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Eyebrow Restoration Surgery – Cost and Procedure

eyebrow restoration surgery

Eyebrow surgery before and after These days women can choose eyebrow restoration to permanently achieve fullness in their thinning brows whether it is natural, damaged, or part of the aging process. Eyebrow surgery has become increasingly popular because thin brows are no longer in style, everyone these days loves to wear …

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Donatella Versace Plastic Surgery Disaster Story

donatella versace before and after

Donatella Versace plastic surgery is one of the more disastrous attempts to manipulate human features. Ironically, it is not the young, youthful looks that many of these celebrities are addicted to. Usually, it is their addiction to perfection that forces them to go under the knife. In many cases it …

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How Much Do Eyebrow Implants Cost: Before and after Photos

eyebrow implants cost

Eyebrow transplant is certainly not for everyone. It is probably for the women whose eyebrows are left with thinned hair forever and they have nothing except regretting their wispy brows and then trying to find a drastic solution to recover their lost eyebrows. They also get their inspiration from eyebrow …

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Sarah Chalke Plastic Surgery – The Truth

sarah chalke before and after

Like several other celebrities, Sarah Chalke plastic surgery is not left out. Whether or not Sarah Chalke plastic surgery is true is yet to be officially confirmed by her. Well, as we age our bodies do change into a condition, most preferably, worse. What we first certainly notice are those …

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