How To Cover Up Acne & Scars With Makeup [Video & Tips]

Discoloration and craters can be tackled with foundation and concealer so having a flawless face is not a big problem when you actually know how to cover up acne & scars. Below are a few tips given be celebrity makeup artists whose job is to create flawless faces with no scars at all.

They begin with a smooth face so how do they do it? They make a nice base and base only means foundation. You’ll not apply concealer to naked skin.

Cover Up Acne

First, exfoliate your face and then moisturize it. If you have pigmented skin, you can use a tinted moisturizer. Remember that your base should not look flakey or the concealer will not give desired results.

While concealing, keep in mind building it up slowly and then blending it into what is already there (your base). Concealing is not just the concelaer, it can be a combination of different products and tools. Take a highly pigmented liquid concealer and blend it with a brush or sponge.

Use an egg shape sponge or a fine tipped brush to reach every angle of your face. Only a small amount will be enough when applied with a fine tipped concealer brush because it will gradually cover all scars; just build it slowly and blend it gently.

The next step is to set it in place. You can dust some face powder or use a setting spray to give your base a flawless finish.

Check out this video to know how to cover up acne & scars with makeup:


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