52 Really Cute Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair

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The date of prom night is fast approaching and still you have not decided how to do your long hair on prom. We reveal some really cute prom hairstyles for long hair. The best approach is to first decide on your prom outfit, then look for the perfect prom hairstyle to complement your dress.

You can wear full updos, half up half down, or anything that suits your face shape. Without wasting more time, let’s see what we’ve compiled for you in our cute prom hairstyles gallery. Also, make sure you check out this article too: 59 Appealing Prom Hairstyles for Black Girls, Down & Side Prom

soft tease hair
soft tease hair
soft tease hair3
cute prom hairstyles for long hair

1. Soft Tease

You first need to part your hair deeply to one side and then brush them thoroughly. Then start back combing to lift them up. Leave a few strands on the front for a smoother look. Now sweep one side of hair to front and the other side to the back. Secure the back side with bobby pins or you can tie with an adorable but small clip.

polished pony
polished pony2
polished pony3
cute prom hairstyles for long hair 1

2. Polished Pony

You can try this hairstyle only when you’re ready to iron your hair to create a ponytail. First blow dry your hair and when they are fully dry, take sections of hair (almost one inch each. and iron them towards their ends for a polished look. Then gather the top section (from one ear to the other. into a high pony tail and secure it with a curved band to avoid bumps. Then wrap a few strands of your hair around to cover the band and you’re done.

lush waves

3. Lush Waves

lush waves2
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lush waves3
lush waves4
cute prom hairstyles for long hair 2

This hair style looks awesome with low cut or sleeveless prom dresses because the lush waves float on your shoulders making you look sexier so you can also name it a sexy hairstyle for prom night. Part your hair from the middle to both sides of your head. Curl your hair from mid length to the ends and make loose in fact very loose curls.

roman ponytail3
roman ponytail4
roman ponytail2
roman ponytail
cute prom hairstyles for long hair 3

4. Roman Ponytail

Comb your hair back and create a straight ponytail. There should be no bumps so it is advisable to use fine toothed comb. Then part your ponytail into three or four sections depending on its length and beginning from top wrap a strand of your hair with an elastic band securing each section. At the end, you need a hair spray to make it stay all night long.

sleek twist
sleek twist2
sleek twist4
sleek twist41
cute prom hairstyles for long hair 4

5. Sleek Twist

Blow-dry your hair and apply a soothing cream. Then part them deeply onto one side. Split the large side into tiny pigtails and then twist each pigtail. It is easier if you start from your temples and go to the back of your head. When you reach at the end of each pigtail, keep your hand even tighter to end in a coil of its own strands. Now you need bobby pins to secure each pigtail towards the back. A shimmer spray will do the rest of the look.

silky curls
silky curls2
silky curls3
silky curls4
cute prom hairstyles for long hair 5

6. Silky Curls

Apply a product to create texture in your hair and then blow-dry. The next step is to apply styling wax and curl your hair with curling iron and sweep hair to one side or both sides just as you like. Then use a boar bristle brush to loosen your curls and give them a softer look so it is super easy to get cute silky waves hairstyle.

cute prom hairstyles for long hair 6
crazy crimps
crazy crimps2
crazy crimps3
crazy crimps5

7. Crazy Crimps

First mist-dry your hair with a spray to thicken the strands, then crimp two inch sections and clamp the crimper close to roots. Move down the crimper towards the length of your hair and leave the front section. It is up to you if you tease the crimped strands a bit to create volume. Now brush the crimp free front section and you’re ready to go.

sweet side pony
sweet side pony5
sweet side pony4
sweet side pony2
sweet side pony6

8. Sweet Side Pony

First step is to straight your hair, and then part them deeply to one side of your head. Now close to nape of your neck, twist your hair at least twice towards very right or left and secure with an elastic band. Then wrap a few strands on top of band to hide it and secure those strands with a bobby pin towards inside. You can wear fancy pins on the top of the twist to make your hairstyle more beautiful.

romantic bun
romantic bun3
romantic bun34
romantic bun2
romantic bun5
cute prom hairstyles for long hair 8

9. Romantic Buns

This soft romantic bun is one of the famous wedding hairstyles for long hair. It is smooth on top and messy at bottom. First blow-dry your hair. You need to apply a strong texture producing product following blow-dry and then part your hair in the middle. Create a loose bun and shake your head a bit to fly away some strands, and use a hair spray to keep the strands in place.

loose half updo
loose half updo2
loose half updo3
loose half updo4
loose half updo5
loose half updo6

10. Loose Half Updo

Take the help of a delicate and adorable hair accessory to loosely catch your hair at the back and add some romance with loose waves or curls on the back.

Hopefully, now you have a list of cute prom hairstyles for long hair and you can add to your prom looks and accessories by choosing the right hairstyle for you.

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