101 Chic Side Swept Hairstyles to Help You Look Younger

7. Side Swept Hairstyles for Prom

Side swept hairstyles are gorgeous enough to please any taste so there are plenty of options to wear these hairdos on prom. You can do side buns, side half updos, side braids, side ponytails, or even side swept cascading waves. Check out these amazing side swept hairstyles for more inspiration –

Side Swept Loose Waves:

Side Swept Loose Waves

Side Cascading Curls with Braid:

Side Cascading Curls with Braid

Casual Side Swept Hairdo:

Casual Side Swept Hairdo

Prom is an important occasion for the choice of outfits, shoes, accessories, makeup, and hairstyles, so why not plan yours beforehand. For those looking for simple to do hair, this side braid is a good option –

Side Braid Wavy Hair:

Side Braid Wavy Hair

Loose Side Braid:

Loose Side Braid

Messy Ponytail Knot:

Messy Ponytail Knot

Curly Side Swept Braid:

Curly Side Swept Braid

Sweet Ponytail Hair:

Sweet Ponytail Hair

For those trying to find a gorgeous side swept updo for their prom, here is a gorgeous wavy side swept updo –

Gorgeous wavy side swept updo

8. Side Swept Hairstyles for Weddings

Side swept hairstyles can be made for every length so get ready to surprise your guests with a unique and attractive do. Embrace nature in all its beauty with these stunning side swept dos adorned with floral accessories.

Side Swept Floral Do:

Side Swept Floral Do

Cute Side Swept Floral Braid:

Cute Side Swept Floral Braid

Bejeweled hair accessories can make a simple do a head turner. Glittering accessories can dazzle the guests on your big day. Look at these side swept dos –

Sparkling Blonde Hairdo:

Sparkling Blonde Hairdo

Diamante Filled Side Swept Updo:

Diamante Filled Side Swept Updo

Gorgeous Side Swept Loose Hair:

Gorgeous Side Swept Loose Hair

Here are a few side swept dos that are simple yet elegant –

Side Swept Do for Thick Hair:

Side Swept Do for Thick Hair

Side Swept Updo for Thin Hair:

Side Swept Updo for Thin Hair

Gorgeous Sweeping Braid:

Gorgeous Sweeping Braid

Messy Braid for Thin Hair:

Messy Braid for Thin Hair

Side Swept Blonde Updo:

Side Swept Blonde Updo

Side Swept Hairdo for Black Hair:

Half Updo for Thick Hair

9. Side Swept Hairstyles With Braids

Side swept braids come in many sizes and styles. We have chosen some very famous styles for your inspiration.

Fishtail Side Braid with Bangs:

Fishtail side braid with bangs

Simple Side Braid for Thin Hair:

Simple side braid for thin hair

Casual Side Braid:

Casual side braid

Below are some great side swept braided hairstyles which are best best for summer and humid weather.

Side Swept Cornrow Braids:

Side swept cornrow braids

Cute Side Braid for Thin Hair:

Cute side braid for thin hair
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Lovely Braids for Thick Long Hair:

Lovely braids for thick long hair

There are many types of Dutch braids that one can wear according to one’s hair length and texture. Here are a few twists on the Dutch version –

Dutch Braid for Very Thick Hair:

Dutch braid for very thick hair

Casual Dutch Braid:

Casual Dutch braid

Here is a unique type of side swept braids and these braids are made with different types of swirls and hair flowers –

Side Swept Braid for Thick Long Hair:

Side swept braid for thick long hair

Funky Side Fishtails:

Funky side fishtails

Loophole Braid into a Ponytail:

Loophole braid into a ponytail

Roses in a Side Braid:

Roses in a side braid

10. Side swept hairstyles with extensions

Hair extensions are normally placed in the fringe part of the hair that makes a side swept do. You can add a touch of warmth by adding this kind of extensions in the fringe area.

Beautiful Long Fringe Extensions:

Beautiful long fringe extensions

Light Blonde Fringe Extensions:

Light blonde fringe extensions

Jet Black Fringe Extensions:

Jet black fringe extensions

You can add extensions when you plan to do a side swept ponytail or braid. Check out these hairdos for more ideas:

Fishtail with Extensions:

Fishtail with extensions

Side Swept Low Ponytail Knot:

Side swept low ponytail knot

Low Ponytail with Fringe Extensions:

Low ponytail with fringe extensions

Hair Extensions for Wedding:

Hair extension for wedding

You can also use hair extensions for loose side swept hairdos:

Wavy Side Swept Extensions:

Wavy side swept extensions

Blonde Extensions with Highlighted Roots:

Blonde extensions with highlighted roots

11. Side swept hairstyles with layers

Layered side bangs can turn any simple hairstyle into an exciting do. Looking at these amazing side swept layered hairstyles, you will get plenty of ideas to try for any occasion.

Side Swept Blonde Layers:

Side Swept Blonde Layers

Side Swept Forward Layers:

Side Swept Forward Layers

Highlighted Layers for Thin Hair:

Highlighted Layers for Thin Hair

Short Bob with Layers:

Short Bob with Layers

Messy Side Swept Do:

Messy Side Swept Do

Side Swept Feather Haircut:

Side Swept Feather Haircut

Heavy Side Swept Bangs:

Heavy Side Swept Bangs

Long Side Swept Layered Do:

We hope you enjoyed all these side swept hairstyles. Let us know if you found anything inspiring in the comment box below.

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