59 Stunning Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

6. Classy Simple Blond Wedding Hairstyles

Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair 5

Creating this wedding hairstyle is as simple as it appears to be. First straighten your hair for a polished look and then center part it. Bring a third section from front towards back and secure with fancy or bridal hair accessories. Check out these other ideas for simple blonde wedding hairdos.

simple blonde hairstyle for wedding1

7. Poofy Bun Wedding Hairstyle

Easy Poofy Bun for Short Hair
source: pinterest

Part your hair leaving some strands from the front. Apply hair spray to hold and tease each section as much as you can. Wrap hair from front towards the back and from back to the inside of your neck. Wrap from temples towards back of the neck also. At the end, take the remaining front strands and lay on the top of the crown area for a more even look.

More styles of wedding hairstyles with puffed buns can be seen below:

poof bun updo for wedding
poof bun updo for wedding1
poof bun updo for wedding2

8. Twisted Updo Wedding Hairstyles

twisted updo

Deeply side part your hair, then twist your hair taking smaller sections and secure each section with bobby pins at the back. Now take the remaining hair from the nape of the back and twist them too but take care the twisting direction should be upwards. And at the end spray your hair for extra hold.

Twists can be in many different wedding hairstyles, see these pictures for inspiration:

twisted wedding updos
twisted wedding updos2
twisted wedding updos3

9. Short Strands Wedding Hairstyles

short strands for wedding
Short Wedding Hairstyles for curly hair

Are you ready for full curls? I can bet that this hairstyle will give your hair a real dramatic look. You’ll look elegant even wearing a night dress. This is one of the best short hairstyles for wedding.

full curls wedding hair short
full curls wedding hair
full curls short hair for wedding
full curls short hair for wedding2
full curls short hair for wedding3

This is a decent look even for hairstyles for long curly hair. Full curls can be tried in many different cuts and lengths as you see in these pictures:

10. Side Parted Short Hairdos for Wedding

A side part hairdo for short hair works well as a wedding hairstyle for round faces – The side part gives round faces a nice angle.

Let’s check out some side parted short wedding hairstyles:

side parted pink hair for wedding
sideparted short wedding haircut
side parted short blonde hair
side parted retro waves short hair
massively curled and side parted short bob
angled bob bridal hair
pixie bangs wedding hair
long growing pixie bangs blonde hair wedding
short bob blunt bangs wedding
medium bob blunt bangs wedding
headband style bangs wedding hair

11. Short Hair for Wedding with Bangs

12. Short Braided Wedding Hairstyles

short braided wedding hairstyle
curls medium bob braid
short hair wedding braid
sideswept short hair braid bridal hair
short bob bridal hair braid
short bridal hair braid

When it’s your turn to be a bride or bridesmaid and you’ve got short hair, don’t rush out to get hair extensions. You can have an amazing wedding hairstyle for your short hair. We hope we’ve shown you enough wedding hairstyles for short hair to inspire your next look.

You can do loose and pretty wedding hairstyles, be it waves or curls – they make you look gorgeous like a princess.

Another option is to look sophisticated yet modern with sleek and polished hairstyles. The choice depends on your mood, bridal outfit, and of course your personality.

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