85 Best Hairstyles, Haircuts for Black Men and Boys

The Messy Bun for men

Messy buns are just too casual and not formal, they represent the personality and nature of a man – easy going, understanding and chic.

62. Dyed only at Top Hairstyle

Dyed only at Top

Only the top part of the head is dyed in any and many colors, of the choice. But, the color is not of too many shades, it is mostly of one shade. Moreover, the left over hair are usually of the natural color. Looks saucy and can turn heads of women who are into real fashion.

63. Cropped Wavy Hair

Cropped Wavy Hair for men

Short cropped hair are in and can’t really get out of fashion. Neat, sleek and finely chopped from all sides of the head.

64. Long Curly and Kinky Hairstyle

Long Curly and Kinky Hairstyle

Talk about kinky? It shows in the hair, black men curly hair are the custodians alluring women. Long and curly makes a lethal combination. Therefore, it is considered sexy black haircuts from centuries.

65. Short Dreads with Shaved Side Hairstyle

Short Dreads with Shaved Side

Dreads, short and very punchy from the crown of head is again just too sexy.

66. Cornrows Hairstyle for Black Men

Black Men's Cornrows

Cornrows, straight braided from the scalp to all the way down the end. Extremely known and recognized as most common hair style for black men.

67. Natural and Kinky Afro

Natural and Kinky Afro

Sexy afro hairstyle for black men in their twenties, thirties, forties and even fifties is just too hot. They are loosely put in afro and lightly loosened not to disturb the natural look.

68. The Courageous Top Hairstyle for Black Men

Top Hairstyle for Black Men

Spooked? No way! It is spunky and the top portion of the head is put in such a manner that they show sides, it is also because the sides of the head are actually closely shaven, giving a proper spunky look.

69. Double Line and Side Parting Hairstyle

Double Line and Side Parting

Elevated hair with not one but two partitions, starting right from the front to all the way back to the neck.

70. The Distinctive Razor Hair Cut

Razor Cut for Men

Clean shaved from all around the sides, letting the center hair from front to the tail of neck is what the razor cut is all about.

71. Curly Man Bun

Curly Man Bun

Without side burns, shaven last layer of head and more towards the curly hairstyle for a black man, rolled up in a tie is what curly bun is all about.

72. Very Short Buzz Cut Hair

Short Buzz Cut for black boys

Buzz cut with shortest version is more to do with closely cropped hair from all around the head.

73. Smugness in Nappy Hairstyle

Nappy haircut for black boys

Pride comes with many factors, including personality and nature of a person. But, here, the cut is named pride nappy for a particular reason. The reason is it gives a very sexy, natural with a kick of attention capturing look.

74. Frohawk Haircut for Black Men

Frohawk for men

Frohawk brings creativity out and makes you look better with the best black men haircuts.

75. Twisted Curls and Blown Fade Hairstyle

Twisted Curls and Blown Fade

Curls starting right from the neck all the way up to head, the crown. It is pretty old but still in action and people love it.

76. Lined Haircut

Lined Haircut for Black Men

Properly aligned haircut with the feel of utter neatness and a tidy look gives individuals check on your clothes and accessories. Why? Because, it is a corporate style and doesn’t need any acknowledgment.

77. Short Clean Cut for Black Men

Short Clean Haircut for Black Men

Roughly chopped, side burns going all the way from upper side to the jawline. Clean line and two incomplete partitions. Just another way of saying, “Bring it on babe”!

78. Low Skin Fade Haircut for Black Men

Black men low skin fade hairstyles

Fade that too just as close as your skin, beautifies black men hair style.

79. Long Twisted Afro

Long Twisted Afro

Twisted two edged afro hairstyle for black men is totally in the trend. Afro hairstyles are amazing when it comes to gelling up hair and twisting them in two edges.

80. Straight Brushed Up Hairstyle

Straight Brushed Up haircut for men

Closely shaven from sides and gelled the middle portion of hair straightened up and brushed up to the core of manliness.

81. Classic Pompadour Hairstyle

Classic Pompadour for men

Closely shaven from sides again and a partition in the middle to make the look go cooler than expected.

82. Completely Shaved Head

Complete Shave

Clean shaved head, more like a bald is what holds more courage and stamina. It looks just how we look without hair and more into fashion.

83. Cool Braided Hairstyle

Cool Braided Hairstyle for men

Braided all the way, all around the head to make black men hairstyles go with the face cut, personality and nature.

84. Long Braided Hairstyle

Long Braided Hairstyle for men

Smaller portion of hair strands are taken to make braids. Long hair with curls look beautiful and simply gorgeous on black men.

85. Very Thick Curly Haircut

Thick Curly Haircut for black men

Thick hair, easy going and subtle look… what a perfect combination!

Congratulations, you made it to the end of the list. If you found something you like or if you’ve got anything to say, let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Wow! There are many unique hair style here. That was very great. Please keep it up and upload more unique hair styles.

  2. Very interesting haircuts you have mentioned here. If we say about hairstyles the lock hairstyle is one of my favorites. Enjoyed reading this post. Thanks for sharing.
    African american hairstyles

  3. The list has some of my favourite hairstyles, thanks for writing about!! I am sharing on my Twitter for hairstyles lovers.

  4. The shaved side and low fade haircut is my favorite when it comes to black men haircuts. I think it looks neat and well taken care of, and, above all, it’s very low maintenance, being a fantastic choice when you are a busy man which has to take care of business and look professional at the same time!
    The sharp fade is also a good choice!

  5. Cool stuff. Thank you. I’m going to try to get one of them. A definite, must try. I’ll keep on the look out for a barbershop that suits my hairstyling taste.

  6. It’s funny, in my quest for being unique and stylish, I’ve come across alot of these styles just by happenstance. Feels good to see that a country boy from Texas has style and flair that most guys wouldn’t dream of….

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