50 Leaked Celebs Private Party Pics: #9 is Utterly Awkward!

21. Alisha Haque and Mubah UmeraniCelebrity-Party-Pics9

22. Shoaib Malik and Sania MirzaCelebrity-Party-Pics10

23. Salman Khan


24. Riya SenCelebrity-Party-Pics12

25. Mallika SherawatCelebrity-Party-Pics13

26. Vijay Mallya hugs Shilpa Shetty Celebrity-Party-Pics14

27. Riya Sen kissing a girlCelebrity-Party-Pics15

28. Salman Khan at a party.Celebrity-Party-Pics16

29. Celebrity-Party-Pics17

30. Akbar KhanCelebrity-Party-Pics18

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