101 Chic Side Swept Hairstyles to Help You Look Younger

Side swept hairstyles include some real cute and super romantic over the shoulder dos that look gorgeous for any hair length. These dos not just flatter your personality but also look seductive. We have rounded up a good number of these ‘to the side looks’ that you will die for once you check them out.

Women who don’t know how to do a perfect side sweep should now learn doing so since we have such a huge collection of side swept hairstyles that are quick and easy to do.

Whether you have straight, curly, wavy, thin, thick hair, want to do it with or without extensions, or looking for a gorgeous head turning hairdo; we have something for everyone.

Let’s check out these cute side swept hairstyles:

1. Side Swept Hairstyles With Bangs

Bangs frame the face beautifully well and also hide the flaws on one’s face, so why not keep bangs and learn styling them perfect to any occasion. Bangs grow out easily and there are million ways to style growing bangs.

Side Swept Half Do:

Side swept hairstyles with bangs

Side Swept Thin Hair Updo:

Side Swept Thin Hair Updo

Side Swept Low Ponytail:

Side Swept Low Ponytail

Side Swept Simple Braid:

Side Swept Simple Braid

Messy Side Swept Layers:

Messy Side Swept Layers

Pinned Side Swept Updo:

Pinned Side Swept Updo

2. Side Swept Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Side Swept Short Hairdo:

Side Swept Short Hairdo

For short naturally wavy hair, this is a superb anti-ageing hairdo that is really easy to do.

Naturally Big Curly Hairdo:

Naturally Big Curly Hairdo

As the caption on the picture says side swept hairdo can be a routine hairdo for naturally big curly hair.

Natural Mohawk Hairdo:

An awesome way to style your new Mohawk on natural hair is seen here:

Natural Mohawk Hairdo

Post Twist Out Scard Hairdo:

Then we have post twist out scarf hairdo, perfect for casual natural hair occasions:

Post Twist Out Scard Hairdo

Braided Bun:

Braided Bun

Braided buns are quite a common way to tame natural hair. This is one of the best side swept haircuts.

Below we have a few cute side swept hairdos, have a look on these:

Highlighted Bob Haircut:

Highlighted Bob

Side Swept Short Bob Haircut:

Side Swept Short Bob

Side Swept Medium Natural Hairdo:

Side Swept Medium Natural Hairdo

3. Side Swept Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

Cute and easy hairstyles for girls with medium hair include many different styles since medium hair is the only length that is the most versatile of all. Here we have some fancy styles that work on all kinds of hair, be it curly or straight, and you don’t need to see how to do side swept hairstyles in order to replicate any of these looks. For example, check out these hairstyles:

Half-Up Half-Down Medium Hair:

Half-Up Half-Down Medium Hair

Wavy Faux Bob:

Wavy Faux Bob

It’s true that we can’t achieve all types of side swept styles on medium length hair since some of the hairdos really call for long hair. Here are a few super easy hairdos that are best achieved on medium length and after some practice, you can make these within a few minutes.

Messy Layered Haircut:

Messy Layered Haircut

Side Swept Half Updo:

Side Swept Half Updo

Smooth Long Bob:

Smooth Long Bob

Blown Out Layered Style:

Blown Out Layered Style

Side Swept Tussled Hair:

Side Swept Tussled Hair

Casual Medium Length Hair:

Casual Medium Length Hair

One Length Bob Haircut:

One Length Bob

Rolled Out Layered Hairstyle:

Rolled Out Layered Hairstyle

4. Side Swept Hairstyles for Long Hair

This is probably the most interesting part of the article since it describes long hairstyles that are the most versatile thing we can do to our hair. Let’s begin with half updos and braids.

Pinned Up Side Swept Half Updo: This one is an amazing updo that is perfect for thin hair.

Pinned Up Side Swept Half Updo
Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

For normal hair, similar looks can be seen here –

Half Updo for Normal Hair:

Half Updo for Normal Hair

Side Swept Updo for Normal Hair:

Side Swept Updo for Normal Hair
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Blonde Half Updo:

Blonde Half Updo

This is again the same updo but it is meant for thick long hair. You can add waves and curls on the loose side.

Half Updo for Thick Hair:

Half Updo for Thick Hair

One Side Half Do:

One Side Half Do

Retro Waves Half Updo:

Retro Waves Half Updo

Below are a few pictures that demonstrate styling long hair without catching them in a full or half updo –

Side Swept Wavy Long Hair:

Side Swept Wavy Long Hair

Side Swept Long Hair with Highlights:

Side Swept Long Hair with Highlights

Sleek Long Hair:

Sleek Long Hair

5. Side Swept Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Curly hair give a twist to side swept hairstyles so trying these adorable hairstyles will enhance your looks. Pin your curls to one side and define your waves with a curl boosting gel.

Side Swept Waves for Curly Hair:

Side Swept Waves for Curly Hair
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Here is another version of the pinned up side swept hairdo –

Side Swept Natural Curls:

Side Swept Natural Curls
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images for AFI

For a more formal look, try this side swept hairstyle especially when you plan to wear big ear rings or a floral accessory in your hair –

Side Swept Curly Hair for Wedding

Side Swept Curly Hair for Wedding

Below are some more ways to sweep your curly hair to one side –

Messy Side Swept Curls:

Messy Side Swept Curls

Side Swept Faux Bob for Curly Hair:

Side Swept Faux Bob for Curly Hair

Side Swept Blonde Curly Hair:

Side Swept Blonde Curly Hair

Tightly Pulled Curls:

Tightly Pulled Curls

Highlighted Faux Bob for Curly Hair:

Highlighted Faux Bob for Curly Hair

Curly Side Swept Bangs:

Curly Side Swept Bangs

Natural Swept Braid:

Natural Swept Braid

6. Side Swept Hairstyles for Short Hair

Side swept short hairstyles can be so attractive that if you wear them in the right manner they can sweep your off your feet. It doesn’t matter if your hair length is below ear or above your ears, side swept hairdos are amazing and easy to maintain. Let’s explore some of these that you can follow without any side swept hairstyles tutorials.

Side Swept Short Bob:

Side Swept Short Bob

Asymmetrical Short Bob:

Asymmetrical Short Bob
Photo By: D. LONG- Globe Photos Inc.

Moreover, there are hairdos that are short but come with long bangs:

Short Hairstyle with Long Bangs:

Short Hairstyle with Long Bangs

Cute Side Swept Pixie:

Cute Side Swept Pixie

Short Side Swept Shag Hairstyle:

Short Side Swept Shag Hairstyle

Sweet Blonde Pixie:

Sweet Blonde Pixie

Sexy Short Hairdo:

Short Hairdo

Below are some more short side swept hairdos:

Side Swept Pixie for Thin Hair:

Side Swept Pixie for Thin Hair

Side Swept Pixie with Highlights:

Side Swept Pixie with Highlights

Wind Friendly Side Swept Pixie:

Wind Friendly Side Swept Pixie

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