into one place then put some more pressure to break the skin.

Don’t wash the affected skin immediately, allow a few minutes for the cells to restore and then wash with warm water and soap. Apply Aloe Vera gel or an antibiotic cream on the spot and reapply aloe Vera gel until the scar goes away.

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