7 Essential Foods for Faster Hair Growth & Healthy Hair

Just as your health depends on what you eat, similarly your hair reflect the inside health and you can achieve faster hair growth and healthy hair by eating good and nutritious food. The cells that are responsible to make your hair strands stronger require a supply of healthy nutrients and this need can only be met through healthy food.

You should have a balanced diet with an equal amount of minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids to ensure a constant supply of nutrients to make your hair healthier, shinier, and stronger. Foods for hair growth must include protein because strands of our hair are composed of protein so they need it to grow. At any given point in time, 90% of our hair are in their growing phase and this period stays there for almost three years.

Faster Hair Growth Tips

Then there comes a resting phase, when our hair don’t grow at all for three months or so. Then our hair are shed and of course new hair take their place. Mostly we complain that our hair don’t grow much, it is mainly because of lack of protein. When we don’t take enough protein, a disproportionate number of hair stay into the resting phase for an unknown period of time.

Besides protein, iron is also vital for your hair health. Vitamin E and traces of some minerals including magnesium and copper are also very important to maintain the shape of your hair. These nutrients also participate in the production of proteins that in turn helps grow your hair faster.

Lack of iron in your body can cause excessive hair loss but most hair care professionals advise not to eat too much of organ meat to make up your iron deficiency. Instead they emphasize on eating fish, pork, and beef.

Vegetables are also a good source to obtain healthy iron such as lentils, soya, white beans, and spinach and these vegetables make up your iron deficiency within days.

Here are 7 foods for healthy hair growth and reduction in hair fall:

1. Walnuts (Vitamin B7)

Walnuts (Vitamin B7)

Walnuts are known as ‘hair food’ because they are a good source of getting biotin. Biotin or Vitamin B7 is essential for hair growth and in turn to reduce hair fall. When your body lacks of an adequate amount of biotins, you are at an increased risk of hair breakage and hair shedding.

2. Fish (Essential Fatty Acids)

Fish (Essential Fatty Acids)

Essential fatty acids are an important requirement for the healthy functioning of your skin and body and it obviously includes hair too. Unfortunately our body cannot produce these nutrients on its own so we’ll have to include them in our food to achieve healthy growing hair. Fish and avocado are an amazing source of getting essential fatty acids.

3. Berries (Vitamin C and Collagen)

Berries (Vitamin C and Collagen)

Collagen builds a protective layer that surrounds each strand of hair and this layer collapses along with ageing hence making hair exposed to problems. The only way to build collagen naturally is to eat vitamin C rich foods. Your hair will get more collagen to protect them when you eat more strawberries, red peppers, and other citrus rich fruits.

4. Orange Juice (Vitamin D)

Orange Juice (Vitamin D)

Sunlight is the most common and richest source of vitamin D but doctors recommend that exposing hair to sunlight is not good for their health as opposed to body. Instead, for hair growth related vitamin D sources, you should look towards fortified milk, cereals, butter, and orange juice. Although there is still a lot of controversy regarding the ideal amount of vitamin D required for hair growth but there is a consensus on that it is required for the health of your hair.

5. Raw Vegetables (Keratin)

Raw Vegetables (Keratin)

Keratin is an essential protein required for hair growth and reduction in hair fall and Methylsulfonylmethane supports the production of keratin. According to a recent study people who had adequate amounts of keratin in their diet showed amazingly improved hair growth and reduced hair fall within a few weeks as compared with people who had a lack of keratin in their diets. Raw vegetables are a great source to obtain healthy keratin for hair growth.

6. Herb Saw Palmetto Berries

Herb Saw Palmetto Berries

This herb is also known as serenoa repens and it is recommended to grow hair in men. According to a study, an intake of 400mg of Saw Palmetto on daily basis is seen to improve hair growth in men.

7. Greek Yoghurt

Greek Yoghurt

When we make homemade hair remedies, we use Greek yoghurt in almost all of them and there is reason to it. Its low fat versions contain vitamin B5 and vitamin D that are associated with the growth of hair follicles in humans.

So instead of getting frustrated on seeing strands of hair tangled in your hair brush, you should eat these 7 foods for hair growth and avoid hair loss.


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