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Best Coconut Oil for Hair and Skin and Where to Buy It

Basically there are two broad types of coconut oils one of the types is mass produced at an industrial level and the process needs refining and the other type is that begins with fresh coconut oil and it is not much refined. When we say best coconut oil for hair, we mean the most natural form of coconut oil to be used. Naturally coconut oil is refined product as we all know that oil can’t grow on a tree like coconuts.

The best coconut oil for skin is extracted from coconuts and during that process; it gets refined. So if you really want to use ‘unrefined’ coconut oil, you’ll have to use the oil that resides inside the coconut meat right when you pick it off from the tree. We use another term for this most unrefined form of coconut oil and that is ‘virgin coconut oil‘.

So when you next visit market to buy coconut oil, ask for virgin coconut oil from the seller. Most coconut industry insiders and health researchers agree on the fact that the virgin coconut oil is what we derive without having the coconut dried. Since there is no global certification body to authenticate virgin coconut oils produced anywhere in the world, so the term virgin is used independently by coconut oil manufacturers.

The result is that we see a number of fake virgin coconut oil brands in the market and it becomes very difficult to choose the real one. So keep reading to know how to buy the best coconut oil for skin.

Best Coconut Oil for Skin

Best Coconut Oil for Skin

There are several brands of the best coconut oil to buy that contains healthy ingredients to give you a glowing skin. Holland & Barrett is a famous food chain and it has recently doubled its coconut oil sales, hence proves to be the best organic coconut oil ever. This coconut oil claims having ingredients like essential fatty acids that make your skin glowing and the regular customers also associate the brand’s coconut oil with delivering other health benefits such as gradual weight loss; although there is not much consensus about the reality of these claims.

This coconut oil is extracted from mature fruits and can be used raw. You can drink it, use it in cooking or baking, or apply it to your skin as a toner or moisturizer. It contains a very tiny molecular structure that allows rapid absorption of oil in to your skin and gives it a soft and flexible structure. So it proves to be a very effective ointment to remove rough, dry, and dead skin.

It can also be used as a great sun screen because it melts nicely in to your skin and is capable of protecting your skin against harmful sun rays.

Best Coconut Oil for Hair

virgin coconut oil

Organic cold pressed virgin coconut oil is by far the best organic coconut oil brand since it not only contains health benefits for hair but it is also a strong herbal medicine. This brand contains maximum known sources of medium chain fatty acids with 50% of lauric acid that is unique only to this manufacturer.

If you plan to massage coconut oil into your hair on daily basis, then Organic cold pressed should be your first choice because of its adequate amount of lauric acid since taking lauric acid in excess can be harmful and can put you on risk for coronary heart disease.

It has extraordinary moisturizing properties along with great absorption power that proves to be very beneficial for your overall health. The lauric acid constituents in this product are good enough to reduce male pattern baldness. Since it moisturizes your skin, it helps grow stronger hair.

For optimal results, apply it twice a week and massage into your hair for at least 20 minutes. You can shampoo afterwards although there is no need to condition your hair after massage, but if you have very frizzy hair and conditioning matters to you, then you can use your normal conditioner after you rinse your hair.

Usage of Coconut Oil for Skin and Hair:

As stated above, unrefined coconut oil has many benefits for your skin and hair, and it’s great for the environment! There are no added chemicals, fragrances, or dyes when you use an all-natural product like coconut oil.

Instead, you will be treating your skin and hair to the antibacterial, anti fungal, and moisturizing benefits of raw coconut oil. Next time you want to pamper yourself, try out these natural beauty tips from our friends at Green Future!

Coconut Oil All-Over Moisturizer

Simply use organic coconut oil instead of your everyday lotion. Coconut oil will be slippery before it soaks in, so be sure to use it sparingly and allow time for it to set before getting dressed. Focus on rough patches of skin like elbows, knees, and feet!

Coconut Oil Uses for Skin

After washing your face at night, dab a small amount of coconut oil onto a wrinkle-prone area. Be sure to wash it off before applying make up in the morning.

Coconut Oil Uses

Thoroughly massage coconut oil onto your skin where you have cellulite. Massaging the area will help increase circulation and decrease the appearance of dimples.

Coconut Oil Uses for Hair

Generously apply coconut oil to your hair to moisturize and repair your strands. The vitamin E and lauric acid found in raw coconut oil helps keep your hair shiny and healthy!

Where Can You Buy It?

You can buy coconut oil from a local store that is reputable and is known for selling authentic goods. You can also order it online at Walmart or Amazon. Make your choice based on the reputation of the seller and the ingredients written on the packaging.

You can also take maximum information when you go online and you can do so by visiting the seller’s official website. Also consider the mission of the manufacturer and if possible concentrate more on the procedure of how they produce and extract their oil.

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