Best Hair Color for Fair Skin: 53 Ideas You Probably Missed

A lot of women with fair skin think that a darker or warmer skin tone is better and would go better with more hairstyles and hair colors. In this article, we’ll prove you wrong by providing a list of the most beautiful and best hairstyles and hair colors for fair skin.

If you have a fair skin tone, these unique and gorgeous hairstyles are here to inspire you:

Best Hair Color For Fair Skin

Light Cool Brown Hair Color for Fair Skin and Hazel Eyes

light cool brown hair color for fair skin and hazel eyes

For fair skin, a light shade of brown hair color will work wonders as it doesn’t clash too much with your skin tone. In this style inspiration, you can see a light and cool brown hues. This hair color pairs well with hazel eyes.

Mahogany-toned Brunette Shade for Fair Skin

Mahogany-toned brunette shade for fair skin
source: eonline

Get all the benefits of this brunette shade with mahogany undertones, namely, a stylish way to bring life to your dark hair and a great way to bring out the best in your eyes and skin tone.

Naturally Sunkissed Bronde Highlights

Naturally sunkissed bronde highlights
source: maneinterest

In this hairstyle, we see shades of brown and blonde clashing together in a beautiful balayage.

Cool Neon Balayage Blonde Hair for Fair Skin

cool neon balayage for fair skin

For a more creative and edgy look for your fair skin, have a balayage consisting of neon orange, yellow, pink, purple, and green.

Cute Purple Hair Color for Fair Skin

purple hair color for fair skin and brown eyes

If you want your hair looking as bright and unique as it can be, grow out long locks before dying into a magnificent shade of dark purple.

Green Hair Color for Fair Skin

green hair color for fair skin

These bright green highlights accent a fair skin tone, bringing in color to add interest and personality.

Lovely Bronde Hair

Bronde hair

In this version of the blonde hairstyle, the brown overtakes the blonde shades—but in a stylishly good way.

Blonde Crown Braids for Fair Skin

blonde crown braids for fair skin

Cute Rainbow Updo for Fair Skin

rainbow updo for fair skin

If you have rainbow colored hair, try braiding it into an updo as such to make the colors blend together.

Pure Black Hair on Pale Skin

Pure black hair on pale skin
source: instagram/maha_yanna

Keeping things simple in this short bob haircut is a great way to contrast against pale skin. In this particular style, a natural black hair color is featured.

Best Hair Color Ideas for Fair Skin and Green Eyes

For those with green eyes and fair skin, here are a couple of the best hair color ideas for you. Rich colors can show off your green eyes while giving you the right amount of contrast to balance your skin tone.

Black Hair for Fair Skin with Green Eyes

black hair for fair skin with green eyes

One of the best hair colors for fair skin and green eyes is a long, straight, jet black hairstyle. This color style lends itself to creating dramatic eyes. For a look that is conservative yet striking, consider a black hair color.

Bright Red Hair Color for Fair Skin and Green Eyes

bright red hair color for fair skin and green eyes

The complementary color for green is red, and these two colors in combination give an energizing effect. If you have green eyes and fair skin consider a red hair color to spice up your looks. Go all in with a bright red hairstyle and matching lipstick color to bring out the green in your eyes.

Beach Blonde Hair Color on Big, Voluminous Waves

Beach blonde hair color on big voluminous waves
source: polishedandpinkblog

Complement the fairness of your skin and brightness of your green eyes with a light shade of blonde.

Golden Blonde Hair Color on Side-Swept Bob

Golden blonde hair color on side swept bob

Nab Scarlett’s red carpet look with a side-swept bob that is colored with a gorgeous shade of golden blonde—a beautiful contrast to your fair skin.

Reddish Auburn Hair Color for Fair Skin

Reddish auburn hair color for fair skin
source: byrdie

A vibrant shade of hair color against fair skin can make your skin tone glow even brighter. In this example, you can see a stunning shade of reddish brown hair that fits well with a simple, curly and short bob.

Dark Brunette Center-Part Hairstyle

Dark brunette center part hairstyle
source: coisasdocesdavida

Be clean and pristine with this center-part and neatly combed hairstyle.

Big Fishtail Braid and Brownish Black Hair

Big fishtail braid and brownish black hair
source: harpersbazaar

If you have naturally curly hair, try braiding it into a beautiful fishtail braid as in this one. Fair skin and green eyes can also benefit from the contrast that this dark brunette shade provides.

Chocolate Brown Hair Color for Fair Skin and Green Eyes

Chocolate brown hair

A simple and pretty option for women with fair skin. In this hairstyle, there is a layering at the bottom of the hair paired with a great shade of chocolate brown.

Dark Mocha Brown with Auburn Highlights

Dark mocha brown with auburn highlights

Give your wavy curls a hair color makeover with a dark chocolate brown base and apply auburn highlights to give your mane just a little bit of flare.

Stunning Strawberry Blonde Balayage

Strawberry blonde balayage

A definitely classic shade of blonde that you can try is strawberry blonde. This shade is particularly fantastic complement to your green eyes and fair skin.

Best Hair Color for Fair Skin and Blue Eyes

Many women with blue eyes have fair skin. Let’s explore some of the best hair colors and hair styles that work with that color combination.

Denim Blue Hair Color for Fair Skin and Blue Eyes

denim blue hair color for fair skin and blue eyes

Choose a denim blue balayage hair color to match your steely blue eyes. The feathered color will draw attention to your eyes and give a stunning look to your fair skin tone.

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Pastel Rainbow Highlights

pastel rainbow highlights for fair skin

It’s a bit difficult and tedious to achieve, but when done right, this pastel rainbow hairstyle can make you look like a princess. In this particular style, you can see shades of pink, orange, yellow, and green—all in one pastel heaven.

Natural Blonde Highlights with Topknot

Natural blonde highlights with topknot

Add more personality to your brown hair by applying a shade of “natural” blonde to bring out the color of your blue eyes.

Bleach Blonde Hairstyle

Bleach blonde hairstyle

This very light shade of blonde will make you look like a classic American dream, especially when paired with baby blue eyes and fair skin.

Strawberry Blonde and Ashy Blonde Combo

strawberry blonde hair color for fair skin and blue eyes

In this hairstyle, we can see a bit of ashy blonde at the top and strawberry blonde at the bottom of the hair. An unusual combination, but subtle enough to not clash with each other.

Dark Smokey Gray Hair for Fair Skin and Blue Eyes

Dark smokey grey hair

Achieve a Snow White-like appearance with a shade of smokey grey hair. Your blue eyes will surely look wonderful when contrasting with this very light shade of hair color.

Cute Lavender Highlights with a Short Choppy Bob for Fair Skin and Blue Eyes

Cute lavender hair color for fair skin

Make your hair look artistic and fun with a lovely shade of bright lavender.

Light Brown Hair Color with Highlights and Lowlights

Light brown hair color with highlights and lowlights

Your hair is your canvas, and you can try mixing shades of light brown, medium brown, and blonde to arrive at this result.

Neon Yellow-Green Ombre

Neon yellow green ombre

Add more personality to your hair with a unique shade of neon yellow and green to the ends of your hair (that is, if don’t want to go all the way)

Pastel Blue Hair for Fair Skin and Blue Eyes

Pastel blue hair

It’s not doubt that pastel hues look amazing on pale skin like in this example. A shade of light pastel blue can match your blue eyes beautifully.

Pink Blue Neon Green Pastel Rainbow Hair

Pink blue neon green pastel rainbow hair

Another complicated-to-do hairstyle, but amazing, nonetheless. Find a talented stylist and have your curly waves colored in pink, blue, green, and lilac to create a layered rainbow effect.

Pink Hair with Blue Bangs

Pink hair with blue bangs

Another pastel masterpiece in this list! If you want to be extra playful, add blue color to your bangs with a cotton candy pink base.

Best Hair Color for Fair Skin and Brown Eyes

For women with brown eyes and a fair skin tone, there are many complementary hairstyles and hair colors that work for you.

Ashy Blonde Balayage for Fair Skin and Brown Eyes

blonde balayage for fair skin and brown eyes

You can also add depth to your wavy curls with a combination of ashen blonde, medium brown, and dark brown.

Grayish Hair Color with Lilac Undertones

Grayish hair color with lilac undertones

Gray hair is pretty interesting. But with a very subtle, lilac undertone, you can create more playfulness to your look.

Light Blonde Hair Color For Fair Skin and Brown Eyes

light blonde hair color for fair skin and brown eyes

One of the best and brightest looks for fair skin and brown eyes is to go with long, light blonde hair. Dark roots grounds the color tone keeping your face from being washed out. This clean look highlights your eyes and brings sunshine where ever you go.

Cotton Candy Pink Hair

cotton candy pink hair for fair skin

This shade is a great option for women with fair skin and hazel eyes, as it complements their colors with a dark shade of pink.

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Natural Balayage for Fair Skin and Brown Eyes

natural balayage for fair skin and brown eyes

You can try matching the color of your eyes to your hair. In this hairstyle for dark brown eyes, a balayage consisting of light blondes and dark browns can be seen combining into beautiful blends.

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Cute Orange to Pink Colored Hair for Women with Fair Skin

Orange to pink colored hair

If you want to draw all attention to your hair, you can try neon shades of orange and pink to combine them into a neon rainbow mane like this.

Ginger Hairstyle for Fair Skin

Ginger hairstyle for fair skin

If you don’t have naturally occurring ginger hair color, you can try getting a faux shade of ginger red to combine with your pale skin.

Classy Dark Brown Hairstyle

Classy dark brown hairstyle

In this example, you can see a dark brunette base with a little bit of medium blonde highlights. A subtle but pretty effect.

Golden Brown Hair Color for Fair Skin and Brown Eyes

Golden brown hair color for fair skin

You can see a mix of blonde and brown hues in this hairstyle, and you can try this stunning shade out if you don’t want to go totally blonde or brown.

Best Hair Color for Fair Skin and Hazel eyes


Blonde and Blue Ombre for Fair Skin

blonde with blue ombre for fair skin and hazel eyes

This idea is a pretty creative take on the ombre style. With this particular style, we see a combination of bleached blonde and very bright blue contrasting with each other.

Mermaid Hair For Fair Skin and Hazel Eyes

mermaid hair color for fair skin and hazel eyes

This mermaid hair color for fair skin and hazel eyes will leave your friends swimming in envy. The bright mermaid blues, greens, pinks, and yellows bring the vibrant colors of the sea to your hair. This hair color works best with fair skin, so if your personality can handle it, check yourself into this color.

Honey Blonde Hair Color for Fair Skin and Hazel Eyes

honey blonde hair color for fair skin and hazel eyes

For pale skin and hazel eyes, consider a honey blonde hair color highlights. This soft brown hair color warms your skin tone and frames your h

Best Hair Color for Fair Skin and Gray Eyes

Gray or grayish eyes and fair skin are another beautiful color combination that dresses well with a number of hair colors. Check out these examples:

Dark Coffee Tones on Black Hair

Dark coffee tones on black hair

Natural black hair can be upped into a new level by adding coffee tones to your hairstyle, which will surely provide a beautiful clash against your gray eyes.

Icy Blonde Hair Color for Fair Skin and Gray Eyes

icy blonde hair color for fair skin and gray eyes

Complement the color of your steely gray eyes with an icy blonde hair color, paired great with a long and stylish hairstyle.

Light Blonde and Ashy Dark Blonde Hair Color for Fair Skin

Light blonde and ashy dark blonde hair color

Achieve a natural-looking hair color for your wavy curls by adding a dark blonde ombre to your brown hair.

Orange and Yellow Ombre Dip Dyed Hair

Orange and yellow ombre dip dyed hair

Be the center of attention everywhere you go with this super bright hairstyle consisting of neon orange hair color with a dip dyed yellowish-orange hue at the bottom. A great option if you want to take a break from natural shades.

Pink Hair Color for Fair Skin and Gray Eyes

pink hair color for fair skin and gray eyes

Consider infusing your hair with a shade of light pink highlights if you have blonde hair. The soft pink hair color will set off and highlight your gray eyes.

Rainbow Ombre Hair Color for Fair Skin and Gray Eyes

rainbow ombre for fair skin and gray eyes

When you just can’t settle on a single color, its time to turn to rainbow hair color for fair skin. The bright rainbow colors bring a delicious zest to your look and make you stand out from the crowd.

Also consider shaved hairstyles with a rainbow ombre color consisting of bright hues of pink, purple, green, and yellow green.

Short Curled Silver Gray Hair

Short curled silver grey hair
source: pinterest

Be the ice queen you always wanted to be with a pair of steel grey eyes matched with a silvery dark grey hair color.

Strawberry Blonde Hair

Strawberry blonde hair
source: harpersbazaar

This shade of blonde on fair skin and gray eyes is a trio to die for. Try this shade out with an equally as beautiful long and wavy hairstyle.

Rose Gold Brown Hair

Rose gold brown hair

If you want your hair to be in between the shades of blonde and brown, you can try a unique shade of rose gold like in this photo.

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