Hooded Eye Makeup Tips And Tutorials for Amazing Eyes

Hooded Eyes Makeup Tutorials

Normal eyes look hooded when we contract them to view distant objects or when our eyelids shrink in sunlight. There is actually an extra layer of skin on the eyelids that makes them hooded. This layer not only drops over the lids but also causes the eyelid to appear smaller in size.

If you’ve got hooded eyes, don’t worry that it is a bit tricky to give them a fresh appeal. Hooded eyes are a still a gorgeous eye shape as our celebrities with hooded etutorials and tip prove. Take a look at the makeup tips and tricks for hooded eyes below. Also, we have collected some excellent hooded eye makeup tutorial videos so that you can give your eyes a perfect look. Before we get too far, lets define the eye type we are talking about.

What are hooded eyes?

With hooded eyes, a fold of skin hangs down and partially covers the top eyelid. Some people over 50 have hooded eyes due to aging. Other people have hooded eyes due to genetics. The image shows how hooded eyes differ from normal, non-hooded eyes:

Hooded Eye Makeup Tips
source: kimgreenemakeup.blogspot.co.uk

Here is a real photo of a hooded eye example, courtesy of Camilla Belle. You can see that a fold of skin hangs down over her top eyelid.

camilla belle hooded eye
source: pinterest

Before we talk about hooded eye makeup tips, we’ll have to know different spots on the eyes, where the eye shadow and eyeliner will be applied. Look at the image given below:

Eye makeup
source: nerdygirlmakeup.com

You can see that the eye makeup spots include:

  1. hightlight / brow bone
  2. contour / crease
  3. lid
  4. outer V
  5. upper lashline
  6. inner corner
  7. lower lashline

So let’s move onto the topic now: make up tips for hooded eyes that will show up your eyes making them sharper.

1. Eyebrow Shape for Hooded Eyes

Hooded Eye Makeup Tutorial
source: becomegorgeous.com

Blake Lively is another celebrity that has hooded eyes. The first thing you’ll have to do for hooded eyes is to create space on your eyelid. It never means that you’ll apply eye shadow outside the area of your normal eyes; instead it means that you’ll make over your eyes in the manner that the space you already have looks maximized.

You’ll start from your eyebrows and take care that their shape is formed like an arch as it will help balance the shape of your eyes. Arch doesn’t have to be dramatic, take into account your overall features and make sure that the shape of your eyebrows accentuates your looks.

2. Use White Eyeliner and Highlighter for Hooded Eyes

White Eyeliner and Highlighter
source: pinterest

The best eyeliner for hooded eyes is a white eyeliner. Define your arch with white eyeliner, and on the lower brow line, apply a bit of white liner and smudge it to blend. It will draw attention to the arch and make the most of the space. Also apply highlighter on your brow bone, it will produce shine and sparkle your eyes.

3. Try a Tutorial for Hooded Eye Makeup

Hooded eyelids are also known as bedroom eyes because they make the eyes look heavy and tired. It’s sometimes hard to fix the tired effect of these eyes because there’s almost no visible eyelid and very little space to use. Follow these makeup tutorials for hooded eyes, and see if they work for you.

Hooded Eye Makeup Tutorial

No doubt, while it is challenging it’s not impossible to fix hooded eyes. By following a few simple tips, you’ll be able to give your hooded eyes a fresher look.

a. Eye Shadow For Hooded Eyes

If you want to know how to apply eye shadow for hooded eyes, then start the process by applying a lighter shade on the top eyelids and use the same color on the inner corner of the eyes. Never apply dark tones for hooded eyelids because they will minimize the space even more.

Makeup for hooded eyes requires the darker shades to be applied on the brow bone and in the crease because it will create a larger lid effect. Also use darker tones on the outer corner of eyes as well as the entire hooded part as it will withdraw the closed effect.

The image below shows the progression of an eyeshadow tutorial for hooded eyes.

Hooded makeup
source: intothepalette.blogspot.com

b. Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes

source: beautylab.nl

Apply thin eyeliners and thin lines for small hooded eyes. And, apply thick lines and thick eyeliners for big hooded eyes like those shown in the picture. You’ll have to be careful while applying eye liner on your hooded eyelids because the hood can get in the way. Before applying gel liner, try to create a line on your upper lash line with powder or pencil and smudge it well as it will give you a base for further work. Avoid creating width with pencil.

c. Mascara or Lashes for Hooded Eyes

Mascara or Lashes
source: emilydenisephotography.com

A generous coating of mascara is one of the essential hooded eye makeup tips. Focus on your upper lashes for mascara because hooded eyes don’t need curled lower lashes, or their eyelids will appear shortened. If you love to wear fake lashes, even then avoid lashes on the lower lid.

Hooded Eye Makeup Tutorial

Here are a couple of video tutorials you can watch from YouTube that show tips and tricks on how to apply makeup for hooded eyes.

Dos and Don’ts of Hooded Eye by stephilalalange

In this hooded eyes makeup tutorial video, you’ll learn simple makeup do’s and don’t about makeup for hooded eyes. You’ll see eye makeup for hooded eyelids with one eye showing the do’s and the other eye demonstrating the dont’s.


Hooded Eyes Makeup Tricks by missmai27

This is a quick makeup tutorial for hooded eyes, using some of tricks for making the most out of hooded eyes. Loads of celebrities have hooded eyes like Blake lively, Selena Gomez and Malin Akerman to name a few amazing, beautiful women. These eye makeup for hooded eyelids tips will make applying your eye shadow easier and your eyes appear lifted and bigger.


Asian Hooded Eyelids Makeup Tutorial by LynetteTee

Here’s a makeup tutorial for Asian hooded eyes. For Asians, a hooded or hidden eyelid refers to an extra layer of skin that droops over the crease, causing the lid to appear smaller, or in some cases, to disappear. In this tutorial you’ll see a few tips on how to apply makeup for hooded Asian or hidden eyelids to make your eyes and eyelids stand out.

General makeup tips for hooded eyes include the below mentioned secrets, revealed by famous salon owners and makeup gurus:

– The best tip is to blend, blend, and blend well and make sure that there are no fall outs or color streaks.

– You may have combination eyes like big hooded eyes, small hooded eyes, close set hooded eyes, or deep set hooded eyes. If this is the case, you should take into account all these eye features and work accordingly.

– All the girls who love winged eyeliner should take care of that the wing they make doesn’t cover their hood when their eyes are opened. It’s advisable to invest in a nice angled brush and use liquid eyeliner because it can easily be angled as compared with powders or pencils.

– It is better to use darkest eye shadow color or black on the crease and hood. Using mid tones on these areas will drag the eyes downwards that go opposite to your purpose of makeup for hooded eyes.

We hope you’ve picked up a tip or two about makeup tricks for hooded eyes, and that you found our eye makeup tutorials for hooded eyes useful. If we’ve missed something, or you want to learn more about anything, hit us back at the comments below.

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