65 Popular Asian Men Hairstyles & Haircuts You Gotta See

Latest Asian Men Hairstyles and Haircuts to Rock This Season – Men from the East have hairstyle tastes that are a little bit different from Westerners. Their own sense of style is what makes their hairstyles uniquely suitable for Asian looks. Nevertheless, men from all around the world can take a tip from Asian men’s hairstyles and see for themselves the power of a good Asian haircut.

In this article, I have compiled a bunch of hairstyles that are characteristically Asian-looking or Asian-inspired. As expected, these hairstyles are popular among the men from the East.

1. Short and Layered Bangs for Asian Men

Short and layered bangs for Asian men

The ability of bangs to add height and importance to your look is what makes this hairstyle a great option for men who want to look clean and formal.

2. Brushed Up Quiff Hairstyle for Asian Guys

Brushed up quiff hairstyle for Asian men

Just like men from the West, haircuts that are short and neat are popular among Easterners as well. In this look, you keep hair away from your face while looking like a man who puts a lot of effort into being presentable.

3. Mid-length Fringe with Undercut

Mid-length fringe with undercut

Yes, the undercut hairstyle is also popular among Asians. In this example, the edgy effect of the undercut hairstyle is combined with a carefully arranged mid-length fringe that is neither too long nor too short.

4. Combed Back Hair with High Fade Haircut for Asian Men

Combed back hair with high fade for asian guys

Round faces like in this example can become sharper looking with a cut that has a lot of edges. Moreover, this is another hairstyle that combines cleanliness and style.

5. Cherubic Curls

Cherubic curls

Cupid’s curls are seen to be feminine-looking, but with a subtle undercut, it becomes a whole different story.

6. Mid-length Bangs on Messy Hair

Mid-length bangs on messy hair

It’s true that Asians become ten times younger when they have a messy and youthful looking haircut such as this one.

7. Messy Pompadour Haircut for Asian Men

Messy pompadour haircut for Asian men

Create an air of importance and a good impression with a high and slightly messy pompadour haircut.

8. Messy and Tangled Bedhead Hair

Messy and tangled bedhead hair

For some men, keeping their hair messy can save them the trouble of styling it in the morning. On another plus note, with this hairstyle, you can say that you’ve meant to have your hair that way.

9. Medium Length Layered Hairstyle for Asian Men

Medium length layered hairstyle for Asian men

One of the popular Asian men hairstyles is medium-length hair with bangs, styled into carefully layered locks that makes you look young and carefree.

10. Long Bangs with Short Sides

Long bangs with short sides

The combination of long and short hair into one hairstyle can create magnificent results, as apparent in this example, which fits almost any face shape.

11. Light Green Hair for Asian Men

Light green hair

It’s popular among Asian men, especially those exposed to the Asian pop culture, to have outrageous hairstyles as this. In this example, you can see an adorable pastel color on moppy hair.

12. Sexy Sky Gray Hair

Sky gray hair

A popular and perhaps milder color of hair is a silver to gray hue that would fit light skin.

13. Asian Men’s Short and Scruffy Hairstyle

Asian men's short and scruffy hairstyle

Another casual in the book is the short and scruffy hairstyle. With a short hairstyle and a simple ruffling of the hair, you can look cool and nonchalant in an instant.

14. Neat Bangs Asian Men Hairstyle

Neat bangs Asian men hairstyle

This hairstyle is great—young and a little messy on one side and formal and kept on the other side.

15. Short Layered Hairstyle for Asian Boys

Short layered hairstyle for Asian guys

This hairstyle requires pretty much no styling at all. If that’s your preference, this hairstyle is great for an everyday look.

16. Mid-length Shaggy Hair

Mid length shaggy hair

Popular among teenagers in Asian countries, this hairstyle exudes playfulness and sort of a boy next door type in Asian style.

17. Burgundy Hair Color for Asian Men

Burgundy hair color for Asian men

Who says men can’t pull off burgundy? This hair color is great for almost any hairstyle, and can bring out the color of your skin nicely.

18. Slick Side-part with Buzz Fade Haircut

Slick side part with buzz fade

Another western trend that has reached our Asian brothers is the buzz fade hairstyle. With this look, you can combine your playful and cool personalities into one.

19. Center Brush Up

Center brush up

Brushing your hair up to the center to create a shark’s fin type of look is a great way to keep your hair neat and tidy, while also looking cool as hell.

20. Wavy Tapered Hairstyle

Wavy tapered hairstyle

This hairstyle goes from a curly and messy fringe and transitions to a short and neat back. A great option to keep your wavy hair from going all over the place.

21. Coppery Blonde Color

Coppery blonde color

Adding a little bit of color to Asian men hairstyles is a big trend with many countries. In this example, you can add life to your black hair with a tinge of coppery blonde.

22. Shaved Partition for Asian Males

Shaved partition

A neat hairstyle can become less boring by shaving along the partition of your hair.

23. High and Wavy Asian Men Hairstyle

High wavy Asian men hairstyle

Specifically among the Japanese, wavy and unkempt hair is very popular among young men. This hairstyle can give a feel of playfulness with its messy curls.

24. Ramen Hairstyle

Ramen hairstyle

Resembling uncooked ramen noodles, this hairstyle is both a great way to tame your curly hair and also highlight it as an adding feature to your look.

25. Wavy Fringe for Asian Men

Wavy fringe for Asian men

To enhance the shape of your face, you can employ the help of a high and wavy fringe, paired with an undercut along the sides.

26. Spiky Back Hairstyle

Spiky back hairstyle

When you’ve got no more room for styling at the front of your hair, bring your spiky style to the back.

27. Long and Curly Fringe for Asian Men

Long and curly fringe for Asian men

This hairstyle is another popular option to make use of your long fringe and create a feel of playfulness.

28. Thick and Curly Hair

Thick and curly hair

For men with this hair type, brushing your hair to the center and keeping the sides short can help in making your hairstyle look neater.

29. Short Quiff with High Fade

Short quiff with high fade

If you want to have as little hair as possible without being bald, you can have a really short quiff haircut and combine that with a high fade along the sides.

30. Short Bangs and Buzz Fade Haircut for Asian Men

Short bangs and buzz fade

Another edgy Asian men hairstyle is the short bangs and buzz fade combination. Simple, yet very badass.

31. Clean Haircut for Curly Hair

Clean haircut for curly hair

A common problem among men with curly hair is their curls looking unkempt. Thankfully, you have this hairstyle that can make you look very well kept and manscaped.

32. Short Brushed Up Center Hairstyle for Asian Men

Short brushed up center hairstyle for Asian men

Creating height for your hair is essential to make it look voluminous especially for men with thin or thinning hair.

33. Wavy Center with Disconnected Fade Haircut

Wavy center with disconnected fade

This hairstyle is great for round or oval face shapes because it centers the hair and takes the attention away from the sides.

34. Buzz Cut Fade

Buzz cut fade

This hairstyle is pretty simple enough and recommended for those who don’t want to have the trouble of styling their hair often.

35. Side Combover with Mid Fade on Sides

Side combover with mid fade on sides

This hairstyle is very formal in its feel, but it isn’t too boring. In fact, it makes a man look younger than he really is, making him look more fun and outgoing.

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