40 Mehandi Designs For Hands To Look Unique

Mehndi also known as henna is the love of every Asian woman and her preparation for weddings and festivities is incomplete without mehndi design for hands to look unique. Mehndi designs are drawn on hands, feet, arms, and legs and mehndi is very popular in India, Pakistan, Arab, Africa, and Bangladesh.

The most common type of mehndi designs is what we draw on hands so here we’ve compiled a picture gallery of 40 unique mehndi designs for hands.

1. Shaded Paisleys
Shaded Paisleys
The first design is perfect for festive occasions. Virgin girls can confidently decorate their hands with these beautiful paisleys. This design is easy to create and is not messy at all.

2. Full Pansy
Full Pansy
A full blossomed pansy on the back of the hands extends itself towards her fingers in form of small buds and leaves. A cute full hands mehndi design for teenage girls that even novices can draw easily.

3. Roses Roses All the Way
Roses Roses All the Way
Roses fill her hands so elegantly that there is no need to wear any kind of jewelry. This is an ideal design for someone who loves full hands mehndi designs. For best results, draw it with black mehndi.

4. Checkered Fingers
Checkered Fingers
Here is how you can wear a traditional design with a modern flair. The weave pattern makes this floral idea look so fabulous.

5. Hanging Stars
Hanging Stars
Mehndi is not always drawn for a special occasion; at times you can draw it when sitting idle. Hanging stars is a doodle for such moments.

6. Eiffel Tower  
Eiffel Tower
Did you ever see such a unique mehndi design?

7. Three Flowers for the Wrist
Three Flowers for the Wrist
Draw half bloomed flowers on your wrist when you don’t have much time to allow mehndi to dry.

8. Tiny Paisley Spray
Tiny Paisley Spray
These tiny paisleys sit beautifully well on the back of the hand with the bigger one drawn in the other corner.

9. Peacock With Attitude
Peacock With Attitude
Peacock feathers made on the fingers perfectly complement the center motif.

10. Round Celtic Motif
Round Celtic Motif
Enjoy the simplicity of this design as it is so easy to create even a 10 years old can do this.

11. Ring Finger Pattern
Ring Finger Pattern
Again a Celtic motif attached to a smaller version of the same pattern on the ring finger.

12. Crochet Pattern
Crochet Pattern
You’ll love the intricacy of this design as it follows a unique crochet pattern created with fabric and threads otherwise.

13. Flower Head
Flower Head
Some unique mehndi designs for hands look fabulous when you draw them on feet, legs, arms, or even neck.

14. Cute Round Flowers
Cute Round Flowers
Cute round flowers are drawn everywhere from hands to wrists and half of the fingers are also filled with elaborative design.

15. Pointed Leaves
Pointed Leaves
Pointed leaves enclose the little spools that occupy three fingers on the back of the hand.

16. Three in One Colors

Three in One Colors
You can fill in with any colors of your choice or whatever color is prominent in your dress.

17. Encircled Leaves

Encircled Leaves
You can draw these encircled leaves starting from the fifth finger or from thumb to the opposite side of the wrist.

18. Longhaired Princess
Longhaired Princess
An ideal design for little girls who love dolls

19. Zig Zag Flowers
Zig Zag Flowers
Anyone will fall in love with this zig zag floral pattern that begins from the index finger.

20. Celtic Knot Stencil
Celtic Knot Stencil
This Celtic knot is not so intricate but it needs a lot of practice because you’ll have to draw it with a sense of balance.

21. Slushy Little Dots  
Slushy Little Dots
Draw this sweet design on your little girl’s hands and she’ll love you for that.

22. Circle in the Middle
Circle in the Middle
Everyone will enjoy wearing this elegant circle in the middle, be it a 5 years old baby girl or a 40 years old lady.

23. Blue Pansy Strokes
Black Mehndi for Full Hands
Wear these gorgeous pansy strokes on an engagement ceremony and they will sure give you nice complements.

24. Frills on Fingers
Frills on Fingers
This mehndi design is very suitable for mature women who like wearing simple and not so spectacular patterns.

25. Half Sunflower
Half Sunflower
Half flowered pattern will look at its best when drawn with black mehndi.

26. Glittery Roses
Glittery Roses
Fill in red and green glitter to get the maximum shimmer.

27. Muted Pattern
Muted Pattern
This pattern is called muted, because it will allow your fingers to strike the rings or nail paint you wear.

28. Bridal Bliss
Bridal Bliss
A perfect bridal mehndi design for first day bride.

29. Wandering Leaf
Wandering Leaf
Again a pattern that allows some space for your nail paint and jewelry

30. Paisley Balloons
Paisley Balloons
Picture-perfect for your baby’s little hands

31. Heavy Scrawl
Heavy Scrawl
Heavy scrawl for a bride wearing white dress

32. Magnificent Mehndi Scrawls
Magnificent Mehndi Scrawls
It is a rather heavy design that is only suitable to wear on engagement or wedding occasions.

33. Sweet Little Hearts
Sweet Little Hearts
Hearts look cute and sweet even when you draw them randomly

34. Gold and Purple Dust
Gold and Purple Dust
You can change any simple design into a splendid one with shimmers added to it.

35. Ink and Mehndi Combo
Ink and Mehndi Combo
Try this unique combination of mehndi with blue ink.

36. Black Mehndi for Full Hands
Black Mehndi for Full Hands
A perfect match of red nail paint and black mehndi design with off white dress the bride has worn.

37. Wild Jasmine
Wild Jasmine
This wild flower pattern will not complement any jewelry be it a ring or a bracelet.

38. Oak Leaves
Oak Leaves
A pattern that defines the very details of oak leaves beginning from wrist elegantly goes to the index finger.

39. Perfect Bridal Design
Perfect Bridal Design
This is a sure comment getter mehndi pattern inspiration for brides to be.

40. Chic and Hot
Chic and Hot
A very feminine design with a flair of modernity in which you can change the color of beads according to your dress color.

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