How To Shape Eyebrows Perfectly – Tips & Tutorial Videos

How to shape eyebrows perfectly? Create a beautiful, natural brow shape for your face through proportion and artistry with tweezers and pencils. Plucking your eyebrows pencil thin or drawing them bolder, bushier, and darker than your natural hair color gives them a fake appearance and makes them distracting. First and foremost to get perfect eyebrows, you should invest in the appropriate tools and products.

Remember, just as the mustaches changes a person’s look, similarly eyebrows can make or break your overall facial features. The length, thickness, and arch of your eyebrows actually define or complicate your eyes appearance.

Basically, there are two ways to shape your eyebrows: pluck unwanted hair or fill in bald spots.

Hate reading? No problem, check out the three images below:

Steps to shape Eyebrows perfectly
Shape Eyebrows Perfectly
Tips to Shape Eyebrows Perfectly

How to Apply Eyebrow Pencil to Thin Eyebrows (see below picture) :

How to apply eyebrow pencil to thin eyebrows

When we talk about shaping eyebrows, we find tweezing to be the best option as it gives you precise and accurate results. Although there are personal preferences in the choice of tweezers but the best ones are manufactured by TweezerGuru and Equinox. Both the brands offer a wide range of tweezers that you can pick and choose according to your needs. Some women like to wax their eyebrows, but this option is not for everyone as you’re likely to remove wrong hairs unintentionally.

Shaving is not for eyebrows, never ever think of shaving your eyebrows even when you’re running out of time. It is far better to go with unshaped eyebrows than getting your eyebrows shaved to a patchy or wildly uneven look.

Besides tweezers, you should also buy a good quality sharp brow scissors. These tools will help you for the times when you will find yourself wondering how to shape eyebrows perfectly without going to salon.

Tutorial Videos on How To Shape Eyebrows:

How to Get the Perfect Eyebrows : Tutorial by Zukreat:

How to Get Eyebrows that Lift and Frame Your Face : Eyebrow Shaping Tutorial by Beauty and the Boutique:

How to Fill Your Eyebrows : Tutorial by backsyncfan:

If you are unable to watch the above videos, follow these tips for plucking your eyebrows and you’ll be able to achieve nice flattering eyebrows with some practice.

1. The first step to pluck the perfect eyebrows is to brush them upwards and snip any longer ends with scissors and then brush downwards again. It will help remove weight and make the shaping process easier.

2. Now place a pencil vertical to the inner bridge of your nose and see where the other end of the pencil meets your eyebrows. This should be the beginning spot of your shape. In order to know the other part of your arch, place the pencil diagonally from your nostril to the outer brow corner as it will explain you where to end your arch. You should mark both spots with the help of a brow pencil. See below:

How to pluck your eyebrows

3. After marking, next step is to tweeze hair, the best method to keep the natural shape is to pluck or tweeze only two rows of hair from one end to the other. You may also have to tweeze a few hair from the top of your arch to create a descending angle.

Women who have naturally thicker eyebrows or even Celebrities with Perfect Eyebrows are often confused about how to shape eyebrows perfectly because it is very easy for them to get a fake or dramatic look like if they create an arch that is higher than normal.

While tweezing hair from your brows, you should also know how to shape eyebrows for face shapes. You can remove another row of hair if you have very thick and darker eyebrows as you’ll look better with a more pronounced arch. On the other hand, women with thinner eyebrows should prefer an arch that is comparatively flatter.

We’ve explained this tutorial using tweezers only because we find it the most suitable tool for novices as well as for those who don’t have too much hair to be removed or who just want a neatening job. You know it happens to all of us that the moment we go a bit of tweezers happy and we end up tweezing an entire row of wrong hairs. So you should keep a good brand of colored brow pomade to fill in the thinner areas.

Pomades come in wax like forms so they smooth the sparse areas making them look fuller for the whole day. While filling in, always start from the middle of your arch and go towards the ends, and then come to the beginning corner of your brow line. The best technique is to keep your strokes short and light and pressurize your brush only where you need darker areas.

When you are done, you’ll need a softer tool i.e. a clean kids’ tooth brush or a brow brush to softly brush the inside of your arches to remove excess color. Another trick to shape eyebrows perfectly is to hair spray a tiny tooth brush and softly brush your brows for extra finish and hold.

If you have thin, sparse, or over-plucked brows, have a look at Get Thicker Eyebrows.

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